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  1. I have 3 pairs of Virgils for sale. All size 8 US. All in excellent condition, only worn a handful of times. Always boxed when not in use. No holes or tears. All will come with original box, tags and dust covers. I'm a sufu member from way back in the day. Bought and sold here numerous times. 100% feedback on eBay - alleyooptroop. Message me with any ??'s/offers. Visvim Virgil Kangaroo Leather US8 - $575 shipped SOLD Visvim Virgil Sand Suede US8 - $425 shipped Visvim Virgil Brown Suede US8 - $425 shipped
  2. Items located ind Denmark - prices are excl. shipping. Visvim Corps down jkt (wool) Price: 650 USD Size: 2 Colour: Black Condition: Brand new w. tags Visvim Adventura jkt Price: 500 USD Size: 3 Colour: Navy Condition: Worn for one season (some wear and tear at the end of the cuffs) Visvim JV hoodie (luxsic) Price: 275 USD Colour: Grey Condition: Brand new w. tags Visvim Cornell Slacks (wool) Price: 275 USD Colour: Navy (almost black) Condition: Brand new w. tags Visvim V+V Kuba B.D: Price: 180 USD Size: 2 Colour: Ivory Condition: Worn - but great condition Visvim Marion - dmgd nylon jkt Price: 750 USD Size: 3 Colour: Navy Condition: Brand new w. tags/bag Visvim Skagway Hi Price: 300 USD Size: US 10 Colour: Black Condition: Brand new w. box Visvim Artifact Coverall (herringbone) Price: 250 USD Size: 2 Colour: Olive Condition: Brand new with tags Pit to pit: 51 cm Collar to hem: 70 cm Visvim Long Rider Shirt (herringbone) Price: 250 USD Size: 2 Colour: Charcoal / dark grey Condition: Brand new w. tags Pit to pit: 51 cm Collar to hem: 73 cm Visvim Border Crew L/S Shirt Price: 180 USD Size: 2 Colour: Navy/white Condition: Brand new w. tags Pit to pit: 47,5 cm Collar to hem: 67,5 cm
  3. Hi guys check my stuffs out! 1. I don't deal with fakes or variant , all my items are legit! 2. The prices are quite firm but it's negotiable unless FIXED. 3. Don't ever lowball me.If u wanna lowball,find someone else. 4. All price is stated in USD 5. Please kindly ask for shipping 6. Items is located in Singapore Balenciaga daybag men condition: 9/10 price : 450usd Visvim Nez Perce Swing Jacket ( Jacket only ) size : M condition: 8.5/10 price : 350usd Givenchy HDG Rottweiler Tees size : Small Cuban Fit condition: 9.5/10 price : sold Visvim Fluxus 03D4 ( Come with envelope and tags ) size : W30L30 condition: 9.5/10 price : 300usd Gitman Vintage Tartan Shirt size : Small condition: 9/10 price : 100usd Visvim Becher Giza Shirt size : Small condition: 9/10 price : 150usd Obey size : Large condition: 9/10 price : 20usd Neighborhood x Originalfake ( Nbhd Version "Grey Base" ) size : M condition: Deadstock price : sold Visvim ancestor nez perce size : 9 condition: Brand new price : 370usd Visvim hockney white size : 9 condition: Brand new price : 270usd Visvim 7 holes moc toes size : 9.5 condition: 9/10 price : 270usd Visvim fang hiker size : 9 condition: 9/10 price : 270usd Visvim skynard double ring brown size : 9 condition: 9/10 price : 270usd Visvim FBT rival size : 9.5 condition: 9/10 price : 270usd Visvim Virgil Kyoto Exclusive Lt Brown size : Us9 condition: 9/10 price : sold CDG Play Shirt size : Small condition: 9/10 price : sold Thom Browne Brogue size : US8.5 condition: 9.9999999999/10 price : sold Gucci Classic Full Leather Men Tote ( comes with original dust bag tags ) This will never go on sales size : Free condition: 9.9999999999/10 ( Barely used ) price : sold APC blazer (dark navy close to black) size : S ( fit 46 ) condition: 9/10 price : sold Visvim skynard moc Nome Black size : Us9 condition: Brand New price : sold ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hi guys! I accept paypal only as gift or + 4% for fees Shipping is free to the continental US only Any questions, let me know No low balls, no trades. Got a brand new, never worn Albacore oxford, size 3. Comes with all tags and bag. $370 -> $345 - Dk. Brown 7 hold 73 folk, size 8.5. Brand new, comes with tags, box, and bag - SOLD - FBT Lhamo-folk Beige size 9.5 Brand new, comes with tags, box, and bag. - $620
