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Found 856 results

  1. These are an absolutely amazing pair of jeans from Japan in the "One Wash" model. I bought these off of Tate and Yoko during their sale and got them hemmed to 30.5 inches. Unfortunately they don't fit me and I can't return them after they've been hemmed. I've only worn them for an hour around the house and they are too small. Probably will not stretch enough for me to use them. Comes with tags and everything. Get them for a steal. They retail for $275 US! And even Denimio charges $178 for them. Listed price includes shipping in North America. Contact me if you want a quote for elsewhere. Measurements Waist: 29.75 inches Front rise: 10.25 inches Back rise: 14.25 inches Thigh: 11 inches Leg opening: 7.75 inches Inseam: 30.5 inches
  2. Selling my APC new standards and Samurai S5000VX jeans. They're worn but I can no longer fit them. Priced to sell. Samurais - $60 $50 shipped within US these were tapered so the leg opening is smaller and fits like skinny jeans. APC - $50 $40 shipped within US
  3. FS: Roy Ducks / SG 1109

    Got some Roy All Ducks that I've gotten to big for. $150 Tagged Size 31 (one of 8 pairs that were made in this size) Not much wear, but some indigo staining on the waist band - from my belt- thats hidden by a belt. All measurements taken the Self Edge way, hemmed at Self Edge PDX. One photo showing the indigo bleed, DM me for more photos. Waist: 30.5 Rise: 11.5 Thigh: 9.5 Knee: 7.5 Leg: 7 Inseam: 30 Also got some Strike Gold 1109 in a Tagged Size 33. $85 Waist still fits me well, but have gotten too tight for my liking. Definitely worn more than the Roy's, and have been repaired once in the crotch at Self Edge PDX, but still have plenty of life left to beat out of them. I have one photo in natural light to show what the wear looks like, but you can DM me for more photos also. Waist: 32.5 Rise: 10 Thigh: 10 Knee: 7.75 Leg: 7 Inseam: 30 Edited: to add price.
  4. I've listed some of this before but I thought I'd give it another try all at once lot 700 size 32/34 - SOLD lot 1000XX size 31/34 - SOLD lot 1000XX size 31/34 - SOLD Warehouse 700 32/34 SOLD waist 16" f/rise 11 1/2" b/rise 15 1/2" thigh 12 1/4" hem 9" inseam 33 1/2"There is a wear line at 31" from cuffing Warehouse 1000XX 31/34 SOLD waist 16" f/rise 11 1/2" b/rise 16" thigh 12" hem 8 1/2" inseam 33 1/2"
  5. Japan Blue JB202 - size 32 $120 $110 13.5 oz deep blue 100% Zimbabwe cotton Brand new with tags Slim Fit Hemmed to 32 inches Grailed (with photos) Retail website It's a great pair of jeans with a great feeling denim, unfortunately the fit didn't work out for me.
  6. SOLD

    Visvim Social Sculpture 03 Unwashed (V.F.) Condition: Brand new, unworn, purchased direct from F.I.L. for 32,400 Yen (including 8% Japanese Sales Tax). Comes with origami packaging and tags. For more information about the jeans please click here (N.B. price listed on Visvim.tv is excluding 8% Japanese Sales Tax). Size: Tagged W30/L30 / Waist laid flat - 39cm / Inseam - 79.5cm / Opening hem - 18cm Price: SOLD ------------------------------------------------------- For references, please see my proxy thread in my signature. Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift only. Serious buyers only please. Only message me to ask for my payment details and to supply me with your shipping address. All other messages will be ignored.
  7. Diesel Thanaz 8SV w29x34

    Diesel Thanaz 8SV W29 x 34 still in a goon condition , no altered or hemmed Asking price $180 all inc. ship world wide
  8. For sale is a brand new, never worn (only tried on) R1901J Cowboy Jacket from W.H. Ranch Dungarees ($340). This is part of Ryan's new ready-to-wear line. It comes with the removable plaid wool vest liner which is an $80 add on. Total cost for this set-up would be $420. Jacket doesn't fit me as well as I had hoped (I'm 6'4" 200lbs) so I'm selling as a package, both jacket and vest. Asking $335 shipped/Paypal'd. I have plenty of references on eBay, but have never sold here. I also happen to know Ryan personally. The jacket is made with 12.5 oz Nihon Menpu sanforized denim and will shrink slightly if soaked. Measurements are as follows: Tag size: Medium Sleeves (from shoulder) 26" Sleeves (from center back) 35" Center back length: 25" Pit-to-pit (chest): 22" The vest is also a medium.
  9. Obscure Artisanry

