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  1. here are a few photos and a fit pic of the dsb 47s, and my 46 dsb 2000xx. i think these are made with the same denim. i’m surprised how well they’re holding creases after putting them through the dryer. side note: you can see on the leg where the outseam connects that the front and back panels of denim are distinctly different shades. anyone know what’s up with that? 




  2. here are a couple photos after wearing for a day of the new deadstock blue 47’s that were recently released. i opted to hot wash and dry mine. this denim has a really rough texture. is it the same as the dsb 46’s? i have no idea. it’s ridiculously soft after the dryer and drapes really easily. i really love the leather patches for this line, i just wish it held details a little bit better after exposure to heat. i’ll be sure to get a fit pic up soon. they fit just like a pair of dd 47s i used to have. i am pretty new to warehouse so i assumed these 1001xx would fit just like my regular 1001xx in the same size, but that's just not the case. 



  3. additionally, here are a few photos of my dsb 2001xx. i’ve washed and dried it a ton. i didn’t start wearing it consistently until this winter. the leather patch is my favorite on anything i’ve ever owned, next to ooe yufuketen of course. 





  4. black 47s. sized up two on these. have had them since april i believe. i wear them almost exclusively when i’m not at work. maybe not gonna wash them for a long time. probably not gonna hem either. 



  5. i have the new dsb 47s on the way from hinoya. :-) very excited. will post some post wash photos when i can. i sized up one like i did with my 1001xx. i also got the 3001 shirt last week. 

  6. 22 hours ago, wavehead said:

    @roomtemplacroix did the 1955z shrink up with washes like the 66 does? 

    i've only washed mine twice since i bought them in december. once in warm water and the second in cold. they tightened up a little in the waist and the hem, as well as a little residual inseam shrink. nothing major, but i wouldn't be surprised if they shrink more with subsequent washing. the denim is pretty dense like the 47, but stretches much more easily. 

  7. is anyone here able to give shrinkage insight on the 3001 longhorn shirt? self edge says it shrinks half a size after a wash. on the other hand blue owl says it is "cut in a regular fit with extra length to account for shrinkage." i'm thinking i would be a 36 if it isn't shrinking half a size. if it is shrinking half a size then a 38 would still come out quite a bit too big on me i think. anyone here have experience with it?

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