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Found 17 results

  1. STropio

    SAMURAI 710XX SZ. 30classified

    View Advert SAMURAI 710XX SZ. 30 Worn for approx. 6 months. Washed a couple of times.Measurements in inches:Waist 29 Thigh 11.25 Leg opening 7.75 Inseam 27.5 Advertiser STropio Date 05/05/2017 Price $160.00 Category denim  
  2. beautiful_FrEaK

    FS: Samurai S710XX16oz-DMO & Denime 66XX

    Hi everyone, For sale are 2 pairs from my collection. Both have to go because I don't wear them anymore and don't plan to as my style and preferences have changed. Samurai S710XX16oz-DMO Size 35 This pair is the special collab between Samurai Jeans and Denimio from last year. Here are the details: - 16oz Geisha Denim (pink/silver selvedge) - Gold on the top button and the rest are in black - Coin pocket, herringbone fabric - Inverted A red tab at coin pocket - Back pocket stitching in green/blue - Back pockets: 16oz Geisha rotating 90 degrees - Lined back pockets The jeans have been hemmed and hot soaked so most shrinkage is out. It has been worn for no more than 2 weeks. The denim fades very quickly so you can already see light fadings on the whiskers. The creases can easily be re-set by a simple soak. The collab is sold out in most sizes, including this size. Measurements Waist: 35.25" Front rise: 11.2" Back rise: 15.75" Thigh: 12.8" Knee: 9.25" Leg opening: 8.125" Inseam: 34" More pictures of this collab can be found here: https://www.denimio.com/samurai-jeans-x-denimio-s710xx16oz-dmo.html Asking 150 US-$ + shipping
  3. Hello Superfuture, Up for grabs is a pair of Samurai 710xx in brand new condition. The pair was purchased for around $350 from ueno americaya in japan. I've gained weight and don't think I will be able to fit these anytime soon. Please note that these are Lot 15. A pair of lot 17 510xx 19oz that I purchased recently has less streaky and less slubby denim dispite also being kiwami denim. Here are images of the denim for comparison. Lot 15 710xx 19 oz Lot 17 510xx 19oz Not sure exactly what's going on with the denim from lot to lot but here's your chance to pick up a pair of 710xx with the slubby denim while you can! Measurements (BIG style) Waist - 18.5 FR - 12.5 BR- 16 Thigh 13.125 Inseam - 38.5 Knee - 9.875 Hem - 8.75 Asking for $250 shipped in the US or better offer.
  4. I have 2 pairs of jeans for sale, both have been worn about 5-10 times. prices are negotiable. Samurai 710xx 15th anniversary edition with arcs and tab, w28: asking $180 waist across 14.1" inseam 32.75" rise 10.1" knee 8" hem 7.25" Eternal 883, w28: asking $150 waist 14.3" inseam 32.25" rise 10" knee 7.7" hem 6.8" photos @ http://imgur.com/a/gSjwb
  5. hardcorgamerxxx

    FS: Samurai 710xx Size 29

    Samurai 710xx Size 29 35" Inseam Soaked once $150 Shipped
  6. soldadfdfddff
  7. For sale, located in 909 area. Paypal or meetups. Contact at [email protected] for fastest response. Any interest or inquiries in measurements, shoot me an email. Outgrew all of these, so my loss is your gain. Taking serious offers only. APC Petit Standard Size 27 Inseam - 27 inches Leg Opening - 6.5 inches $100 Samurai 710xx Size 28, Lot 11 Leather patch shrunk in hot soak, runs a bit small Inseam - 30 inches Leg Opening - 7 inches $150 Samurai 710xx Size 29 - Lot 11 Inseam - 26 inches Leg Opening - 7 inches $125
  8. Got some stuff I bought that doesn't fit me and need to get rid of. First up, got a pair of Samurai S710XX Sz 32. Been washed a few times, still got loads of indigo and some fades coming in, but not much wear at all. Got it off someone else and never put any wear into it since it doesn't fit me very well. Hemmed to 32. Really great pair of jeans that I'm ultimately pretty sad to let go, but clearing the way for something better. Willing to trade for 500vx also. $160 Got a TOJ0 old button up black/black raglan sleeves varsity. It's size 50 with +1 in length. It's a winter varsity, so it's warm and insulated. Great quality, great condition. Never wore it cause I moved from Canada to California before the winter hit and never got a chance. Take it off my hands please. $225 Got a pair of 32/34 Uniqlo S001 selvedge jeans. It's a darker indigo, I wore it on and off but again, too tight in the thighs. a great fit though. $40 Will get measurements up and pictures. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hey guys have a brand new pair of samurai 710xx 15th anniversary sz 32. bought them from 2nd and they are too small.. if i could exchange for a sz 33 or 34 that would be awesome. otherwise looking for what i paid for them $300 shipped THANKS
  10. Up for sale is my 710, bought at americaya tokyo. One inch has been hemmed off and chain stitched. The back pocket and crotch stitches have some minor repairs done by a tailor. Measurements: Waist: 88cm = 34,6 inch Inseam: 91cm = 35,8 inch SOLD
  11. karl winslow

