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  1. wow p36-e drape looks awesome! also the drawcord garage/new rear adjuster mechanism :drool: something also tells me i’m gonna regret not picking up p37 but i think ill save for the j68 or p31a

  2. bc what more needs to be said? the original post nodre was even replying to was back in may..these two arguing also serves no other purpose given how much time has lapsed since the original discussion, if anything its just annoying lol

  3. 2 hours ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    I only have P31 but the 33 looked a much straighter cut in the leg from the product shots I saw. 

    Also that neon pink hood on the J1B seriously pops...quite like it! My old J1B never got much love in the end though. Insulated 68 looks like the best iteration yet!

    the hood for the black J1B is actually a Hi-Vis Orange! 

  4. On 6/18/2020 at 9:33 AM, denimjeans said:

    dude thank you!! I usually look through this thread for advice on sizing and whatnot before posting/asking friends, must’ve glossed over that page! this is exactly the gripe I have with them and the solutions posted here are exactly what I need. Bless u!!

    small update on p25 weartesting re: drawcord waist as I feel it'd help those that haven't gotten their first pair of drawcord-only pants; went to run some errands today for about an hour and was pleased to see no scuff marks on the ankles while walking. going off of @scamster's rec to check out previous discussions on the waistband not staying put on this pair of pants, i found that feeding the drawcords back into the buckle after 1) tightening them to fit me 2) moving the fabric to the back of my waist helped it stay put while moving around the house, so my worry was that they wouldn't stay put while i would be walking around outside. it's not ideal for me to adjust pants as im moving up and about and while this wasn't an issue for me today, i did notice that the waistband definitely sat lower than where i had originally set it possibly due to the fabric coming back and loosening the buckle despite me feeding drawcord in. shoe choice also helped me prevent these from dragging on the ground (presto mid) as the bottom of the pants sat comfortably in the shoe's ankle collar; i'm 5'6 and this pair is a size S with an outseam of 84 cm (iirc), and i feel that if i wore a shorter shoe or a flat shoe with these, the chances of me dragging along the floor would've increased. i had nothing in my pockets save for my phone (so no weight issues to factor in), and even then i notice that the right leg (phone pocket on right leg) dips a little bit lower than the left despite all tightening efforts. all in all, great pair of pants for summer! thanks again to @Wklcarl for helping me get my start into this side of fashion


    *tldr; drawcord experience will vary :) *

  5. @daniel lots more color options for some outerwear/bottoms, also branching into more accessories...! interested to hear other people's opinions when pics come out to the public! can't speak on the places* the pieces are made in though

  6. Archival, can't speak for how they schedule people but speaking from a pure logistics standpoint, they might be understaffed at the moment/this might be the reason you keep getting pushed to voicemail. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, scamster said:

    @denimjeans never had these but there was some chatter about the p25-ds concerning how they loosen while walking on page 406, some solutions posted there.

    dude thank you!! I usually look through this thread for advice on sizing and whatnot before posting/asking friends, must’ve glossed over that page! this is exactly the gripe I have with them and the solutions posted here are exactly what I need. Bless u!!

  8. 10 minutes ago, Zeocrymer said:

    The thing with the Ultrawide pants is that you should sizing by height, not by waist size. Ultimately, waist for the most part (emphasis on "for the most part") is fairly negligible because of that drawcord mechanism (for reference: I'm traditionally a size S (30 waist) but my ultrawide size is M because I am 5'10". Anecdotally, I haven't had any problems with in terms of my P30A loosening, but I think it also uses a different buckle for the drawcords.

    thanks for the input! and yea, the length is actually not an issue for me either despite being 5’6 (I thought it would be a lot more drastic given the measurements, and if i went with M the legs would be dragging on the floor); I like the drape of it on my body and the shape is perfect! I guess I’ll have to give it a few more weartests to see if the loosening is more common because, ultimately, I want to avoid having to constantly adjust the waist throughout the day. 

  9. quick question for fellow size S/XS pants’ wearers: do you notice the waistband tends to give/loosen a little while wearing throughout the day? just picked up a pair of P25’s and while the site sizing suggests it fits a 30 (which is my size), I find there’s still a little room between my waist and the fabric after cinching as far as possible, and while walking around in them the mechanism holding the waistband in its place tends to loosen a little. I’m assuming this is due to the amount of waistband material provided in the first place. It’s not a huge deal-breaker, I can still comfortably wear them, but it does make me wish it was also made in XS or that belt loops were included; I’ve found I can “add” a bit more to my waist by tucking in a shirt while wearing these pants, and this definitely makes me rethink what size I should be going for next time more waistband-only pants release. would love to hear how other people my size deal with this! (alternatively I could just put on more weight so it fits better)

  10. are you asking how to attain this info without reaching out to acronym first? i'm sure they'd be able to provide the address it's manufactured at, they'd have to keep that handy just for records alone.

  11. i feel like personal motivation to offing one's collection is that people have amassed more than they need, and have started to realize that. you could throw in other factors like "clout-chasers on m'internet" or saturation of the brand due to more retailers having the option to place purchase orders for this most recent drop, but i think people are def getting into the "less is more" mindset.

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