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  1. @neck face thanks for explaining, I will let that sink.
  2. I am actually a little irritated by all the negative reps on my sales post, I made a price check and got that offer via dm. So I thought thats a fair starting point for my pricing, am I wrong with this? It would be super cool if you guys share a more detailed opinion. Yeah sure the Jacket is pretty worn and definitively not new, but with a good tailor it should be good again for years. x
  3. Wts j84-s medium full set, First hand It is in well worn condition with flaws as pictured. If you need any more pictures lmk. It got some fading, some small holes, ripped Velcro loops on the sleeves and a little parfume smell. Imo every flaw is fixable. It is overall well worn, I enjoyed the jacket very much. The huge side pockets made it perfect for a lot of occasions and very versatile on travelling and Daytrips. Worked great as a stand-alone in warmer and outer layer in colder conditions for me. I washed it regularly with nikwax techwash by hand. HO from my pricecheck is 1250$ so this is what I am looking for. I would prefer to sell it within Europe, I am located in Germany. International shipping is possible. Payment just via PP, G&S if the buyer takes the fees or F&F X edit: I still want to trade or sell the jacket. I am a little upset how my first try to sell this went. Sorry for the misleading communication, I didn’t want to put an unrealistic price on it. If anyone wants to give me an offer or an fair idea for pricing I would appreciate it. Trades are even more welcome. I am looking for: p41-ds, raf, large j1a-gtpl, ranger, large j56-_, any version, large The all in BIN is 1000€ to meet the guidelines SOLD
  4. Can I get an pricecheck on this well worn j84-s raf in medium please? Comes with the full set, I bought it on the mothersite. x update: This is not a Sales post, I actually just want to have an idea of what these are going for. If i decide to sell it I will state every flaw and make a sales post with a price.
  5. So no drop on the mothersite?
  6. Please share your opinion on this case. Just bought this online and agreed with the seller that he wraps it properly in foil to avoid scratches. He stated it flawless in his description, it showed up like in the photos and wasn’t wrapped in foil. Every mark on the can is a scratch. He even got really mad and said some nice words to me as I told him it’s his fault by not packing it properly. Not to mention he fucked up the first shipment so the order went back to his spot and I needed to send him another shipping label to resend it. Clearly a partial refund case isn’t it? thanks x
  7. the collar of the j101 looks quite nice, is it the similar as on the old j28-s one?
  8. there is a fetish for nearly everything...
  9. I just found this on Insta, was there a release for the v91-ws ?
  10. So as a few of you don’t like what price I got in mind for the item I own, what is the actual market value of these?
  11. @moneytalks Excuse my wording, I am trying to say that it’s not a rational pricing as I want to trade the item. x
  12. @Yan90 ok, totally missed this.
  13. Did i miss something with @GANGREEN167 ?
  14. Yeah it’s so uncool and clowny to just be nice.
  15. I would only sell it for a very emotionally loaded price of 1000€ as I want to keep it. I really want to trade it if possible. If it’s worth this kind of money to you… x
  16. Cashmere beanie Ace and tate tokio glasses acronym 3a-6ts, limonta snowpeak down vest 893 sociopath hoodie acronym hg1-pu acronym p-39m y3 makura, diy dyed
  17. @GANGREEN167 thanks for the positive vibes! It’s worth a try, I actually think XL would be nicer.
  18. WTT P10-S RAF Don’t really want to sell it, looking for trades in pants. Worn condition, a few spots on the legs. Overall still decent condition and lots of life left, hit me up for details. Looking for the same pant in XL, I would consider other pants which will fit me. X
  19. @MNB yeah sure, as said I like the fit. but what @Yan90 said about the length and the missing stacking is giving me to think. Compared to the shots at acronym he is 100% right. I just don’t want to look like an idiot who picked the wrong size. I will keep it for now and see if it will annoy me over time, but it’s pretty unlikely to find somebody who is willed to trade my L for an XL I guess.
  20. Thanks for your honest opinion, I will try rocking it and take some more pics with full fits. Right now I like it as it is but I will definitely think about sizing up. Plus I am running pretty heavily at the moment, so maybe it will fit differently in a few weeks. Let’s see.
  21. You sure? I actually think they fit perfectly… don’t make me unsure about it haha
  22. What is your opinion on the idea of layering the j91 vest under an j59-gt. The vest looks pretty long and wide… I am wearing an medium in the j59, it’s pretty roomy but fits tightly around the waist. I assume the pics of the vest showing it in medium? Should I just size down? x
  23. The pants just arrived, I am pretty pleased with the fit. I would highly appreciate if someone could send me a scan of the spec sheet! I want to keep my collection as complete as possible. thanks x
  24. Hey, can anyone of you guys send me a high resolution scan of the spec sheet for this p10-s, RAF, large please? I can shoot you some bucks via PayPal over for the inconvenience. just bought this and want to have the full pack feeling. tia x
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