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Found 3 results

  1. Cleaning out some great denim that isn’t getting worn. Prices do not include shipping or 4% Paypal. Located in Toronto. Kapital Cisco 5P - $120 (incredible denim!) Worn <15 times (9/10 condition) Tagged – 28†Actual - W: 14.5†(29â€) T: 10.25†(at crotch) K: 8.25†O: 7.25†I : 30.5†APC New Standard - Sold Bought off of Sufu – Waist larger than expected (9/10 condition) Tagged – 28†Actual - W: 15†(30â€) T: 11†(at crotch) K: 8†O: 7.25†I: 33†LVC ’54 Rough Rinse (2012) – $85 Worn < 10 times (9.5/10 condition) Tagged – 30x34†Actual – W: 15†(30â€) T: 11.25†K: 8.5†O: 7.25†I: 33.75†LVC ’66 Rough Rinse (2012) – $70 Worn <5 times (9.5/10 condition) Tagged Size – 30x32†Actual – W: 14†(28â€) T: 10.5†K: 8†O: 7†I: 29â€
  2. viv1984viv

    Kapital No 4 Cisco Jeans 32

    Hi All If you know Kapital you know how cool their cisco denim is and how unique their style is, it's like neo-amerkaji stuff, great old-school details and craftsmanship with slight twists and updated fits and features, these jeans a re nice example of this. They are the slimmer of the cisco models that came out some years ago. But I never wear these jeans, they have only been worn once. They have an amazing indigo colour, kinda greenish like Hawaii Sugarcanes - but more changeable and hard to capture. Measurements are as follows: Waist pulled tight across: 41cm Front Rise: 27cm Rear Rise: 37cm Top Thigh: 31cm Inseam: 85cm Hem: 21cm I'd like £150 for them + postage + paypal fees. Open to negotiation and trades, the only caveat is I only post to places I can track to, this is for my security an non-negotiable. I've sold to a few high profile members round here, if you need a reference holla.
  3. First up, Samurai Jin S0110XJ. This is Lee-inspired with left-hand twill. One soak only; no washes. Slight wallet fade only. Size 36. $275. Shipping covered for lower 48. Measurements: Waist: 18.5" Rise: 11.25" Thigh: 13.75" Inseam: 35.25" Leg opening: 9.5" Second, Kapital Cisco Sumi/Gray. This is a one-wash model. No further soaks or washes at home. Worn one time only. Size 36. $275. Shipping covered for lower 48. Measurements: Waist: 18.75" Rise: 11.75" Thigh: 13.25" Inseam: 34.75" Leg opening: 8.75" Last but not least, Samurai Wind Element S5000GX-K. Yellow-Green weft. One soak; no washes. Slight wallet fades. Very little wear. Size 35. $300. Shipping covered for lower 48. Measurements: Waist: 18.5" Rise: 11.25" Thigh: 13" Inseam: 37" Leg opening: 9" Thank you!