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  1. 16 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

    If doing so, try them in relation to the tcb 50s they have there too: many pages ago somewhere on the forum both PaulT and erk do pretty comprehensive comparisons between the two with the key difference being that the tcb is a bit narrower in the top block and wider in the hem... [and the 50s denim on the tcb is phenomenal]

    IMO the real items that LVC do well is the pre-40s jeans [plus the '76], their jackets (the triple pleat and type I are in my grubby hands and very happy with them, a colleague has the type II and it looks tip top - LVC manage to keep those cuts boxy and don't 'modernise' the lengths) 





    @bartlebyyphonics those 37s looking great. 

    Also I agree about LVC pre 40s are on the money. My 1933 are still my favs for a loose straight fit. Plus wearing braces with them for the added Grandad look. 

    I've seen the TCB jeans in American classics. The price did put me off a little £200 for them and the length would need altering due to them all coming in at 39 length. 




  2. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Tarbuck said:


    https://www.liquorstoreclothing.com/mens-c15/levis-vintage-clothing-1955-501-rigid-p7221 30% off here.  Might be worth checking with the store first though because the description changes when you click on sizes.

    Cheers @Jimmy Tarbuck.The sizes are no good. I'm looking at 32x34. 

    I did see this over the weekend and thought I could do 32×32. But I do want to have a nice cuff roll. 




  3. I'm on the hunt for 1955's. Hopefully LVC will have another rigid sale on again? 

    The days of spending £180 for a pair are long gone now. But I may pay a visit to American classics once everything has gone back to normality. 

    Been wacthing this on You Tube from Rope Dye

     worth a look.


  4. 28 minutes ago, Jimmy Tarbuck said:

    Fit looks good mate, nice and roomy, perfect summer fit.

    they are a little heavy but see how they fare when I go for the 1 hour government allowed walk. 

    they remind me of the pic below 



    1 hour ago, Jimmy Tarbuck said:

    They look pretty worn in already so I doubt they'll shrink anymore.

    They look like a nice score for the money, just embrace the weird fit!

    Pics on levis 503bxx 

    they have a nice boxy fit.




  6. Just digging some more on the 503bxx 

    They are a weird fit. Was thinking about trying to shrink them a little more. 

    But are they pre shrunk? Shrinkage controlled. Would it make any difference on a hot wash? 

    noticed this online  




  7. 9 minutes ago, andyrcii said:

    They’ll loosen up a bit. No hip flare at all with them so happy about that. 

    I think they look good mate. 

    Always wanted to try the bath soak while wearing them. Not sure my wife would be to pleased. 

  8. Hi folks 

    This is worth your time and money during lockdown. 

    Avant magazine 

    you can buy from Rare Mags if your based in the UK

    Avant link to buy

    Posted a few nice pics from the magazine. 

    Anyone have any other deniem reads worth a look. Got the Deniem Dudes and Ametora. Both great books.







  9. Just wanted to show the differences between my two 1937s 501s. My personal favourite of the LVC 501's.

    One from rigid Cone Mills brought a few years back.

    The other brought from the recent LVC sale. Made in Bulgaria. They only had 30 waist but after a few wears they fit perfectly. I'm a 30 anyway so no problems after a few wears. 

    The deniem is very similar to the break in period of the USA 37s. The only big difference is the patch placing on the back.

    Also Levis vintage clothing site is having a 40% off sale. No rigid at present but desperate for 55's to come up. 






  10. Just now, Maynard Friedman said:

    Fantastic, they look like they were made in 1993 and I think that Levi’s factory was in Scotland.

    Yeah I did find out the factory was based in Scotland. 1993 sweet. 

    For £5 total bargain 

  11. Sorry folks just one more. 

    Picked up these deadstock 501s made in the UK from the 80's before Christmas. I know there not LVC but worth a look. 

    Paid £5 from my local charity shop. Came with tags.

    Washed once and have shrunk perfectly in my waist. Love how hairy the deniem is and the blue and yellow stitching (see second picture).






  12. Hi folks 

    Hope your all safe. Newbie on here but been following this thread for awhile. Love LVC and spend hours going through the pages on here.

    Just picked up this beautiful sack jacket from Ebay 1920s I believe? 

    Love the level of detail in this jacket 






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