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  1. 1 hour ago, Orientalq said:

    looks like E is putting things on raffle/bid (aka only one for sale) again... I hope that's only for the Shin-chan signed J1A-GTKP and with the J1E for sale at limited stock. Would be lame if he just did a raffle for only two jackets...

    edit: looking at hbx's history its definitely a raffle... imagine dropping 100 (or however much, its def not gonna be $1) and getting nothing... I would rather donate directly and get tax writeoffs


    Imagine giving $100 to a good cause without expecting/ wanting anything in return. 

  2. 2 hours ago, xc-mtb said:


    Yep! Looks like a scavenger hunt. 

    Missing items RMT 0006, RMT 0007, RMT 0008

    Storage location Building 3
    Floor Sub 2
    Room 8

    Reminded me early on of the Cicada 3301 project but wasn't sure if it'd go that direction.

    I'm wondering given the state of things, if it will remain an online search or if we'll have to hunt irl.

    Either way, it's exciting and something to do.

  3. 19 minutes ago, schultheiscj said:

    Has anyone used the RGB or hex color values of the image with the different colors?

    I gave it a shot. Splitting the initial 4 codes i found into two color codes each nothing seemed too remarkable. 

    Also tried reorganizing the first letter of each generic color found from the codes to see if i could generate a word. So far nothing.

  4. Shout out to @Wklcarl for an amazing transaction. Super patient, great communication, and the absolute fastest shipping I have ever had from an ACR purchase. Shipped from HK to US in 24 hours. Highly recommend buying from them without hesitation. And of course the item was well packed and in excellent condition. Thanks again!



    3A-MZ2TS Laminate

    3A-MK2 Laminate

    3A-MK3 Laminate

    J72-DS Black M


    Any condition. The more beat the better.

  5. Would anyone with an NG4-AK say it's a suitable neck gaiter when not worn over the face? The pics seem to show a lack of structure, preventing it from staying tight around the neck.

    Been searching for an NG9-PS with no luck, and might settle.


    Thanks in advanced!

  6. 2 hours ago, TechwearEnthusiast said:

    Does anyone have any experience replacing the main crotch zipper on acronym pants? 

    The zip on my P10TS-DS broke and I need to get it fixed. Was given 2 choices by acronym, to send it back for repairs (but they said they were quite busy so it might take a long ass time) or they could send me the zip and get it fixed at a local tailor. 

    Is there something special about the construction of that area, that would make me rethink taking it to a local tailor? Or is it a simple enough process where it would be hard to fuck up? 

    If you intend on keeping the pants for yourself for an extended period of time, I would recommend sourcing a trusted local tailor. Have acr ship the zip or replace with another YKK or something accessible. Depending on how the zip is broken, it shouldn't be too difficult of a fix.

    If you send back to acr, you would know that the craftsmanship is up to factory standard. This is especially a good idea if you intend to resell, but who knows when you'll get them back.

    I typically buy with the intentions of keeping for as long as humanly possible, so I either repair myself or find a suitable tailor. Supporting local and also not flying a pair of pants across the planet is good for everyone.

    Best of luck!

  7. 1 minute ago, X.bee said:

    Isnt there still a full size run on mainsite?

    There is, but as silly as it may sound (especially with it being a new product) I try my best to only buy used clothing.

    The J1A-GT L was the first "new" clothing item I've bought in nearly a decade and to my luck it didn't fit.

    Was hoping to trade with someone iso a L but ended up selling it this morning.

  8. Got confirmation on my order this morning. I guess the "Order denied" email was just an automated message.
    Now awaiting tracking info.

    Dogspeed everyone.

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