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  1. d4n137

    F/s Zoopreme Board!

    Attn: Ambassador of Collectors Pieces, I know skateboard decks aren't as cool as your stamp collection but it's still pretty sweet. http://mark-bedford.blogspot.com/2009/04/possibly-best-individual-supreme-deck.html I love the Internet, you could literately find just about anything. Even Joshua James Barry, this guy.
  2. d4n137

    F/s Zoopreme Board!

    Anyone who had the opportunity to buy this deck and passed lost $450 profit. Damn near impossible to find this deck currently under $800. https://www.grailed.com/listings/414278-supreme-x-zoo-york-zoopreme-deck Don't forget your lunch, cause I'm taking you to school. In business, there's a term called supply and demand. When the supply is only 100 decks made and there exists millions of collectors, resellers, and hypebeasts the demand increases. I get you wouldn't buy this deck due to lack of knowledge. But the fact remains this deck went way up in value and continues to be purchased and sold throughout the world. Welcome to 2018, we're cooking. Joke is on you home boy. Joining the hater bandwagon didn't put any extra money in your wallet Capital One. Bruh, of all the skateboard decks out there you're concerned about the size of this one. Skate $50 decks, not +$350 decks.