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Studio D'artisan


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yea they look wider in the opening than the knee which is confirmed

yea, bootcut model with a "slim knee" feature [strong taper @the knee from the thigh] which further enhances the BC silhouette w/o having to open up the hems too wide.

imo, best proportioned &fitting [ie, for my body type] bootcut i've ever had__ even better than the RRDS & Olas i used to wear.

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Japanese clothing whore+big promotion at work=spending spree!

I guess the zipper part kinda sucks Ranon, but i'd like to at least try them on an see for myself.

also, sda's jeans are regularly priced, but the rest of their cloths are very reasonable. not a ripoff like some other brands (ahem...iron heart)

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Anybody have experience the SDA leather?

Saw this on BiG curious why its 60USD cheaper than most other comparable belts


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^yes, thick but not samurai thick.

Anyone seen these before? I like the sound of a sda with a tapered leg. and 'slubby' which is not typical for them.


  • Made in Japan
  • Raw

SD601-99 is one of Studio D'Artisan's latest models. Designed to replicate late 1960's jeans, it is a mid rise, slim tapered model with square back pockets. The tricolor selvage denim is absolutely beautiful, it's a 14 oz, low tension, very slubby & uneven weave, guaranteeing a beautiful fade



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I think Dr House had a pre-distressed pair of those SDA 601 from superdenim.co.uk (which he was trying to sell). They're at the cheaper end of the SDA range and look ok to me but nothing to write home about.

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I wonder what the fit is like? Caliroots is all in centimeters, and I'm high and lazy.

From what I've read, it fits like the SD-101.

EDIT: Whoops, looks like I read the wrong SD-601 description (00 instead of 99). Now from what I am reading, it fits like the SD-103.

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