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  1. @robbatussin low-key the real flex to wear acronym and taking no pics! I made a quick sketch of how I would imagine mine… Maybe I find someone who is able to realise this project, maybe I even try it by myself. Or I will get back to bagjack, but I think they can’t do the acronym references I would like to see on my bag.
  2. @nathan_ but it’s cool looking shit at the end Edit: thought you meant the bag, not the statement about the rerelease, my bad. I can’t remember that I was being told that.
  3. @robbatussin would you mind to post some pictures of it? I already checked out that model, I think with the TS upgrade it looked quite decent! There is a picture floating around of a black one with a red zipper, is that yours? What made it so uncomfortable for you? And how did you use it?
  4. Is the 3a-7ts even real? What’s the best place to get one and most importantly, will it come back soon? My shoulders are tired of the strictly left sided carry all the time. I was hoping since the release of the j87-ws for a new release. Feel free to share some nice shots of your acronym bagjackbagback if you got one! x
  5. @hiei i grabbed a pair off grailed. So no more searching. Good luck to you too!
  6. @hiei Ok, i went for the e version. I like that the material won’t lose its water repellent properties if it’s taken proper care of. In the warmer months i should be fine with that from what I heard and in colder months I just put some long thermal underwear underneath. I am also looking forward to get some DS pants later that year, the p41-ds in raf looks nice and I can see how the ds is kind of making more sense on a slimmer cut. Thanks to everyone who shared some info!
  7. WTS p10-s raf large Used https://postimg.cc/gallery/RKvGYGZ 600€++ — N/A, TRADED
  8. @hanzen1138 did you made the comparison video on yt? Your wording reads quite familiar, but thanks for backing up what I heard so far about the differences. I am tending to go with the e version as it’s more forgiving, I think it’s a more easy travel buddy.
  9. Would you guys recommend e or ds for the p30? How is it to wear the e Version around the year? I already read it’s more durable in case of waterproofness… I am not sure which version will be a better all year pants.
  10. @Inkinsurgent at it with the facts, it’s very cool to read that kind of stuff. Can we keep that kind of stuff going?
  11. I first tried to sell mine too, nobody wanted it so I took a little more care of it. Which lead to a bag I can really enjoy again. This will for sure hold another 5+ years, probably more. It’s really amazing to see how long the bag actually last, even after heavy usage, I’ve been carrying power tools, electronics, toys, paperwork, food and everything in between with it. It’s a really good bag. Nice to hear your had no problems with the zippers and also that you liked the look, I absolutely see fits where the colours blend in as they are. It’s just a matter of personal preference and style. The 5ts is also nice, I got the 6ts for trips and pick ups/ deliveries. By now I got another four really used bags in total, next I will ship a L1 3a1 and a limonta 3a-3ts to bagjack to get them fixed. The L1 is completely peeled and got a few holes, the limonta got the corner issue. This year I plan to get all my bags checked and repaired as the experience with the first bag was so good. You got some pictures of the state of your bag when you sold it?
  12. @moneytalks The zipper turned golden, the Pulltabs turned copperish. They didn’t work smooth anymore and tended to open when the bag was loaded heavily. A while back the pulltab also broke off the raccagni zipper, from my experience I can’t really understand why they are so sought after.
  13. @daniel 1800 something euros
  14. I just got my 3a-3ts back from Bagjack, they replaced the old RACCAGNI zipper which didn’t aged well imo. I already send it there a few years ago to get the corners reinforced which was also a pretty good upgrade since they tend to get holes over the time. It took about one week until it was back with me. Very good communication and service! Just wanted to share the result because I am pretty happy with the more subtile look it got and the experience with bagjack. This was also my first acronym piece I bought and it’s really nice to see how it is holding up and is kind of getting even better over time. I am kind of getting sentimental. before and after pics attached
  15. https://a.plus/collections/acronym/products/acronym-p23a-ds-pant-black-aplus medium anyone? X Edit: sold out
  16. WTB/WTT cooked j56-s large if you got one, let’s try to figure a deal out x
  17. @Yan90 thanks for the hint. XL just came in fits waaaaay better! x
  18. https://a.plus/collections/acronym A few items are on sale, maybe it’s something for someone in here. x
  19. @karakum my bad, I got things mixed up. You are right.
  20. @karakum yes it was in fw 21, along with an schwarzrot and black version. The correct color term was backer grey, but it’s basically ranger green.
  21. Does anyone have the 3a-11ts and could tell me if an 11" iPad Pro can safely be hold and used with it? thanks x
  22. Final price drop to 600€ ++ this is what I paid for my pair in XL x
  23. Edit: WTT for: p41-ds, raf, large  j1a-gtpl, ranger, large  j56-_, any version, large  Also for sale now. 700€ ++
  24. @moneytalks yo I made a pricecheck and got this offer, I am going to delete the post and keep the jacket. It would have been more helpful to just contribute your opinion on the PC instead of just givin negative reps. I wanted and still want to trade the p10 btw. x
  25. @neck face thanks for explaining, I will let that sink.
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