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    >flushing location only mfw
  2. bump again, dropping s24 price to 250usd. j81-ws size medium 700usd, send offers. also full pack, 9/10 cond.
  3. bumping this, lowering price to 700usd. send me offers. also offering s24-ds-b, full pack, size M. 9/10 condition, size tag peeling at the edges. 300usd.
  4. wts j81-ws size m, 9/10 condition, full pack. really beautiful and nice piece recently bought from avantsol but unfortunately doesn't fit my rick-heavy wardrobe rn. 800usd shipped in conus, intl ~75usd. or meet in nyc for local cash :)
  5. wts p27-ds, size m, full pack, 800usd 9/10 cond. located in nyc. local deal possible, +20usd for domestic shipping, i will quote you for intl.
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    this forum is like 25 oldheads and a tumbleweed and ur talking abt sharing specifics like ur distributing samizdat. idk the iykyk stuff with acr never made sense to me, secrecy abt clothing retail is not as important as u think.
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    i was under the impression that acr struck new contracts with stockists within the last couple of seasons. at least in nyc, acr is stocked by atelier, hotoveli, kith, hbx, and potentially dsm for aw24. i've heard from staff at different nyc stores that antithesis is a distributor, and has to adhere to stricter pricing structure. idk how true any of this is since i don't work in fashion retail. the split between retailer and mothersite items has become very clear in the past couple of seasons. big runs of popular pieces are made in china from crowd-pleaser materials (gt, dryskin, cotton). it also seems like there are far more web retailers carrying acr than 5 years ago. for these reasons, the amount of discounts and sales doesn't seem unsanctioned or sketchy; i'd be surprised to hear that the strategy right now is cutting off retailers for trying to sell all their "designated retailer" runs at a time when the label is obviously expanding. the ms exclusives and experimental items will carry forward the no-sale ethos while the mass-produced retail items can go on sale with other designer labels. maybe ppl know something i don't though. in which case, please share, don't be coy.
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    almost every synthetic fabric will advertise deodorizing properties. im looking at the copy for uniqlo airism rn and it claims to prevent odors. im sure plenty of us have owned airism and can attest to it being no more deodorizing than typical base layers. no polyamide/polyester fabric can be deodorized just from not wearing it; it's just fundamentally at odds with the molecular structure of these fabrics. you may not be able to smell your body odor on your clothing, but others can. please wash your clothing. edit, putting this back on topic, dryskin's beading surface is generally revived from a hot tumble dry too. i've also lived year-round in p25s and p10s and they bead much better after being in a hot dryer. the stress on the clothing is negligible if you're running delicate cycle, small loads, and using a no-residue detergent like Atsko + no dryer sheets or tennis balls. many of the fears about washing clothing are from ppl practicing bad washing habits: overloading machines, running on heavy duty cycles, using too much of scented detergents and too many additives. you cannot treat clothing like towels, and there are ways to machine wash that will actually increase the longevity of your clothing. if i seem autistically hyperfixated on this it's because i have to take the subway every day and the b.o feels like mustard gas.
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    dryskin is synthetic and will trap odors. it needs to be washed after every wear or every couple of wears. it holds up completely fine in washing machines. please wash your clothing.
  10. wts p25-ds size large, full pack these are the non-h ss17 version. 9/10 cond, pilling on the inside but no visible wear on the outside. 800usd for conus, add shipping for intl. probably 50-100usd. ups quotes are crazy. ideally we can meet in nyc and you can pay cash. sold
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