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    Makes sense. I'm glad I was able to snag some of the shirts and sweat stuff from ss22 and fw22 at absurd discount while I could.
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    Gotta say, I'm a huge fan of acronyms new email system. I always had a tough time tracking when stuff was actually dropping, so having it just sent to me as it comes out or a bit before is amazing.
  3. Frosla


    My only jacket is the j47a, I love the thing. fits great, technical without looking out of place with a ton of different fits.
  4. Frosla


    Got it. I'm trying to find out how dumb of an idea it would be to try and purposely get a little shrinkage out of an S26 that fits just a bit big on me. The answer is probably pretty dumb, but still haha
  5. Frosla


    Anyone have any experience with fabric shrinkage when washing with warm or hot water on PR fabrics such as on the S24-PR or S26-PR?
  6. Frosla


    35% off at Bodega through cyber monday, includes acronym.
  7. Frosla


    Interesting to see this side of things tbh. I've worked with a couple different stages of pre prod and sample stuff, and I like seeing how different companies label and iterate. For example, final sample items from The North Face will have the O on the internal label not filled in.
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