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  1. WTS 3a limonta bundle 3a-3ts, 3a-6ts Both used, both show patina. 3ts comes with an olive strap and needs a small fix on the inner corners and is showing more signs of wear with some small spots on the front. Mod not included. Both come only with the olive strap. hmu if you are interested. 1750€ SOLD
  2. Just missing a peeled L1 mk1 for this set, hmu if you got one.
  3. WTT 3a-msol1 10/10 fullset for pants L/XL RAF — GONE
  4. WTT/WTS 3a-2-cor ranger green 9.9/10 for cool mods, peeled L1, limonta wool tops M/L, s13-w olive L / 400€ — WTT/WTS j1a-gtpl black XL 6/10 looking for the same model in M/L ds raf pants in L/XL / 600€ x
  5. WTT/WTS j1a-gtpl xl used condition with flaws for another gtpl jacket in M or L j87-ws large hmu if you are interested Buy it via PP f&f 650€ shipped, nearly every location worldwide https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/j1a-gtpl-schwarz-xl-trade/2444870051-160-9441?utm_source=copyToPasteboard&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_medium=social&utm_content=app_ios
  6. Final Pricedrop to 850€
  7. Whaaat @Inkinsurgent that’s a pretty cool add on for these, I already thought something similar as the material looks like the same as the shoes. All I could find in the interwebz looks kinda cheap… If somebody got two flaps floating around, I will take them!
  8. Can anyone tell me what exact bootzippers these are? alternatives for 6" Nike sfb would also be cool. thanks
  9. Got pictures in hand, it’s straight legged and a tad longer.
  10. For all German heads/ ppl who check eBay Kleinanzeigen: Scam alert! All the pictures are from an eBay listing I bought. The price is also too good to be true.
  11. WTT My J28-k, medium, olive/sand Delam on collar and back, apart from that, very nice condition. No rips, no holes. For Your J56-s, medium/ large — P38-e/ds, Medium/ Large, preferably ds raf Wanted size depends on fit, in am not sure about this. — Any other j28 in medium/ large. Thanks X ———— NA, found some kind of trade. thanks
  12. This delam is a common issue on the j28k right?
  13. Also regarding this jacket, did any of you people have experience with washing and reproofing it? First of all, are there any recommendations for spot cleaners? As it’s a delicate material and also dyed in a special treatment I am a little afraid of Color migration while using any solvents for spotcleaning. My plan is to spotclean with and non alcolic and not too harsh cleaner, work that in carefully with soft brush and rinse the spot before washing it with nikwax techwash via hand, double rinse and then put it in a bath with nikwax tx direct wash in regarding the instructions from that product. After it dried hanging I would iron it with steam setting and a towel between the iron and the jacket. I am not sure if the wash in dwr will be the right choice for this material? Any help appreciated. x
  14. Yooo, what the styling do?!
  15. @Way thanks. I am Kind of waiting for a bad surprise, i just hope i was lucky on this one. Lets see how it shows up…
  16. Anyone in here who can get me a high res scan of the spec sheet for the j28-k? thanks
  17. STEAL ——— Wts j68-gt, schwarzgrün, large Wtt for j56-gt in large/ medium Worn a handfull times, flawless condition, full pack 700€ located in DE ++
  18. https://a.plus/collections/acronym A few pieces are discounted over there.
  19. WTS J59-gt medium_ 750€ https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/acronym-j59-gt-bomberjacket-gore-tex-black-medium/2377452589-160-9441?utm_source=copyToPasteboard&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_medium=social&utm_content=app_ios
  20. @Codz everything looks fine to me, the pieces should be legit.
  21. I tried it on, normally I wear m for fitted looks und large for layering or loose looks. Imo medium fitted massive and really long on me. S or even XS would have been right for me. Overall it’s a really nice piece with many super handy features, maybe I will pick one up when I can grab a good deal.
  22. @mike.kanashi thanks! That’s what I already did to my stotz pieces. What do you use for spot cleaning? I just took some tech wash and a soft brush and lightly work it in before washing, it seems like light stains from normal wear will come off. After my first wash the pants got some small white stains in some spots, I am not sure if this is just a part of the fading or if the water was maybe too warm and the dwr kind of collected in this spots. Have you ever redyed it and can recommend a product for that? I can Imagine that the dye won’t penetrate the material enough and it will look horribly patchy and the dwr will just get destroyed by the dye/ the fixation salt.
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