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  1. 10 hours ago, robbatussin said:

    I believe specialists are assigned based on first letter of your last name. Can someone confirm this to potentially save this poor woman from being bombarded?

    totally forgot about that, I just know I have page 544 book marked 

  2. 19 hours ago, rmc said:

    First time ordering from ACR. Have you guys had to contact/email UPS to fix the marked tax codes by ACR or are they pretty accurate? 

    the bottom of page 544 has some base line info on this, search HTS Codes, it can make a huge difference or at least has in the past. This is the point of contact I've used in the past for East Coast USA.

    EDIT: see link to page 544 for POC for you name in the states


    HTS PDF download

    Should have some info, or just search HTS Classifications online


  3. 17 hours ago, nodre said:


    As someone who grew up working at Pogo, it is so wild and wack that Revive carries Acr, I still cannot get my head around it in the slightest

  4. 9 hours ago, AvantSol said:

    you lose the ability to use the tighter wrist snaps on the 58 if you pan on integrating it.

    P.s. can't use interops when aux is in use. I know, devastating.

    Ok, but teeeechnically you can still tighten the wrist as I've done this in sub freezing temps to keep the heat in. 

    And same goes for the interops, it's idiotic to do it, but you can still use it should you be wearing a 3a as just a tumorous growth from you jacket that you take off with the jacket all at once, you just have to thread it through and likely do some abrading while wearing...:wacko2:

    Neither of these are the right thing, but they are possible lol

  5. Does anyone know if(and which) stockists will carry the RAF J68-PL? I haven’t seen it previewed by any shops yet personally, so just curious if it’s a mothership fight. Need to sell some things, but a RAF jacket is on the bucket list for me

  6. Hanon seems to no longer charge VAT for out of UK purchases so effectively 20% off for american consumers, just a heads up as this is news to me after Montrose was the cheapest distributor for a while, but seems to have stopped carrying acr over the weekend?

  7. 4 hours ago, NCiao said:

    Anyone know if Cashllama silk and Cashllama wool shrink?  Googling seems to suggest it doesn’t, which I’m skeptical of.

    I'd hand wash and hang dry so that if there was any shrink the weight should pull it true again, or fork up for dry cleaning, thankfully silk and wool are pretty antimicrobial materials so they shouldn't build up body oder too quickly?(speculation on my part)

  8. but also that it's color and text alone that are increasing the price quite substantively from the last drop, even just swapping to the uncoated zippers or something to give it breathing room as a separate thing, I want a concept 

  9. Kinda feels like an incomplete package? I know there are a lot of legal barriers to cross branding etc, but if it had been a kit with some of the merch photographed, say it came in the pelican case, had the walkman, shirt, hat, BB and all the fixins it would feel more complete conceptually?

    That all being said the colors fit into the greater dialogue of mountaineering gear so it will certainly be a grail piece with time

  10. For some reason I felt like tomorrow was posted on Friday and then reposted 5 hours ago so I'd assume Monday, but I have no idea nor concept of time after almost 2 months inside

  11. I have to be honest I'm not sure I'm into it, seems as though the chest pocket would have less room by getting rid of the fold? Maybe there's some greater interfacing to it, but I've never wanted my phone on my chest either so maybe this is my own hang up. 

    Interesting to see the update to gravity pockets, but A] will it be less comfortable by adding that bulk of seams where you rest your arm down? B] has there been an update to the pocket exit, because that's what i've wanted updated for year having had felony knives and other stupid shit slide out at the worst imaginable times.

    Will be interesting to see the full set of promotional images, would be into a bi color black and white, but I don't know if any of these formal updates are doing much for me from the vague influencer pics.

  12. for a first go on all these garments i’m pretty excited. still need to make adjustments might add some pockets etc... obviously heavily referenced from acrnm, but it’s a start for my quarantine hobbies 




  13. 7 hours ago, BRICK DOM said:

    Acronym ain’t denims though homie you gotta wash regularly

    Ok actual question tho, how often do y’all wash things? I was a denim guy for years so for instance my Momotaros got their first wash this winter after ~120 wears or so? 

    With acr I find I wash pretty infrequently, Stotz I’d estimate 10 wears before I wash again, I’m not sure. When I do fabrication work in them I’ll usually do a week of wears and get them covered in abrasives and shit I just can’t wear them at home or to a friends as they’re gnar. But my J36-S has never been washed from last year’s drop.

    Honestly DS is probably the same, I’ve never pondered this before so I don’t truly keep track, just gut check if it needs a wash? But I’ve never truly washed a GT, I’m sorry :|

  14. Any speculation for the C1-AM and the like? I’d guess another 2 weeks before another drop if it didn’t appear today...

    Hope everyones gratuitous retail therapy has gone well~

  15. quarantined in new york so i made these pants over the weekend. will post more details soon, finish is pretty sloppy imo, but a fun opportunity to try out some dryskin. i was really into the new p35-ds trousers, but was reluctant to buy anything so this is the result, no idea what the pattern is like but these aim for a similar cut


  16. 5 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    Any thoughts on the shakedry hood on the J36-S or the new J27-GT? Is it comfortable and does it hold up well against rain?

    Can only speak to the J36-S, but the water resistance baffles me, worn through the past spring in nyc, and a bit this season so far and aside from a slight dampness after walking in central park for an hour in downpour, it’s been really good. I will say that as a person with a longer nose/face i get a little rain on face with the hood, but otherwise love it. Also it packs nicely and the outer face is good on skin imo.

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