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  1. This Is not about insecurity, it about losing interest. I really enjoy to keep myself informed about drops and upcoming stuff in general. This would not make sense if everything is available at any time. As you said the cool pieces still selling out pretty fast, so yeah. Thanks for the input.
  2. @futurecowboy2099 so what kind of changes would you like to see? You think cutting off all retailers would help? This would lead to ms exclusive and no sales at all. I don’t see them moving the main production back to Europe, for some special ms exclusive pieces, most likely.
  3. @bboysparrow from the order quantities for the preorders it’s actually kinda promising in terms of availability for some pieces, this might help with the over supply. I can’t tell how much retailers will actually keep acronym in their lineup, hopefully the number will decrease so we don’t see this massive range of products for 30%+ on sale, this alone takes all the exclusivity from the stuff imo. But yeah, let’s see what’s actually happening in the upcoming two seasons. I am personally pretty hyped tbh.
  4. I am really looking forward to the upcoming changes of their selling strategies.
  5. @leg imagine spending that much on this piece just to see this on sale right now…
  6. With the code twg23 you can get 30% the whole acronym stuff on here until end of the month. https://a.plus/collections/acronym
  7. I am actually sticking to small phones and use mine for my secrid card protector at times.
  8. WTB p10a-s XL hmu with offers
  9. WTS p10-s ss18 XL black signs of wear, usual fading 650€ SOLD
  10. @jzhu61 seems like the soles have been replaced on these, I am sure they originally came with a solid black rubber sole.
  11. @Chyyy thanks, i already ckecked these upfront, I am not sure if I need to pick L or M. Lengthwise M would be better imo, with my 97cm chest circumference I am not sure if M would actually fit nice.
  12. Does anyone of you guys got a V5S-S or other acronym vest? I am not sure about the sizing. Any help is appreciated!
  13. I received a la5-mp a while back with a hole that I did not know about before trading it. I tried to find someone who can fix it, seemingly the best option was to cover it with some art embroidery, I was thinking about the acr shuriken logo in a matching thread Color. I decided to undo the trade, so this idea wasn’t realised, for me it seemed like the best option for the issue.
  14. For me it’s just cool and interesting to understand, I would like to be someone who knows, therefor I am asking.
  15. The j1w-e is such a boss piece imo. I am not sure about the ws on the j36 but it will be a really cool piece too with the upgrades.
  16. Anyone got valid data for the production numbers for the ss24 release?
  17. WTS p30a-e, black, large fullset, worn in very good condition SOLD
  18. vans slip on vans authentic vibae preto asisc x the soloist gel quantum 360 Nike flyknit racer In general I would say slimmer lowtop silhouettes are best, but I really like the asics I mentioned with the cuffs unzipped
  19. Anyone got a mz2ts like this for sale? Condition doesn’t matter to me.
  20. @AvantSol i just washed a ds piece for the first time and I will go with ironing with a towel between if necessary after line drying. I think tumble dryer would work too but it’s stated on the Tag to not do it. I think this might be unnecessary stress and excessive moving for the garment, so why do it except of being to lazy to iron it if the dwr isn’t working like it should?
  21. To the dry skin topic, why is it marked on the tags that you should not tumble them when it’s actually reactivating the dwr and will do no harm to the garments at all?
  22. What do you think about a 3ts with the three point strap system?
  23. WTB Looking for a steal. s26-pr coyote medium Edit: found one
  24. WTS 3a limonta bundle 3a-3ts, 3a-6ts Both used, both show patina. 3ts comes with an olive strap and needs a small fix on the inner corners and is showing more signs of wear with some small spots on the front. Mod not included. Both come only with the olive strap. hmu if you are interested. 1750€ SOLD
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