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  1. Dm me about p44 raf
  2. Also WTS Open to offers, for the sake of BIN 400€ If you are new to acronym and this would be your first piece, hmu for a special price. X ON HOLD
  3. Yeah, the details are pretty nice on the ms exclusive and will definitely change the all over look a lot. I am curios if the main material will be the exact same on both versions.
  4. @mariahscarry i picked this up like three months ago, here are my thoughts so far. This is my first ws piece and it works great for me, I hope it will also do so when it gets colder and more rainy. I am not sure how it will hold up in the long run as its seems to be very delicate and thin. Also I have no experience with delamination on ws. I used it with a 3a-5ts which worked nice, all smaller bags are no problem. I just ordered a morph backpack from bagjack, I think this will also work great with the jacket. Mounting the sling on the front is not necessary if you don’t use a fully loaded big bag. The hood design is super Ninja and depending on how far you zip the jacket you can get different levels of protection. Fully zipped up and with the elastic bands adjusted you are definitely storm proof. The brim offers nice protection for my glasses too. I did not put the chest pocket to heavy use but the smaller outside pocket is cool to just put your phone in on the go to keep the hands free, the inner layout is practical. So yeah, overall I really like this jacket and It never failed me so far or was too much. I am looking forward to wear it with a j117 underneath. Hope this helps.
  5. And did you guys peek the gray p38?
  6. Anyone knows if the HL on the retailer j117 will be same as the EX version shown on Insta?
  7. Imagine wearing that zipper sling ontop of the HL liner jacket, I don’t know but it doesn’t sound like a good idea.
  8. Yeah you are right, the execution is very poorly done, I see these more like a mock-up. If these will perform I may invest some more time and will try to get this idea executed more professionally. But most importantly it was fun to make, thanks for all the input, I will keep that in mind.
  9. It was not my intention to create something super unique, I actually wanted the ghille look but more visible as on the blazers, which was the initial idea for them if I got this right. This is just playing around with some old vans, nothing more nothing less.
  10. Yeah, I just slapped these on to see how it will change the silhouette and if the ghille effect is nice. I will try to find someone with a cnc cutting tool to get more shurikens cutted and will rethink the placement and mount for a more Organized look. Also I am thinking of adding more so the whole top part is covered and maybe a few ones to the heel.
  11. What do you think about these trashed summer vans I upgraded with some leather shurikens? I used some white leather leftovers to make this ghille pattern inspired by the OG Nike x acronym blazer concept. I really liked the original idea, unfortunately for some reasons they completely changed the pattern on the Nike collab, I assume for durability and production reasons.
  12. There might be a very specific point while biking where this comes handy, but most times i assume this feature will be used to flex on people. Putting it back on won’t be that cool…
  13. @daniel yeah me too, I am looking forward to see the shells and the hooded liner in person. The drop will probably be by end of the month right ?
  14. @Davidwyh1998 that’s pretty cool, hopefully it can hold one 3a-mz5… you got any pics?
  15. Yeah I know it’s this jacket, where will the ts be? Under the 3m flap on the back? It seems like there are no front pockets with internal ts webbing.
  16. Just check a few sites back in this thread, you will find the answer.
  17. There will be a ts jacket in this season too, anyone got some Info on the ts placement for this?
  18. WTT p17-s black, M sample piece? without tags I recently picked this up from one of the acronym team members, unfortunately m is not my size in these. Very nice condition with small signs of wear. Fading hasn’t really started. I am looking for other cool pieces in L/XL in pants and M/L in Tops, just offer up, maybe we find a cool deal. My want list: 3a-5tsr 3a-9ts 3a-mz3/5 silver Any L1 mods, peeled j56-s/gt M/L j33-e L j99-ws backer gray M j61-gtv/gt black M/L j103-gtv black L la6k-ds L la6b-ad M v5-px M/L v5-s M/L T6 white, L Any oldschool T-shirts in L p32-s L/XL p38-ds raf L/XL p41-ds schwarzrot L Stotz pieces in general except p10’s, preferably raf green located in Germany thanks for looking GONE
  19. @Xu Jianfeng yes, you are absolutely right! Especially the OG flyknit racers with the OG pattern and the thin laces. I am still trying to get some Nike free 3.0 in a decent colorway. These are p39-m btw, works also really nice with racers imo.
  20. Same happened to me, so here are my steps and the results. I have a pack of rit synthetic dye chocolate brown mixed with graphite and filled with a little water, so that the pants relaxed floating in the pot, probably it was 1-2l water. This is now the result of just under 50 degrees, 1.5 hours and mixing with hands every 10min. Washed out in the sink, then in the washing machine, double rinsed and dried in the dryer. Actually the Color is matching perfectly with the olive shade on the volt flyknit racers. After wearing it over the summer regularly with a few washes I would say the Color is holding up pretty well but it’s getting a little lighter. Hope this helps.
  21. I already asked this before and did get no answer, in general you can dye stotz as it’s cotton. I am not sure how the material will perform after that, also you need to keep in mind it’s sensitive to heat, which most dying processes require in any way. That’s why I decided to not do it and embrace the fading, I got used to the look and really like it. Also I am pretty sure the Threads won’t take the Color, this shouldn’t be a problem if you just redye. I recently dyed some gray p39-m, this worked for me, for those who are interested I can share the process.
  22. Sharing and exchanging is not for everyone, I am very happy that a few people in here are helpful and interested in sharing what they got, knowledge, some spec sheet scans, nice deals or just some nice words. Yeah it’s cool to be rude online, it’s just not for me.
  23. I think you got me wrong, I am Interested in the whole marketing and retail stuff behind the brand. I personally enjoy picking up p10s for 30% off for example. This was just about getting informed and share opinions, I don’t know why you guys are getting so salty tbh.
  24. Final Pricedrop, somebody has to buy this, the funds will directly go to another cool piece I would like to get. thanks for looking SOLD
  25. My favourite thing about acronym is chilling in this forum.
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