  5. Good day to everyone! Items located in Moscow, Russia. Price NOW INCLUDE shipping. Will send measurements upon request as soon as possible. Open for reasonable offers! Added: Rick Owens Geobaskets from FW 14-15. Size 41. I'm 41.5 and they fits all right. Worn less than 10 times, almost excellent condition, except slightly "used" sole (can be seen on photo). Have tote and original box, but lost spare laces somewhere. 415 Euro 390Euro 350Euro Keep for myself Other photos here Visvim Virgil Cap Okie-Folk boot. Size US9. Fits 41,5-42 all right. Worn several times, in very good condition, 8.5-9/10. Everything can be seen on photos. Selling only boots, no box or spare laces. 415 Euro 390Euro 350 Euro Other photos here 1) Dior Homme 19CM Nostalgy Jeans. Size 27. Worn 1 time. There are some slight attrition near the bottom, which can be seen on photos, but I don't think it is visible while wearing. Except this, item is in excellent condition, with tags. 120 100 Euro SOLD http://postimg.org/gallery/2mxm4nfvu/ 2) Nemen Utility jacket 14006 in midnight blue, size M. True to size. Worn once, like new condition. No tags, sorry. 200 180 Euro 150 Euro http://postimg.org/gallery/owx5e1i0/ 3) Gaetano Navarra Jacket in size 48. Worn about 3 times. Tag became loose in the corner, but it's easily fixed-can be seen on photo. Otherwise in great condition, no tags. 150 130 Euro 120 Euro http://postimg.org/gallery/1l6mo224k/ Thanks!
  6. - All prices in USD and does not include shipping. - PM me for rate on shipping. - Paypal only (+4% to payment). - All prices are negotiable. - Do not hesitate to contact me if u have any question. *Collectibles* Hennessy x Kaws x Colette Size: 700ML Price: $300 Description: Colette launched the Hennessy x Kaws VS Cognac Bottle, but the difference from the original one, it is limited to 213 bottles to match their address (213 rue Saint-Honoré). It still features the same Kaws designs in the trademark Colette blue. http://i56.photobuck...ws_collette.jpg *TOPS* Wtaps Furries L/S Shirt Size: S Condition: Brand New Price: $190 Description: (W)TAPS New item of 2010 A/W. Here comes the Unique Shirt with Gingham Check design. On Side and Sleeve parts, Cool Gingham Check is decorated. http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_1317.jpg http://i56.photobuck...x21/combo-3.jpg *BOTTOMS* Levis LVC X Neighborhood 1933 501 Size: 31 Condition: Brand New Price: $500 Description: Levi's got together with Neighborhood to produce a pair of highly detailed 501 vintage jeans. Dubbed 'SEARCHING FOR THE YOUNG SOUL REBELS' for the large counter culture message chain-stitched just above the back pockets, this pair of jeans follows a one of Levi's most celebrated vintage cuts- the Levi's 501XX 1933. Crafted with the finest Japanese denim, the jeans feature a heavy used wash with great contrast between lights and dark but not too much to make them look unnatural. They are also heavily detailed with Levi's signature thin red line selvedge, special stitching, damage and scarring. This may be too much for some people, but paired with subtle tops and footwear this pair of jeans can really become the focus of the outfit. http://i56.photobuck...21/P1010825.jpg http://i56.photobuck...1/LVC_NBHD1.jpg http://i56.photobuck...1/LVC_NBHD2.jpg Levi's x Clot Unionrail 501 Size: 32 Condition: 8.5/10 (comes with everything) Price: $480 Description: The Ltd Edition Levi's x Clot UNIONRAIL 501 jeans have been made in commemoration of the contribution made by the Chinese in United States during the 19th century. The Transcontinental Railroad which connected east and western United States was was built by the Central Pacific Railroad of which 90% of the employees were Chinese. The workers wore a denim work outfit because of the durability of the fabric and these jeans have been customized to show signs of wear such a paint, grease and rips similar to those that would have been seen on the original railroad workers. The thread used in the stitching is red and gold which are the colors of good luck in China. http://i56.photobuck...21/R0010952.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/R0010954.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/R0010955.