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  1. Maio

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hi guys! I'm new to Sugar Cane and looking to pick up my first pair of jeans. I'm looking for a fit with a normal to high rise, I prefer a non-slim fit but I would like a slight taper from the knee down. For example, I really like the 505 jeans from TCB if anyone is familiar with that model. I'm current looking at the SC 1966 jeans, is there any other model I should look at too? Thanks a lot, really appreciate the help!
  2. Maio


    Yeah, at least the jeans fit well otherwise
  3. Maio


    I washed my new 20s in the machine yesterday and wanted to get more shrinkage so I threw them in the dryer. This is what the leather patch looked like after
  4. Maio


    Would love to see some pics of how they fit
  5. Maio


    Did a 40 wash with spin cycle, it came out great. Fit is perfect!! Thanks a lot for your help with sizing and wash guides. Really appreciate it! Tack igen @Bobbo
  6. Maio


    Thanks Bobbo. Even for the first wash?
  7. Maio


    Haha ok I'll do that. How should I wash it? 40 degrees, no spin cycle and no detergent?
  8. Maio


    Got my 50s jacket today, did one warm soak for about an hour. https://imgur.com/a/Dzxv3bx This is what the jacket looks like now. I was just wondering, should I wash it in the machine right away or should I wait? I'm happy with how it fits now and I'm a bit worried it might get too tight around the waist if I wash it. On the other hand, when I do need to wash it in the future I'm a bit worried that it might shrink then. What do you guys think?
  9. Maio


    My 50s jacket was finally shipped today from Denimio, took them over 10 days to ship my order. I hope that a 46 raw is gonna fit me well and looking forward to trying it on! Will update with fitpics as soon as I get it
  10. Maio


    Wait, so TCB has been sold to Fullcount?! Whaaaat, why what happened??
  11. Maio


    @Henkka Thank you so much for taking the time! After seeing those pics I'm sure a size 46 raw would be perfect for me The jacket looks great on you and I can't wait to get one of my one!