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banned members: semi transparent edition

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could you moderators / admins please consider banning this seller? i bought this stephan schneider jacket for $400 (that's a lot of money for a jacket).


before he removed all the photos and description in order to hide the details from the paypal dispute case reviewers (unsurprisingly removed a few minutes after the dispute was filed), this was the description:

"i've kept it in plastic and it is basically brand new. not a blemish or a stretch. it retailed for substantially more than this a couple seasons ago and because it was only tried on, you're getting it for a good price."

this jacket was originally listed on ebay (#190671249390) and also this forum:


i made the first contact through ebay and he insisted the jacket to be sold outside of ebay and on this forum, and to make the payment directly to his paypal account.

the jacket arrived and it has heavy brown skin grime / stain on the label, pilling / bobble damage inside & outside of the jacket and even modified with all chest buttons moved by about 2" to take a smaller chest size (strands of threads are still dangling where the buttons originally were as you can see in the photo). the jacket also has pet hair all over it also.

please have a look at these photos of the damages. this is not the condition you expect for a "brand new jacket, only tried on and not a blemish or a stretch" :


he scammed me for $400 and that's a large sum of money. i really think such blatant scammer should be taken out of the market. please kindly consider banning him.

pm hap.

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