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/R0010958.jpg http://i56.photobuck...vis_clot1-1.jpg http://i56.photobuck...t_unionrail.jpg http://i56.photobuck..._levis_clot.jpg *Footwear* Visvim Virgil Boots Folk Size: 9.5 Condition: Brand New Price: $850 Description: The Virgil is such a great boot. Premium suede is used on the uppers. The hand sewn uppers and hand stitched welt construction aids in providing the traditional aesthetic of the boots. Foot bed is made from natural cork and the liner-less interior ensures high breath ability and moisture absorption. Vibram out soles are stitched for comfort and grip, with the signature TPU stabilizer situated on the heels. Worn by Takuya Kimura and Shawn Yue. http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_2120.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_2129.jpg http://i56.photobuck...ined_conew3.jpg http://i56.photobuck...svim_virgil.jpg http://i56.photobuck...vim_virgil2.jpg http://i56.photobuck...svim_virgil.jpg http://i56.photobuck...vim_virgil3.png Visvim Fabro SII-Folk Size: M9 Condition: 9/10 (worn less than 5 times) Price: $380 Description: Second edition of the previous F.I.L. exclusive Fabro from the luxurious Folk series. This time Visvim even produced their own pennies. Details: vegetable tanned cowhide upper, hand-sewn upper, hand-stitched outsole detailing, natural cork footbed, breathable and moisture absorbent. http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_1284.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_1283.jpg http://i56.photobuck...oxx21/Combo.jpg http://i56.photobuck...Chino_fabro.jpg Adidas x Neighborhood Luker Superstar Size: UK 8(US 8.5), UK 9(US 9.5), UK 10(US10.5) Condition: BRAND NEW x 7 Price: $200 Description: A release that needs no introduction, the now bi-annual collaborative collection between Fragment and Neighborhood's Kazuki Kuraishi reaches it's fourth season, with much anticipation surrounding it. This season Adidas' iconic Superstar gets the 'KZK' treatment, in joint collaboration with Neighborhood's Luker diffusion line. With subtle detail and three way branding this is one of the most hyped releases of recent years. http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_0117.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_0112.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_0114.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_0115.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/IMG_0116.jpg http://i56.photobuck...hawn_luker2.jpg http://i56.photobuck...hawn_luker3.jpg Nike Air "Crazy" Force 1 Michael Lau Size: UK 7.5/ US 8.5 Condition: BRAND NEW (comes with a boxed set featuring a pair of Nike Air “Crazy†Force 1s and a “Crazy Michael†vinyl toy figurine) Price: $600 Description: Nike and its long-time collaborator, pioneering toy designer Michael Lau, teamed up again to create the Nike Air “Crazy†Force 1 sneaker, the ninth launch in the Nike 1World AF1 Project featuring a total of 18 influential style leaders in sports, music, art and design. Lau’s Nike Air “Crazy†Force 1 is a wearable quilted tribute to sneaker-loving craziness. http://i56.photobuck...21/CIMG2394.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/CIMG2395.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/CIMG2396.jpg http://i56.photobuck.../CIMG2399-1.jpg Nike SB Dunk High GUCCI Size: UK8(US9), UK8.5(US9.5) & UK9(US10) Condition: BRAND NEW Price: $150 Description: Originally scheduled to release in 2005, the project was placed on hold indefinitely and left very few pairs available worldwide. 4 years later, Nike has gone back, made some adjustments, and has launched the Gucci 2009. This version includes a cleaner black denim feature and the word 'RESN' on the tongue, the graffiti name of Girl Skateboard's Sam Smyth, whose company was heading the project in 2005. Without a doubt, this is the most anticipated Dunk SB of 2009. http://i56.photobuck...21/R0011156.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/R0011157.jpg Clot x Converse Jack Purcell Size: UK 8/ US 9 Condition: BRAND NEW Price: $200 Description: CLOT designed this particular Jack Purcell using a very subtle yet stylish color scheme. Its 100% leather upper features a unique combination of beige, black throughout the predominance of the upper. As with previous Converse Product (RED) sneakers, this Jack Purcell possesses minimal red hints in the form of the top lace holders, toe cap and Converse branding on the tongue. This Jack Purcell will also come with an extra set of red shoelaces. http://i56.photobuck...21/R0012230.jpg http://i56.photobuck...21/R0012232.jpg http://i56.photobuck...nverse_clot.jpg