    FS: WORN Samurai 19oz. 710xx sz. 36

    Selling my worn-in jawnz aka Samurai 710xx size 36. Had them since 2008 and I've worn the shit out of these and washed them 3-4 times, but there are no holes, rips, tears, or anything of that nature to these. These are the real muhfuckin deal. Got them hemmed about 1.5-2 inches at Blue in Green, so you don't have to worry about the 1298290182 inch length on these. Paypal only, please. Not really looking for any trades. Looking for 115 shipped OBO. Holler here or email me at [email protected]
  12. akiragreat

    FS: Samurai 710xx 34

    For sale are a pair of Samurai 710xx in size 34. I've had these hemmed to a 33" inseam. The have about 4 months of wear. There are no rips or tears in the crotch area, as well as no weak spots (other than normal wear and frayed threads, nothing big) . Actually, there is a small tear on the right pocket where I put my knife. There is some fading here and there. I'm letting them go because I'm not liking the fit- they're a bit too tight and I'm a bit surprised they didn't stretch more. I soaked them twice when I first got them and haven't done anything else since. $160.00 shipped and paypaled. CONUS only, please Waist: 17.25" Inseam: 33" Leg opening: 8.5 http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8055.jpg http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8054.jpg http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8053.jpg http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8052.jpg http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8050.jpg http://i1206.photobu...o7/IMG_8056.jpg
  13. Item is sold. Sorry.
  14. plongin

    Samurai Denim S710XX W30

    - Samurai Denim S710XX W30 - *$200 shipped* Disclaimer: These jeans have been altered to a slimmer fit. MORE IMAGES HERE. These were bought off this forum a few years back, with the full knowledge that they had been altered to a slimmer fit. So my guess would be these aren't for the japanese denim purists out there, but if you always preferred slimmer fit denim in a heavy weight, this might just be for you. Disregard what you know about the fit of the 710XX and follow the measurements below. The denim however, is a wonderful 19oz, thick and with a great feel. These have been worn only a handful of times, so the denim is still very stiff. And this comes with silver thread selvedge (for those of you who care). Tough decision to let these go, but they are a size too big for me. More images here. - 19oz denim - denim still very stiff - extremely minimal fading (pls see photos) - black thread arcs on the back pockets - silver thread selvedge Altered Measurements: hem: 17.5 cm rise: 25.5cm waist: 40cm (31.5") I ship worldwide. For any enquiries, please email [email protected]
  15. hello guys, have some pairs for sale. i know my post count is low, but i've been lurking for awhile. if you need feedback, here is my ebay profile: http://myworld.ebay.com/babtron9596 i am located in the usa and i am willing to ship internationally. also, all prices are OBO and paypal only please. i need to pay for some car parts, pay some bills and get a new car so i need to get rid of these. i am not accepting trades either as of yet. these have just been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for quite a while. all have not been hemmed. x sz 29 samurai 710xx, lot 13 ~bought from 2nd (rakuten) ~x2 initial hot soaks ~worn for about 4 days ~patch treated with obenauf's heavy duty lp ~minimal fading (electric blue starting to pop out) already occurring around the right pocket, top block and belt area ~plenty of life left ~i didn't like the fit as it was too "straight fitted" for my liking. will probably go with a sz 28 in the future. waist: 29" front rise: 10.5" back rise: 13.5" thigh: 11" knee: 8.25" hem: 7.25" inseam: 36.5" $260 w/shipping. +15 not in usa. x sz 30 iron heart 666s ~bought from ironheart.co.uk ~x1 initial hot soak ~worn for about a week ~patch treated with obenauf's heavy duty lp ~minimal fading (electric blue starting to pop out) already occurring around the right pocket, top block and belt area ~plenty of life left ~just was way too big for me. i went with a sz 29 and they fit me perfect. waist: 31" front rise: 9.25" back rise: 13.75" thigh: 10" knee: 8" hem: 7.25" inseam: 34.5" $300 w/shipping. +15 not in usa. x sz 30 the flat head f310 ~bought from selfedge.com ~x1 initial hot soak ~worn for maybe 3-4 weeks ~patch treated with obenauf's heavy duty lp ~a little more pronounced fading around the right pocket, top block and belt area ~still plenty of life left ~fit was alright but wanted something slimmer. waist: 30" front rise: 9.75" back rise: 13.25" thigh: 10.5" knee: 8" hem: 7.5" inseam: 34" $225 w/ shipping. +15 not in usa. x once again, all prices are obo. i will gladly take more detail pics upon request. just be forewarned, i only have a galaxy nexus that i can take pictures with. any questions, or interested, please pm me! i need to get rid of these! measurements taken "big" style ( http://blueingreenso...w&id=30&Itemid=). rounded up to keep them simple with .25 increments if applicable. thanks for looking!
  16. Up for sale are 2 pairs of Samurai jeans: 1) 710xx with arcs in size 34, lot 10 and 2) 0500xx w/ arcs and red tab size 36. I have a separate sale thread for the 0500xx's since I can't fit all my pics. The next pair is a pair of 710xx (indigo) is size 34 and has been worn on and off. They have fading, but still have plenty of life left in them for someone who really wants to own a pair of 710’s. The patch has a very small tear as pictured, but still in good condition. Measurements BLUE in Green style: Waist=17.2" Front Rise=11.3" Back Rise=15.25" Upper Thigh=12" Inseam=37" Leg opening= 7.75" If there are any other questions, please let me know. Asking $130 shipped. I accept paypal or meetups in San Francisco/San Mateo area. If ur paying through paypal, add the 4% to cover fees or send as gift payment.