    Hey everyone, I started this topic to discover how everyone's thoughts are about artisans in general, and how you perceive the growing counter-movement against "poorly made" products. My name is Jeroen and I'm from The Netherlands, and I've been in retail management since 2000. I've had the privilege to be working closely with Mr. Raymon of Red Cloud & Co. from China and the guys from Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies in Singapore in the past, and I frequently visit denim artisans in Europe such as Manuel Canova of IMjiT35020 Manufactus and Mohsin Sajid of Endrime (to name a few). In 2011 I visited Kurabo and Collect/Japan Blue and it was an eye-opener for me. I was always very keen on denim, as I was obsessed with the work of Francois Girbaud, and being able to see the craftsmanship and respect for tradition they have in Japan, was amazing. Currently I have a site going which, amongst others, focuses on telling stories about artisans/makers. I used to run Union of Artisans platform, of which the new site is an offspring. I'm also the co-host of the Artisan Challenge, which runs alongside the Denim World Championship (kudos to Megatron for that!). Anyway, I've been doing quite some research on how the millennial generation is trying to be more aware of how they consume and that the so-called "hipster" is actually very good for the global economy. Interestingly so, this movement has parallels with the much-discussed Third Wave Coffee Movement which is about coffeemakers and coffee-consumers going back to the roots of coffee and truly want to know "where does this bean come from and where is it going now". There's an article on the millennial generation, from a while back though, on The Guardian which discusses a few similar points to this topic. Based on that article, miss Amy Leverton (Denimdudes book) also wrote an article on how denim is moving forward in a more conscious way but also discusses how retail deals with it. I'm very keen to discuss with you all here how you perceive denim development and your thoughts on artisans, or perhaps the misuse/abuse of the word artisan. There are loads of brands popping up nowadays claiming to be artisanal, handmade, whatever but basically make the poorest of poorest product in the market. This, in my opinion, plays a part in the mass-chain stores such as H&M and Zara claiming they too make "authentic" "tailor-made" denim with a horrifying stitched-on selvedge ID. For me personally, I hope I can be a small voice within the industry showing true artisans and how they care for their craft. I believe the world forgot many beautiful crafts and that they're slowly returning to the industry, and more important, return to retailers that start caring more on the WHY and HOW it is made instead of WHERE it's made and the best margin. Compared to most segments of the fashion industry, the denim industry is one that can more easily be filtered and has a very lively community of consumers/denimheads that sometimes even know more about the product and "making of" than some retailers or even makers. To see how this industry is embracing craftsmanship is a blessing and therefor I hope you want to get into the conversation and express your opinion/thoughts/annoyances etcetera.
  10. So I live in Australia and quite often our summer sits on 30 to 40 degrees celsius (86 to 104 F), yet I am not overly into shorts. They will never be as good as an outfit you can put jeans with in my opinion. So I have started a search for a pair of jeans, whether it be slim and tapered or skinny fit, I want to find a decent pair of (preferably designer because quality but open to anything) lightweight denim to be able to wear in summer. I have heard things hear and there about 4oz denim but I am not a huge denim head and don't know much about it. What are your thoughts on lightweight jeans? Is there such a thing? Do you have of a specific pair of jeans like this that you would recommend?
  11. Hi SuFu – We are Standard & Strange, based in Oakland, CA. We’re a denim-centric menswear shop. You can find us right at 5010 Telegraph Ave, next door to Pizzaiolo. Our brand list is extensive, to say the least, but here’s the highlights: Full Count Ooe Yofuketen Indigofera Masterson’s Free Note Rogue Territory Momotaro Japan Blue Jeans Tellason Circle of Friends Naked & Famous Shockoe Thrux Lawrence Monitaly Alden Trickers Yuketen We buy brands that we believe in, without compromise. Initially, it was only Made In USA goods, but as we traveled and were introduced to more and more great brands, we added Canada, Japan, Europe, and the UK to our roster. We’re constantly expanding our denim selection with the goal of being able to fit just about anyone to a great pair of jeans, whether it’s N&F weird guys in stretch selvedge denim, or 18oz Momotaro Natural Tapers. We take the same approach to shirts, jackets, boots, and everything else – we try to have fits that work for just about anyone. About our name – one of my areas of interest has always been urban development, planning, and use, and one of the standout books in that area is “The Death and Life of Great American Cities†by Jane Jacobs. There’s a passage that’s stuck with me over the years: "Cities, however, are the natural homes of supermarkets and standard movie houses plus delicatessens, Viennese bakeries, foreign groceries, art movies, and so on, all of which can be found co-existing, the standard with the strange, the large with the small." (bold emphasis mine). When we found our original space – in Temescal Alley – it was on it’s 3rd rebirth – originally horse stables, the store fronts in the alley had long been used as cheap storage lockers. When we built out the space we were tearing out boards that been there for 100+ years. Our goal – whether it’s denim, boots, or shirts – is to make sure every person coming through our door gets what they want, even if it’s just a shot of whiskey and a warm welcome. The best place to catch us online outside of here is Instagram, and via our email list. Our 3-year anniversary party: The denim wall: When we needed gift cards, we went all in, and made them from brass: We get a bit obsessive about our denim details - here's a macro of Full Count's 100% Zimbabwean cotton: And another because why not: Kapital Century denim and aged button: Finally, Brandon, one of our team, getting serious about some Rogue Territory and Momotaro:
  12. I originally bought this horsehide A2 in Tokyo for ~1300$ US. The fit isn't as comfortable as I'd like --it *might* stretch, but I don't want to risk it. I've only worn the jacket a handful of times; the leather itself is in beautiful condition, and the knits are basically perfect. Nearly everything Buzz Rickson makes is incredible, and this jacket is no exception. The grain on the leather has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Price: 700 Shipped Size 40 Measurements (please check the "How We Measure" page on SelfEdge.com for reference!) Pit-to-pit (from seam to seam): 21.5 Sleeves: 24.75 Shoulder Width: 17.25 Vertical Length (next to collar down to the knits): 24 PM ME IF YOU'D LIKE MORE PHOTOS Shoes have sold!
  13. Hello All, I just received my pure blue japan jeans a day ago and was super excited. Put them on and right away they were tight. Thought that maybe i could break them in and they would get better but then decided they are too tight for that even. I literally only wore them for less than 5 hours. Please message me if you are interested. I would like to get some money back on these so i can purchase a correct fit. please help Let me know if you have any questions. Message me with offers. $175 obo http://imageshack.com/a/img911/5295/s2NAh1.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img905/2803/LIA9X3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img633/2728/2ygejF.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/159/vriIOO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/2485/VBDnmi.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img911/881/Y80hMy.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/2144/8zVprv.jpg
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2016