  7. Here are some shoes I am selling. If you have any interest, I can email, text or post pictures. [email protected] 1) Visvim Logan Lo, canvas, navy. Size 9.5 (fits 10). Box, bag and tags included. Very lightly used. These retailed for over $370.00. Asking $140.00. Sold 2) Visvim Keifer Hi, suede, brown two-tone. Size 9.5. No box, bags or tags. Used. $70.00 Sold 3) Visvim Logan Hi, Elk leather, black. Size 9.5 (fits 10). No box, bags or tags. Used. $70.00 Sold 4) Visvim Virgil Black Sense 73, black. Size 9.5 (fits 10). Bag and tags included. Great condition. Lightly used. I bought these new for over $1100.00 from a proxy in 2011. I’ve only worn these 7-10 times over the last 5-6 years. Asking $600.00 Sold 5) Mark McNairy Black Waxy Leather Gibson, “Simple Jackâ€, black. Size 9.5 (fits 10). Brand new, unworn with box. Link to McNairy site (http://shop.markmcnairy.com/collections/shoes-bucks/products/simple-jack.) $360.00. 6) Adidas K-Vulc, Kazuki Mintos, Mid. Size 10. New, unworn with box. $75.00. 7) Adidas Stan Smith x Porter, leather, black. New, unworn with box. $150.00. Sold 8) Nike Air Force I, Deconstruct, PRM. Size 10. Lightly used with box. $60.00.
  8. Accept meetup in Bristol, UK for any purchase. Visvim Virgil KNGR-FOLK US10.5 760USD ( Can do pickup if you're in Bristol, UK.) Shipping is 7 USD to UK, others please inquire Price is firm and non negotiable unless we can agree on an alternative method of payment. Condition 9.5/10 Incl dustbag, tag, box etc. Only tried on and never worn outside Photos: More photos: http://www.grailed.com/listings/123973-visvim-virgil-kngr-folk Temple of Jawnz (TOJ) Collared Moto 48 400 USD (Does not include shipping, Can do pickup if you're in Bristol, UK) Brown Lamb Collared Moto Gunmetal zips Measurements are close to a stock 48 One of the best lamb I've ever encountered. Just slightly expensive than their varsity and definitely cheaper than their MA-1. A real bargain for a leather at this quality!! Reluctant sale as this is too big for me now and I've bought a replacement. Minor sign of wear, please check photos Measurements shoulders 18.1 chest (pit-to-pit) 21.0 midsection 17.6 waist 18.0 body length, front 23.0 body length, back 25.5 sleeve length, from shoulder 25.0 sleeve width @ pit 7.0 sleeve width @ elbow 6.3 sleeve width @ cuff 5.5 Photos: More photos: http://www.grailed.com/listings/121943-temple-of-jawnz-brown-lamb-collared-moto Thom Browne Chukka Boots EU43 Retail around 1060 USD, Selling it for 300 USD. Accepting offers (price does not include shipping, Can do pickup if you're in Bristol, UK) (Details available here: http://store.hypebeast.com/brands/thom-browne/black-wingtip-chukka-boots and http://www.mrporter.com/mens/shoes/boots/lace-up_boots?soldOutId=453157) Incl. dustbag, lost the box when I changed my university accommodation I think. Condition: 9.5/10. Only worn once for an hour or two, see pictures to see it for yourself. Was planning on wearing it on rare occasions only, turns out that occasion is really really rare. Size written on the tongue is US 9/EU 43. Made in Italy. I'm a US10 on everything and these fit me perfect. Photos: More photos: http://www.grailed.com/listings/119286-thom-browne-nubuck-wingtip-chukka-boots ================================================================================ Will trade any of the items for these: - SLP Brown Suede Wyatt Cowboy Boots size 43 - SLP Jeans size 30, either knee blowout or destroyed. blue or black doesn't matter. Will also consider the biker and crash. - SLP Teddy, black, white stripes. size 46. In the event traded items do not equal in value, buyer or I will have to add some money.
  9. Momokun

