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  1. 4 minutes ago, iamtheoldmanofthemountain said:

    sold J1A to @Flousn90, local lad and absolute pleasure to deal. i am glad to have contributed to his journey to fiscal damnation. also still selling P10-DS

    still WTT
    J72-DS in White L, full pack*, worn once indoors because i wanted to try looking cute. 
    *this was bought from a UK retailer that usually gets rid of the pack/sheet but acrnm was nice enough to replace them but sent a XL sandwich bag instead. so small caveat.

    for J72-DS in Black XL (may be willing to add cash my way depending on condition)

    Also still looking for

    P23A-S RAF L

    and big WTB J47A-WS XL

    Full pack 

    Can confirm @iamtheoldmanofthemountain is a quality seller and nice to deal with in general. Jackets I got from him were exactly in the condition described, too. 


  2. 4 minutes ago, BruceLeroy said:

    Lemme pile on this. 190cm mostly legs and all my pants are XL for length. The P10-S and P10-DS fit me perfectly. 

    When you have Bigfoot Measurements and can´t throw money at 90% of the sexy Acrnm Stuff



  3. 40 minutes ago, Inkinsurgent said:

    i second this. I'm a pretty fit 183cm and definitely close to the upper boundary of acr proportions.

    Some Jackets like the recent J36-S actually fit really well but yeah, a vast majority of the stuff is probably really just not made for somebody on the extreme upper end of the height scale.

    Looking at Rosen-X and EL (yeah i know, i know), i kinda wish acrnm had a custom size option but i don´t even wanna think about the potential cost lol

  4. 33 minutes ago, Inkinsurgent said:

    The thing to consider isn't just inseam length - acr proportions in general just don't work as well on tall and skinny people. A P10 has a bit more leg to it, but if you're significantly above 185cm you'll just look like an End model. 

    Yeah, thats exactly what happened with the P30s lol. I saw the Photos on SSense today and was like "Yeah i know that look" ;-)

    Going by the sizing chart, the P10 could fit, maybe I´ll give it a shot when (if) it comes back. Generally tho i think skinny pants need to fit better to achieve a look good than stuff thats supposed to be less form-fitting anyway.

  5. Are there any acrnm pants that look good on really tall (201cm, 6'7, long legs) and lean people? 

    I generally like the look of most of their pants but after returning an XL P30-DS which sent me straight to clown town, I'm not sure if I should keep looking at acrnm pants or save myself the trouble lol.

    Sizing charts say no (usually I wear pants with an outseam between 110 and 115 cm depending on intended stacking) but what gives, asking doesn't hurt. 

  6. On 2/16/2021 at 11:42 AM, Flousn90 said:


    J1A-GT 2.0 Size L - 9/10 condition. pics

    1.300€ 1.200 € but open for offers due to no spec-sheet or zip-bag.

    Alternative: Trade for J1A-GT 2.2 in XL

    Shipping only within Europe. Located in Germany.

    Sold Not sold after all. 

    Also, drop to 1.200 €

  7. WTS:

    J1A-GT 2.0 Size L - 9/10 condition. pics

    1.300€ but open for offers due to no spec-sheet or zip-bag.

    Alternative: Trade for J1A-GT 2.2 in XL

    Also: WTB J1A-GT 2.2 in XL

    Free Shipping within Europe, elswhere please DM to hash out the details. Located in Germany.

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