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very boring compositions.

...whereas your contributions are staggering works of heartbreaking genius.

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took some pics of my friend's car




in the first one the car should be looking the other way and follow the dynamic lines of the rock formation and also have the front wheels turned to the right. get the same angle and you'll have a great picture full of motion

second one is pretty meh, it would have looked better if the horizon was a parallel line to the cars silhouette (or just basically anything in the background)

last one fails because the diagonal line of the rock formation destroys any kind of aesthetic symmetry you're trying to create by taking a picture head on of the car. also choose an angle that is steeper when taking the picture so the hood and windshield create that oval shape, being able to see under the car like that is not a good look imo

hope that kinda helps, pictures are nice clean and crisp. you just need to improve the composition

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Guys lets try to keep the commentary on topic and not let it degenerate into immaturity.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the discourse around photography, but all opinions are not of equal value. What lends authority to a given user's opinion is generally a respect which comes from having posted quality work and/or having offered useful critique. I would like to see this thread full of lively but constructive debate. By all means criticize people's work but back up your comments otherwise you won't be taken seriously.

We are (mostly) adults around here - if you can't act like one you are free to go elsewhere.

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^Was thinking of getting an ND filter for my LX3 too. Interested as to how it'll work with what I commonly shoot. That or I'm beginning to feel complacent with my photography, like I've plateaued and am just stuck in this meh of a rut.

I've been making an effort to take more photos of people. I just find that I'm having a hard time, never do I really find myself wanting to take a photo of an entire person. There's always something in their appearance that you'd want to omit out of the frame. Two cents, onto the photo dump.

At a lunch meeting, people at work, taking Principals from HK around town.



Friend's Cafe, moog/chiptune/dungeonsandragons sort of place and crowd.



More douching around later that same night.




And the Sunday after, helping a cousin do a perfume ad for a media class in college. Odd how younger hipster variants just gravitate to wanting to go topless to get a point across. TITS = (edgy) ART mindset. K, No thnx.



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Mamiya 7/ Portra 160NC expired.

first picture: subject follows the rote "rule of thirds". There is no dynamism to this shot. DOF is poorly chosen, and image is slightly skewed off the Y axis.

second picture: rule of thirds again. The picture is once again slightly skewed. The attempt to create gradation of color through the background is ruined by poor DOF and composition.

third picture: I am a generic hipster. The sign represents how we all have choices to make in life, and that each choice leads to a different path. Let me tell you about eggleston and how he captured, like, REAL LIFE, man. His shot of the girl crying on the couch really inspired me to try and capture emotion everywhere I go, man.

I am going to make a wild guess and say you are a hipster from the 5 boroughs, you are a student, and that you are white.

I will also assume you have taken pictures of your friends smoking cigarettes, bonfires, and the like.

Tell me how I scored in with my assumptions, please.

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Hey, so you dudes that shoot film, what kinda hardware are you using to scan this stuff?

Are you doing negatives or the photos themselves?

I've got like, stacks of stuff just waiting to go digital, but I want to make sure I don't buy a piece of shit scanner, na mean?

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