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iphone // no filters





















- - - - -


On a semi-related note, does anyone know how to pull a photo's URL off a vsco grid?


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From a shoot I did for Nicotine Mag.










All shot on the ol' Mamiya RB  - Portra 160/400

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back home after a week in Alicante, Spain (open picture in new tab if too big, can't seem to scale the pictures down without fucking them up)




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I recently broke my foot and these are from my first day out of the house in a week.


In better news I recently got a part time job at Clear Image. Psyched.

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Any advice for concerts? I've got the chance to shoot a bunch of jazz gigs for my internship. Going to look at Gottlieb's stuff for inspiration

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I've been in/will be in London for a while so I'll be going out and shooting a lot. I've already done so, so here's some automtoive work I'd like to share. Enjoy.





















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wow those red cars look like gran turismo screenshots. I used to take photos for a car dealership and I wouldve looved to have a garage that clean and white to shoot in...

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These are actually shot through the window of a dealership at ~10 pm. Decent amount of post went into them but I do humbly have to say I am pleased with the results.

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