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wish i was in



Found 1 result

  1. superfuture


    superfuture is introducing subscriptions on supertalk! [starting july 23 2013] there will be 3 member subscriber groups to start with 01 supermember this is a basic supermember premium group with added user privileges over normal members. 02 superseller a new premium supermarket group using a new dedicated forum split into WTB and FS. eventually to be able to start a thread in supermarket all users will need to buy a subscription to this group. 03 supermember [+] superseller you get both sets of privileges. 04 superartisan [starting september 27 2013] become a superartisan and promote your products and brand. [includes supermember privileges] plus... [start date tba] 05 supersponsor this will be available for existing and future sponsors and advertisers. it includes additional privileges over existing sponsorship. you can compare the group privileges in this chart. note: the member group is the existing free membership currently available to all members of supertalk. sufuscribe now! in the past few months we have made many tech changes to the site - including monumental server upgrades, software upgrades, PHP upgrades, MySQL upgrades, added SSL certificates, fixed search engines, cleaned up a crazy spam issue, added several new payment gateways and so on. superfuture is now performing better than ever and we now have a lot more capacity for expansion. we can now start working on many other improvements. ok... so why are we introducing subscriptions? 01 added functionality! we want to start to offer premium services to users - for example, giving users the ability to upload their own images instead of linking them, letting users hide their posts, delete messages, store more messages, and so on. of course all this added functionality requires bigger servers and takes up greater bandwidth and costs more to operate. if users want better services then we need a way to pay for them. 02 making supermarket better! we want to provide a premium user supermarket that is better organised and not as crowded. threads can be bumped more frequently and premium sellers will be able to add logos on their avatars and signatures. supersellers will also be easier to identify. to start with, we will keep both the existing supermarket as well as the new premium supermarket for supersellers, but plan to eventually make supermarket premium only. be aware that premium supersellers will still be subjected to moderation and need to follow the rules or will be banned without refund. moderators are members of supertalk just like you and have full autonomy on laying down the law. please read the rules here. 03 faster custom development! superfuture constantly needs funding so we can continue improving functionality and work on new tech developments. there are always lists of things we want to do but we often do not have immediate funds to execute them. for instance, we desperately want to improve the reputation system [and reintroduce rep comments from the previous 4.0 databases]. we are also looking at advanced search technology whereby searches can be by brand or by sizes. we also want to set-up an internet shop, organise member events, create newsletter, create other member groups and so on. 04 remaining independent! despite what some people think, superfuture is still run by a really small team. this is a privately run business and we really don't want to resort to borrowing or venture capital to keep growing. we have managed to run this site debt free for 14 years and by building a subscriber base we just might be able to keep superfuture independent for a long time to come. sufuscribe now!