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  1. Purchase a 145 x 145 pixel sidebar advertisement.

    This ad is displayed on the sidebar of all topic pages on desktop and tablet and on mobile devices
    The ad links to your url
    Guaranteed 100000 page views / month.

    01  You must have a 145 x 145 pixel advertisement graphic available when purchasing so you can upload it. [gif, jpg, jpeg, png, no animated gifs]
    02  Minimum size 125 x 125 pixel at 72dpi  at 100%. larger is ok as long as it is SQUARE
    03  This advertisement only package is suited for brands that do not have member accounts on supertalk but want to advertise their brand or products to supertalk members.
    04  If you are already a supertalk member and want a dedicated thread which gives you additional benefits and privileges, we recommend you purchase the supersponsor subscription package. Contact [email protected] for more details of all our advertising promotion and campaign options.
    05  All ads are subject to approval. allow up to 48 hours.

  • For campaign media kit and rates please contact us.

    We offer the following banner ad units served via Google DFP:
    1275 x 250 pixel  leaderboard
    1275 x 120 pixel  leaderboard
    970 x 250 pixel  leaderboard  
    300 x 250 pixel  sidebar header
    728 x 90 pixel  header
    728 x 90 pixel  footer