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  1. WTS

    • 3A-3TS bag
    • Olive Green
    • 9.5/10 condition
    • Full pack
    • Barely any signs of use. Has been out of the house less than 5 times. No rips, tears, scuffs, smells, etc. All zippers, strap length adjusters, etc work perfectly and as expected.
    • I can ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.
    • USD $775++, shipping in CONUS preferred but can ship internationally if needed. Reasonable offers considered.

    273018451_acronym-3a-3ts-1-copy.jpg 273018452_acronym-3a-3ts-2-copy.jpg 273018453_acronym-3a-3ts-3-copy.jpg 273018454_acronym-3a-3ts-4-copy.jpg 273018455_acronym-3a-3ts-5-copy.jpg 273018456_acronym-3a-3ts-6-copy.jpg 273018459_acronym-3a-3ts-7-copy.jpg

  2. 3 hours ago, konrvadsk said:

    Pouch question for everyone here.

    What other brands are out there that make decent pouches, specifically ones that would be slim and light for Tec Sys jackets?

    I come from an outdoors background so I know all the good military brands and websites, but none of them make low profile pockets I would want to put on my J1TS-S or a J64TS-S. They all look a bit bulky and lack that certain aesthetic.

    Triple Aught Design OP1 is a great pouch I have on my backpacks, but it's too weighty for J1 front panel.

    The only brands I know of other than Acronym that have that low profile look are; Enfin Leve, Orbit Design (I have a few of their pouches) and AOKU. I'm hoping there's some more out there.

    Any recommendations appreciated

    Maybe look at Bagjack? They made/still make bags for ACR and are highly recommended overall. Not sure if their pouches are low profile enough for you. I also got a semi-custom phone pouch from the guy at AMDUS Project that I absolutely love/use daily. He's occasionally on the TWG Discord server and on Reddit as well. I mention him because he may be able to do a custom job for you if there's something you are looking for you can't find elsewhere. 

  3. 17 hours ago, nathan_ said:

    Is there some sort of comprehensive collection of every Acronym piece made to date? If not, does anybody know of a resource, or resources I could use to gather the information to make it?

    I've tried looking all over the place for some sort of collective, and know that the website used to have a "collections" page, which is unfortunately no longer available.


    If anybody knows of anything I could use, I would appreciate it.

    There's a Dropbox that is thoroughly incomplete here, but may have some useful info/photos/sizing info for you

  4. WTS

    P10A-DS, Medium, unworn/NIB, full pack, purchased Sept 2019 from mothersite, int’l shipping okay, located in US, USD$1100 ++

    Refs here, on FB group, Discord, and Grailed 



    3A-MZ3 Black Foil, 9.5/10 no signs of wear


    3A-MZ3 Olive X-Pac 

    would also sell for $299++ USD

  5. 9 minutes ago, hooper said:

    just realized hotoveli has Acronym's photos/descriptions of the upcoming FW1920 items (p33, j27, etc.).

    SD is apparently an Acronym exclusive fabric. I'm excited to see more uses of this in tops and perhaps maybe trousers. source: https://www.hotoveli.com/collections/acronym/products/acronym-j44-sd-jacket

    Agreed 100% about SD, and the J44 looks absolutely spectacular. That'll be an insta-buy for me-- the zippered 3 position lapel is phenomenal looking. A very versatile piece. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Yardsale said:

    That's the look.

    @agentbuca is indeed the look as @Yardsale indicated. I can say that the corners are not as noticeable from all angles. From some they look really pointy and others they kind of blend in. It's a great styling cue IMO. It makes the pants look quite different as you walk past/around someone and takes them from "oh here are some tapered pants with pockets" into something really unique. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, biginjapan said:

    P34-S BLK and RAF/but not really RAF


    12 minutes ago, CARLOOA said:

    It’s clout harvesting. Just kidding, it’s the FW drop that a retailer gave to someone that they shouldn’t have.

    Only one pair of pants? Interesting. Any chance of a restock on other stuff that’s sold out, like 3A-3TS? Anyone know what the AM/AJ fabrics are in the jackets? 

  8. 33 minutes ago, brainerd666 said:

    It sounds like due to your physical dimensions and the ofttimes complex and specific patterns that Acronym implements in their clothing that makes altering them questionable due to throwing off the fit and dimensions, that perhaps this brand may not be for you by and large.

    I think you may be forcing something that just won’t look right in the long run.

    To each their own of course....


    I get a great fit in the P10A-DS in M, so I'm not sure where this is coming from.

    In terms of the P30A-DS, if the general advice is to size by length, what did I indicate that was anything other than a specific method of sizing by length (measuring outseam and where on my leg I'd like the cuff to be)? Inseam is an unreliable way to measure in these pants because of the low crotch, so looking at the outseam is the reliable measurement. Maybe you got confused by "extra cuffs," but I'm talking about the zip-on cuffs that come with the P30A-DS. So again, not at all sure how we got to alterations. I'm a bit lost as to how you got from me talking about how I'd figure out what length would work to suggesting that I should look at other brands...

  9. 50 minutes ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    The model for P10A-DS on acrnm.com is about your height, and he wears an M P30A-DS I think? 

    I have short legs for my height. My wife who’s 5’4” with long legs has an inseam measurement that’s not terribly far from mine at 6’2”. Most of my length is in my torso. 

    I think for me the way to decide is to measure where the pants would hit based on the outseam measurements and try to see which would get me in the right length range when the extra cuffs are added on. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Z-11 said:

    The rest of my acr pants are size M but p30a-ds is S.

    My height  5'11" (180cm) and weight  176 lbs (79kg)

    I usually wear pants on my hips, but I took photos with regular fit.

    These look absolutely fantastic here. So much better than in the Acronym product images! These, combined with some Insta images of E, make me think I may want to try these at some point. I wear an M in P10A-DS despite being 6'2" and am wondering if I would be okay with a Small in these. 

  11. 25 minutes ago, X.bee said:

    Shoulder measurements are from the neck seam to top of arm sleeve

    Its listed on their site under sizing.


    Makes perfect sense now, thank you. The measurements add up just right when I deduct the neck width. 

    Do you have an idea of how to parse the length measurement? The diagram looks like it starts well below where I’d expect it to. Lots of jackets measure from bottom of collar to bottom hem. This diagram isn’t totally clear where they’re starting. Any idea? And thanks again for help. 

  12. I’m looking for my first Acronym jacket. The size charts were really helpful for pants, but the measurements for jackets don’t seem to make sense when it comes to the shoulder measurements. As an example, I’m a Large in tee shirts, and my custom dress shirts have 18.5” shoulders across the yoke measured on an angle from shoulder points to center neck.

    The Acronym measurements are typically several inches shorter than that across multiple jackets. Am I missing something in how they measure? An XL jacket with 15” shoulders doesn’t seem like it’d fit anyone well who wears an XL otherwise so I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. Does anyone know how they measure shoulder width so I can translate my shirt/outerwear measurements to Acronym jackets better? Thanks!

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342