    Visvim Virgil Lo US 10.5

    Visvim Virgil Lo Sz US 10.5 Purchased using proxy from FIL Tokyo Horween Burgundy Bison Leather 9.5/10 Condition, tried on three times. Slight sole discolouration $670 USD Shipped, comes with box and tags.
  10. Night Walker

    FS: Visvim Virgil Size 9 Brown Suede

    Paypal Only Item located in Toronto, Canada Gift or 4% Shipping to US/CA, International is extra Size 9 9.9/10 (Only worn once) Suede is still buttery No OG box but will come in a box nonetheless SOLD Pm me if you want extra pictures of anything.
  11. Selling this pair of Virgils for what I paid for originally: $450 shipped CONUS or OBO they're this color. I have pics, PM me if you want more.
  12. wonjae


    Size 10 Preferably brand new/Lightly used Original everything please! Looking for leathers and black or brown(light or dark) suede!!! Please let me know cash in hand, serious buyer.
  13. wonjae


    Size 10 Preferably brand new/Lightly used Original everything please! Looking for leathers and black or brown(light or dark) suede!!! Please let me know cash in hand, serious buyer.
  14. Momokun

    Visvim Virgil size 11

    Visvim Virgil Folk sz 11 Bought from FIL Wan Chai and have been worn 5 times. I would rate the condition 7.5/10 650USD + shipping and pp fees
  15. 3y3scream

    FS: visvim virgil, HK proxy

    Hong Kong Proxy Services I'm able to do store pick ups and yahoo auctions from HK. PM me for more details. http://hk.auctions.yahoo.com/ Visvim virgil suede in dk.brown US8 600530USD Shipped 90% visvim virgil in dk brown. suede still looks amazing. looking at 600USD shipped depending where you at.
  16. Prices include shipping to US/Canada. Anywhere else, please inquire. Rick Owens x Adidas Runner - UK 10 - $700 $650 $600 $575 You already know what it is, the loved and hated Rick Owens x Adidas collaboration in the most popular black and white colorway. These are the more expensive full leather version (as evident by the perforated three stripe design) and they fit a US 10.5 - US 11.5 (the box marks them as US 10.5, I wear 11/11.5 and they fit perfectly). I only wore these once for an event, and as much as I'd like to keep them just for display, I'd rather put the money towards some shoes I'd actually wear more often. These retailed for $790 USD + tax, shipping, etc. There are very minimal signs of wear such as some small marks on the laces and some very minor wrinkling to the sides of the soles. They're still in like new condition, hardly any dirt on the bottoms of the soles. If I cleaned all the dirt off the bottom I could probably pass them as deadstock. I have plenty of photos for anyone with serious interest in these. Visvim Virgil - US 10 - $OLD WTaps X Bape - L - $200 $OLD Maiden Noir x New Era JP - L - $225 $OLD Carhartt Work in Progress - M - $60 Fits a true medium. First thing I bought from Carhartt and I was pretty impressed. It has a great fit and it's constructed well with ripstop fabric. Purchased from Nomad for over $100. and It's pretty much in brand new condition.
  17. Paypal only, please add 4%. All item are on-hand; Located in the USA All prices include shipping. Please contact for International. Please contact me for more images New FLAT HEAD CORDOVAN WALLET - $375 Details: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68&products_id=802 New VISVIM FOLK Virgil 'Snow Beige' Suede M10 - $700
  18. crappykid