    Real McCoy 3sixteen IH IH ONI RW Happy New Year
  15. starting a thread specifically for Samurai jeans - geisha denim Samurai x Denimio collaboration pair
  16. Sling & Stones Naomi Sz 27 Purchased from Self Edge in Los Angeles Worn approximately 10 wears Great Condition Measurements (following BlueinGreenSoho Measurement Guide: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=)Waist:14.5" Inseam: 33.5" Front Rise: 7.5" Back Rise: 12.5" Thigh: 8.75" Knee: 7" Leg Opening: 5" (Tapered by Denim Doctors located in Los Angeles) Paid ~$350 after taxes. Asking for $200 shipped in US only through PayPal. Ebay link will be updated but will ask for $210 there.
  17. I bought these from a user on Grailed a month or so, wore them once, and they're lovely but not for me. Just trying to get back what I paid for them. Excellent condition Left Field Chelsea in White Oak selvedge with green heather weft. P/o bought them lightly used and also just wore them to try on. Only the slightest fading on back pocket rivets/seams. Slight creasing in the usual spots that will re-set as soon as you wear them a couple hours. If I had to guess I would say that these have been soaked once--the fabric is softened up a bit but still very dark. $100 plus shipping. Out of stock at Leftfield but see Heddels for more details: http://www.heddels.com/2013/10/left-field-nyc-chelsea-jean-denim-review/ These were previously listed as tag size 30, but there is no size tag in them. Given the measurements they appear to be a 30. Waist: 15.5 in Thigh: 11 in Inseam: 32.5 in Hem: 7.25
  18. Hi all - Selling a pair of *rare* Dior waxed blue clawmarks from Slimane's A/W 03 collection. Tag size is 32, 19cm cut. Made in Japan. In very good condition, entirely unaltered. The wax layer is still fully there, very lightly worn. The eBay listing for these jeans NWOT is USD 799 FYI. Selling as they are a bit too big for me, unfortunately [included a picture of them being worn]. They're vanity sizing - measurements: Waist: 85 cm / 33.5" Leg opening: 19 cm / 7.5" Knee: 22 cm / 8.6" Inseam: 92 cm / 36" Rise: 28 cm / 11" [measured in the front, from top button to crotch seam]
  19. APC Petite Standard - Size 30 condition: BNWOT - Only tried on. Got them as a present and I can't fit into them. size: 30 Retail is $185. My price: $135 shipped Message me for tagged photos! RULES: -All Sales Final -Paypal only (must have a verified account with a confirmed home address) -Please add 4% paypal fee -Quoted shipped price is for U.S. only. international shipping available (contact me for pricing)
  20. Carhartt WIP Lincoln Double Knee Pant - Black Denim - sz. 29 Brand new with tags. Slim fit with a slight taper in medium-weight black denim. Kind of hard to make out the details in the photos but there's double layering at the knees, tool pockets, a hammer loop, and triple-needle stitching throughout. $45 SHIPPED through USPS Priority within the US. Measurements: Waist: 15" Inseam: 32" Leg Opening: 6.5" Wings + Horns Anti-Fit Chino - Tan/Khaki - sz. 28 Worn, but in great condition. Discontinued fit from a few years back with a long rise/drop crotch and a curved, tapered leg. $35 SHIPPED through USPS Priority within the US. Measurements: Waist: 14.75" Inseam: 28.5" (Keep in mind the long rise so these are longer than the length suggests) Leg Opening: 6.5"
  21. FS: Pure Blue Japan XX 11 from 2010

