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  1. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy the jeans and used a seam ripper to remove the ultrasuede arcs. To my surprise the original arcs are sewed on under the suede arcs. So I'll be rocking my 3002s with the original arcs now. :D

    Photo with the arcs removed (I can't upload images here for some reason so I used imgur):



  2. Hi all, I'm currently in Japan and am thinking of picking up a pair of 3002. But I don't really like the new ultrasuede arcs. 

    Justcurious if anyone has any experience removing the new arcs? They seem to be held down partially by the same stitching that holds the back pockets down.

    If not does anyone have any fade pictures with the new arcs? Curious how they look with a faded pair. 

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