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  1. is this just for random bits of music and memories? These 2 really evoke the eighties which for some reason I was thrown back to this morning (well - 1 of my versions of the eighties). they're more Marmite than many- esp The Names (because of the style of singing?) but thought might remind some of you or you may like   - which is what some of the posts on here have done for me. :mellow::)



  2. 38 minutes ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

    s40s vs 50s


    so please ignore my boringness: but all around 17cm top from edge to edge, but yes, the s40s have a 2cm worth of stitching by the rivet (comp. to 50s c.1.5 and 20s 1) so reduced opening even if pocket seems slightly larger ...


    Really nice comparison @bartlebyyphonics - all three decades' are good pocket shapes - tho the 40's are the best:happy:....  

    Its the opening most of all yes - (putting hands in is when its really noticeable). so I pulled out a couple of older pairs  - they're bigger. Pockets look better without a bigger wallet usually no?

  3. Day 2 - very relieved the jeans fit fine :) 

    Has anyone noticed how small the back pockets are? Must be (?) partly the wider wonkier good-looking stitching shape that's a feature of the WW2's. But also the overall pockets are smaller than many I reckon - I really like it :biggrin: - smaller pockets on jeans look far nicer to me.

    Some peoples may have to switch wallets tho (or other back pocket detritus...)


  4. 9 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

    Couple of phone pics by my daughter... looking unintentionally different... so thought I'd post both...

    #1 20200831 CSF 1.jpg

    How good.... :smile: That’s the oldish tone of dark blue with the wear I would love on any old Levi’s if I ever had been in a position to get some. 

  5. Now also have received my notification - land looking like its here 1st September.

    Your arcs look so good @Bowler
    @CSL - that's a downer on the88

    If I got the fit that H_Monkey_82 has above I'd be a v happy :happy: - tho not likely

    One thing I always wondered - Do people think the fits on less tall people often look better?  Jeans seem to just hang better - maybe especially on wider cuts?

  6. 27 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

    Haha yeah a lower BPM works for me now and I was on the lower end of preferences back then

    Still listen predominantly to Graeme Park but also sometimes old Boy George sets and Todd Terry on Mix Cloud

    I wouldn't even know if you got clubs similar to the Quad, The State (Liverpool), Hacienda, Up Yer Ronson, Back to Basics etc with that kind of atmosphere these days.  Back then with no social media and hardly any cameras at all, it was all about a good night out


    Yes - sometime wish id been more of an officianado and had known much more  but it was difficult to get the information. Also went to B2B and Up yer Ronson and Orbit and Saturday night Warehouse before it was Vague - and mid week nights were often even better sometimes like Joy and  Kaos. then you'd sometimes unwittingly find yourself at a really heavy acid night that was just too unrelenting just cos you were free that night and couldn't tell who djs were. Like you Doubleo also had Manchester friends so that was an alternative too and Nottingham DIY......... Sigh........

  7. (nervously) looking forward very much to them arriving - I was on edge of 33 so :unsure2:...

    Though some peoples seem really oddly wrong and on whole they must run smaller but I reckon some of the differences probably due to how everyone measures - esp thigh say..

    Don't the pocket bags give it something different though -  and thanks to people who posted fit pics  - they all look pretty good:biggrin:

    GIF time Volvo!?

  8. I think these have the oxidised denim - they're definitely 1000x anyway (Warehouse naming :rolleyes:)

    They're Blue in Green D5. The colour isn't totally true (its a funny light in the rain here) - but close. 1 of my favourite denims  - looks luvely 





  9. 11 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

    I am curious if on the long way the ow pairs will achieve the same result... I've ended ordering ow for extra peace of mind.

    Do you think it'll have got rid of more starch than home soaking etc Volvo? I went for OW too for a change , and am hoping its a very gentle one - looked like TCB think that from their blog anyway...

  10. But the train tracks are the worst part of those!:huh2:

    Wrinkles look good tho - however he gets those..

    Good dopers might manage to get some good effects but most of us it'd probably look a bit fake ...

    Probably like most people - not really bothered what people want to do tho .

    What it will be, is it'll be great to see a lot more Japanese worn jeans:)

  11. Its some hobby where there's a good chance of getting something wrong because of whether it'll fit - something that's pretty pricey too... None of my mates get it

    But somehow its essential to it all - probably as it needs some reading up and work on our part to find out for ourselves.

    Cant think of 1 pair of jeans I've bought where I reckoned id got just the right size for what I was going for...

    But they've almost all worked out fine - luckily they're not the sort of thing that you need so exact a fit.

    I'm hoping for the WW2's to have them quite short with double turn up - we'll see if the shrink/rise etc comes out that way:unsure::smile:.

    Now for the wait.....


    But somehow it
    I can’t think of 1 pair of jeans Ive bought that I reckon I got just the right size for what I was going for.. 
    But they’ve almost all worked out fine : luckily they’re not the type of clothes that have an exact fit.

    hobby where there’s a strong possibilty of getting something that’s pretty pricey wrong because of whether it’ll fit. None of my mates quite get it…

    But somehow its an essential part of it all - maybe as it needs a bit of work and attention on our part to read a bit and find out for ourselves
    I can’t think of 1 pair of jeans Ive bought that I reckon I got just the right size for what I was going for.. 
    But they’ve almost all worked out fine : luckily they’re not the type of clothes that have an exact fit.
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