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  1. 13 hours ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

    Ha dang you can go to a store to try things on though - I guess not contest jeans. Repro cut jeans work well with all kinds of non heritagey accessories though. While I love denim I'm with you that thinking of jeans as an achievement of sorts has always been a little lost on me. Aesthetically pleasing fades are a thing that happens with living life, but just like my grey hairs or my slowly deteriorating ankle cartilage - I don't consider these things accomplishments (even if the ankles are the result of very enjoyable and hard years on a skateboard). I find it interesting to see the lives people lead only united by an affinity for indigo dyed twill fabric. It's absurd on it's face but fun nonetheless. That said, trying to truly rationalize little passions or hobbies like this will usually lead to a similar place, which is why acceptance is the only way. 

    Yeah, you're not wrong. I guess maybe it's more accurate to say I'm going to fade what I've got? I have other pairs that fit way better. And on further reflection, all I ever wanted was a good pair of jeans.

  2. I am somewhat sad to say that not only have I not worn my TCBs in months, but they are probably the last pair of raws I will ever buy. The poor fit made me reflect on what exactly I was trying to accomplish besides spending money and I couldn't come up with anything... I expect this wasn't what TCB was hoping to accomplish but I'm just not cut out to be a heritage bro or whatever. It's too much work! And you guys all do it better anyway. I'll still check on the contest progress every now and then as I still respect the process and appreciate the passion. 

  3. 4 hours ago, oomslokop said:

    looks like fran lebowitz wears selvedge jeans in pretend it's a city, but haven't been able to work out which brand. in the on-stage interview scenes you can see pretty good roping and marbly texture of the denim. anyone hazards a guess? or knows what she's actually wearing? cool loose cut too, unhemmed with massive cuffs. 

    Have not watched this yet, but I remember reading somewhere that she used to only wear 501s. Not sure about now though.

  4. On 12/18/2020 at 3:05 PM, Double 0 Soul said:

    Anyone got them super-decorated Chrismas houses in their hood? Americans, i'm looking at you :D

    The town I live in made like an official thing, to light up the town to show support for... whatever. So it was pretty unprecedented this year. However, a lot of it was slovenly... like using the light string as an extension cord so you have lights on the ground, and then up into the tree, etc. And I saw a ton of my least favorite decoration, the large plastic Homer Simpson (don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the Simpsons, just not as Xmas decorations).

  5. @Chris T I would say my go tos are still plain old 501s. And not necessarily STF either. After a bit of wear they just become perfect for me.


    I'm not entirely feeling the TCB cut either. Not that the jeans are bad or anything like that, but I don't quite get how they can feel tight in the waist and simultaneously have a 1/2 inch to spare and fall down without a belt. I'm still battling through in hopes they will eventually get more comfortable but at this point my hopes are dimming that they will ever be my favorite pair.

  6. Thanks guys! I have some stuff that might be OK for Grailed but I doubt a pair of Wranglers that cost $20 new would go over well on there. I'm mainly focused on Ebay because I have a pretty well-established account. But at the same time the last time I tried to sell clothes I got $8 for a pair of Naked & Famous that were only worn a few times. So I'm not sure that kind of thing would be worth it either. I'll probably donate the cheap stuff and figure out something else with the others.

  7. @chicote I always assumed those people were manually fading them somehow, like with sandpaper or something. I've never had a pair that faded on the thighs more than anywhere else. Knees and ass, yes. But not thighs.


    @mlwdp I'm 5'9" and I do want to hem everything also, however the hemming has been a bit of a challenge. I had a couple of pairs that ended up too short after washing, and then a couple of pairs that ended up too long when I tried to adjust. So now I am waiting until they are well and truly broken in to decide if I'm going to/need to hem.

  8. I have a couple of these LL Bean "two-layer river driver's" shirts. They are merino/cotton/nylon and made in Canada by a company called Stanfield's. They are pretty warm, if a little thick. I have a henley and a crew, which they don't seem to carry any more, and I prefer the henley (the crew is almost like a mock turtleneck).


  9. This is a little over the top, and merging an iPhone picture with one from a DSLR isn't ideal, but otherwise my moon shots from last night are just the moon on a black background. This is very much not a single shot and the moon is never this big in real life.


  10. Was out in the dark this morning. We are having a full moon on Halloween and I caught it just as it was going down. Will probably get out my good camera tonight and tomorrow morning to see if I can come up with anything besides a bright ball (I don't have a phone camera app so no way to do manual settings on there).



  11. @SuperJackle Yes, they have a nose wire, and the ear loops come with a little adjuster to make them fit better. (they are elastic also, so this may mitigate stretch).

    Hope you guys like them! I mean as much as you can like a mask, anyway.

  12. Mine are not "heritage" but I do have one from Etsy that's chambray. My favorite, though, is from Outdoor Research, it's easy to breath through and came with some extra filters. I also got some "PM2.5" filters from Amazon, although I have a feeling that the coffee filter I was using before is just as effective. However, I need those for coffee! I have one without a wire, but I definitely prefer the nose wire. Otherwise my glasses fog up. I need to find one with head ties and a nose wire for extended use, the elastic ear loops work fine but they get annoying.

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