    hurts to sell my babies but they are up for grabs. 350 shipped / accepting offers. message me. Pure Blue Japan XX 11 Left Hand Twill Bought from Blue in Green in Fall 2010. Tag Size 27, Stretched to 29,30 http://liannesmiles.blogspot.com/for the progress pictures.
  22. Low WAISTED Destroyed SKINNY JEANS IN Dirty Original Blue Trash Denim Made In Japan Measurements: Waist: 39.5cm Hem: 15,3cm (w29) 98% Cotton, 2% Elasthane New with tags and invoice (directly bought from YSL.com) Asking Price: 589€ shipped from germany (paypal)
  23. Bought a bunch of stuff that doesn't quite fit, so my loss is your gain. Trades welcome for IH XL shirts & jackets, 34 IH Denim, Japanese denim and the like. Here's a link to photos of everything in the IH forum. IHSH-100 17oz - Hairline Duck Western CPO Shirt/Jacket XL, New with tags. P2P closer to 22", otherwise measurements same as on the IH Web Site. Incredible fabric, super warm, pockets, just a hair tight on me. $240 shipped CONUS. Iron Heart IH-816 heavyweight duck work pants, khaki, Size 36, New With Tags. Measurements on the IH Web site. $180 shipped CONUS Samurai Jeans long sleeve plain black heavyweight T-Shirt new with tags: $85 shipped CONUS Tag size XL (about 19" shoulder, 21.5 pit to pit, 24.5 sleeve, 25.5 center back) Barnes Outfitters heavyweight Loopwheeled short sleeve T-shirt, new with tags: $60 shipped CONUS (The real deal, produced on short pitch machine in Japan) Tag size XXL (about 22.5 pit to pit, 19.5 shoulder, 27.5 center back) 2 x Goodwear heavyweight black T-shirts, size XL (about 22.5" P2P). Some signs of wear/wash, a bit of fading, but no real flaws. US made, fantastic quality. $20/ea. or $30/both shipped CONUS
  24. Whats your favourite specialist denim, I mean your slubby, neppy, raw indigo, crazy rare dyeing technique, or cotton hand picked by virgins denim. Fit has no place here. All about the fabric. I just bought some Denim Is Edwin, Nihon menpu (slim taper) and I'm loving the green of the indigo and how neppy the fabric is. (image I found online of the same jeans)
  25. What the hell is this shoe?!

    Hi guys, Been looking to buy a pair of LVC 501s off their website and came across the model in these really nice sneakers. But I can't for the life of me find out where his shoes are from. Hoping you guys would know!!! http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/mens-jeans/p/785010002