    FS visvim virgil kngr

  19. Hi sifu, I've got a pair of virgil up for grabs. these are from 2011AW. Worn less than 5 times. Shoe box available, without dustbag and small tag. Ships from Asia. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Price: USD$700 with shipping (nego).
  20. Visvim Artifact Coverall (herringbone) Price: 350 pounds Size: 2 Condition: Brand new with tags Visvim knit beanie Size: One size Price: 130 pounds Condition: Brand new RRL slim rigid Price: 175 pounds Size: W28/L32 Condition: Brand new Nonnative BD Dweller - Cotton Overdyed Size: 1 Condition: Brand new Price: 150 pounds Visvim Cut Off Chino Price: 150 Pounds Size: Medium Condition: Washed twice (comes with bag) Visvim x Sophnet 7-Hole Moc Toe boots Price: 500 pounds Size: US10 Condition: Worn for ten minutes SOPHNET Corduroy BD Shirt (beige) Price: 140 pounds Size: Large Condition: Unworn w. tags
  21. 1. i only deal with authentic stuff. no fakes. 2. payment by paypal. buyer will pay paypal fee or send at gift at buyer's own risk. 3. item will be shipped out once payment is received. 4. shipping fee will be paid by buyer. 5. prices stated excludes shipping and paypal fee, which will be incurred by buyer. any enquiries please PM me or email me at [email protected] for a quicker reply. thank you. VISVIM 14S/S BALLISTIC, BLACK, BRAND NEW. PRICE: 670USD SOLD ITEMS: VISVIM CHINO CUT OFF GIZA. LT BROWN - fishcake2005 VISVIM GIZA HENLEY. LT INDIGO - [email protected] VISVIM INFANTRY SHORTS GIZA. NAVY VISVIM GIZA HENLEY. DK INDIGO VISVIM AMERICANA DECK FOLK - iamjacky VISVIM DEADWOOD CHAMBRAY LUXSIC - GANGURO VISVIM KANO CORDS - IAMJACKY VISVIM 73 FOLK thanks for viewing.
  22. - U.S only. - No Refunds - Paypal only
  23. hi, i'm selling couple of stuffs i dont use anymore, most of them had been dry cleaned and stored in my closet. located in indonesia, so the shipping cost will be 20 for one item, 30 - 40 for heavier items(jackets/shoes) i accept trades,visvim, white mountaineering, sacai, moncler or similar brands. not really into prada,raf, or other first brands. size s for shirts, 30-31 for pants and 8.5-9 for shoes i wont ship first no matter what so please refrain from asking this, payment by paypal add 4% or gift. i will take bank transfer/ whatever other methods of payment if you cover the cost. anything else pm me or email at [email protected] visvim stabler antique jacket, size 2 brown (bag says black but w/e) 2100 -> 1800 usd obo, bought from hostem for 2k+ pounds, worn less than 5 times in superb condition http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4458.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4459.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4452.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4463.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4464.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4461.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4465.jpg thom browne jacket, retailed for usd 1k+ usd if im not mistaken, size 1 800 -> 750 usd obo worn less than 5 times http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4394.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4395.jpg 45rpm natural indigo dyed jacket. size s 250 -> 200 usd worn less than 5 times http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4404.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4405.jpg visvim social sculpture shirt size 1 SOLD , bought from union for 7++ usd worn 2 or 3 times http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4397.jpg Visvim Nomad Dado Size S $$$ 450 -> 400 obo small signs of wear, small dirty spots on the white part will ship without the hanger as it is abit trouble some for me http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4149.jpg http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4150.jpg supreme football shirt, size s only avail in jp. 150 usd obo. worn once or twice http://i152.photobuc...ss/IMG_4402.jpg
  24. Kamikaze

    visvim sand folk virgils

    visvim folk sand virgils 2010 - sz 10 worn a handful of times. there is little to no wear on the soles. suede is in fantastic condition. comes with box, tags and dustbag. Sold! no international shipping unless you add alot
  25. Thatboyo

    Visvim Virgil Black Suede sz 8

    Worn a bit but no flaws aside from minor wear on heels, which is normal Has og box. Asking $600 shipped OBO within the US. Internationals need to PM me for a shipping quote but I use EMS so shipping will be ~55