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  1. WTS: SP9-E size S, just the shorts (how i bought em), fabric by waist snap is loose from one side but does not affect integrity of snap/wearability $310 shipped CONUS 
    Measurements: 44 cm waist / 36 cm inseam / 59 cm outseam 







  2. 18 hours ago, markdjr said:

    Can anyone tell me the differences between p16 and p24 pants besides pocket flaps.  Sizing the same/similar?  Anything else?  Thanks.

    p16 is a slimmer cut in leg width and as someone said before, waist size will be diff. have both in same size (S) and i need a belt with 24, no need for belt with 16. also stacks different due to length and leg width and 24 has reinforced rear band seating, none on 16

  3. 13 hours ago, Orientalq said:

    The only problem I can see is delamination over time, which will cause the layers to grind against one another as the jacket is worn. Apparently, you can't really do anything about that without paying a huge price. 

    as long as you take care of your gt shell by not wearing it directly against your skin (which is a key factor in delam) it should last you for a long time, and even when it does end up delaminating as years go on, there are certified gt repair centers. buy some nikwax and grangers and your shell will love you

  4. 9 hours ago, IzunaK said:

    Question to any P25 owners: What size did you guys end up getting?

    5’6” here, went with size S (SS17 gen) and I’ve only had slight issues with material catching when walking around the house, but that’s cause I drag my feet lol. when walking outside, even with lowtops like Vans there’s still quite a bit of distance from the outseam to the ground so unless you have some awkward way of walking, material catching shouldn’t be a big issue. also sometimes i’ll tuck in my tanktop or shirt and tighten the drawcords so it sits more above my waist/shows more ankle ;)


  5. watching the arg teaser vids made me wanna see the "key" complete itself in one fluid motion (and I had nothing better to do for the long weekend) so here's exactly that! tried to keep frame delay consistent with how the individual teaser vids pieced them together and added a longer delay on the completed frame, threw in the (assumable) aexo logo at the start so it loops when completed frame fades out. can't wait to see what @SlackJackflack 's RMT device has in store for anyone still following


  6. new teaser mentions “The Queen’s Messenger”, the 3 dots connecting e’s eyes and mouth and the rippling triangles in the background make me think it might be a reference to the first publicly broadcast tv show. something to also note is this particular bit of info: “To show the action parts of the play, special effect props were developed. One example was where the Queen's messenger took a drink of wine – a wine glass appeared and a liquid poured into it from a long-neck bottle. Other props used for the play were watch dials, keys, revolvers, and stacks of documents. The stage for the play consisted of three spotlights, three scanning machines, three microphones, background scenes and other apparatus.

  7. thank you for the photos and mini review! appreciate when people give their two cents on new products with regards to fit and new functionality aspects, hopefully helps others decide on whether to pull the trigger

  8. wow p36-e drape looks awesome! also the drawcord garage/new rear adjuster mechanism :drool: something also tells me i’m gonna regret not picking up p37 but i think ill save for the j68 or p31a

  9. bc what more needs to be said? the original post nodre was even replying to was back in may..these two arguing also serves no other purpose given how much time has lapsed since the original discussion, if anything its just annoying lol

  10. 2 hours ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    I only have P31 but the 33 looked a much straighter cut in the leg from the product shots I saw. 

    Also that neon pink hood on the J1B seriously pops...quite like it! My old J1B never got much love in the end though. Insulated 68 looks like the best iteration yet!

    the hood for the black J1B is actually a Hi-Vis Orange! 

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