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  1. 3 hours ago, louisbosco said:

    does anyone have the baker PT olive? not sure if this is new but i'm wondering how the sizing are with their S,M and L format..

    I'd like to know as well. My waist is 33, so I'd have to go with XXL according to size their chart? That doesn't sound right.

  2. I like the idea of a shop coat, but I don't like the exposed metal buttons. It would scratch the paint and finish of everything you're working on. But I guess it's more for fashion anyway.

  3. 1 hour ago, i_denim said:

    What is "Deadstock"? So it's possible to buy un-used vintage Levi's? If that's what it means.

    Deadstock means unworn vintage jeans with original tags attached. You can still find them if you are lucky, but most of the time it will be really expensive, especially for sought-after jeans like the 47 or 66 models. Check Japanese vintage stores like BerBerJin or Marvin's. They have a pretty large selection.

  4. On 28.2.2018 at 12:27 AM, nycsurfer530 said:

    @Outdoorsman did you size similarly to other Japanese brands?

    Yes, I'm a size 40 in most of my shirts. My chest measures roughly 39 in. If you didn't size up, you're good :-)

  5. 15 hours ago, nycsurfer530 said:

    just bought the chambray triple stitch workshirt off warehouse's website! I'll post picks once it arrives. I picked warehouse over burgus plus mostly because of my longer arms. 

    The workshirts are awesome! I have the chambray version too and it's the only shirt from a Japanese brand that is long enough in sleeve length to fit me. I will probably buy the denim workshirt too because I love the fit so much.

  6. 44 minutes ago, Sensuki said:

    The hardness of water will drastically affect how stiff something is when it comes out of a soak or wash. Here in my current city the water is hard. We have filters on the sink tap for drinking and most new homes probably install a water softening unit for the house.

    Stuff comes out of the wash stiff as a board, even knit t-shirts unless I spin dry it, and/or or use a softening agent in the wash/soak.

    I can't wait to move to a city with soft water again, I hate hard water for washing!

    Makes perfect sense. I live in a place with lots of mineral deposits (chalk) in the water and denim turns out like it was starched after a line dry

  7. For raw unsanforized denim, one initial hot soak (as hot as my faucet can do) followed by a 30-40 degree Celsius wash in the maschine. After that, I wash my jeans pretty much the same way I wash other my clothing: machine washing at 30-40 deg Cels and line dry if the weather allows it. Denim always turns out crispy after a line dry, but machine drying makes them really soft (a little too soft for my liking, hence I prefer line drying)

  8. I'm in the same boat. Lanky and on the tall side. Most Japanese brands don't fit my frame, but there are a few exceptions: Warehouse's chambray shirts have really long sleeves in smaller sizes and the my Lot 700 (unfortunately I sized too small) had good proportions too. Porky's 66 jeans fits me really well, despite a lower rise. My absolute favorite for high-rise jeans so far: LVC 1947

    I forgot: The Rite Stuff is on my radar too

  9. @erk no insights unfortunately, but I doubt we'll ever see anything Lee-branded from them again. Maybe the royalties were too high and they'd rather have the freedom to do their own thing? I don't really know and since WH transitioned to shorter inseams, I'm out of the game anyways.

  10. I've ordered from Warehouse before and I had a very good experience. The original poster didn't say they refused to take it back. Rather, he didn't want to pay for shipping it back to Japan (at his expense) and they offered him a discount on this pair instead. That's pretty obliging if you ask me!

  11. To add to the confusion, the Sugar Cane 1947 jeans has three variations: the classic 1947 and the Type 2 and Type 3. The classic is high rise, but full leg. Type 2 is slim-straight and Type 3 is slim-tapered, but with a mid-rise. I have the Type 3 myself and I like it a lot

  12. 1 hour ago, volvo240thebest said:

    ^^ yeah I guess the back rise of the 60s it's not for everybody. Works fine for me but I can see with some body frames it's just too short. I'd say the cut would be more appreciated (at least outside of Japan) with a bit more front and rear rise, and a bit more taper.


    I love TCB's authentic fabrics and construction, but I feel that some of their cuts needed a bit of tweaking if they really wanted to take off in western markets. My 60s jacket is great but I can't understand why they had to make the armholes so tight. It prevents me from layering more than a t-shirt or a chambray shirt, and it's not very accurate in terms of repro.

  13. 51 minutes ago, swiss-jeansfreak said:

    Yeah I know and you got me ha ha, I was just too fast answering your post with those hardest core faded jeans.

    If my jeans ever achieve this level of grail-status, I'll surely send them your way, Ruedi :-)

  14. 30 minutes ago, Paul T said:

    That's so hard to say. I talked thru the range with a Japan LVC designer around 2001, towards the end of the time they did a lot of separate items, and a good many of them were made with Cone - but not all. A lot depends on when it was made, too, as earlier on I think they commissioned more from Kaihara. On balance I'd say it's more likely to be Cone than not. Is there anything else on the back of the tag?

    Thank you for all the great information, Paul

    I totally missed that there was something written on the back too!20180111_162459.thumb.jpg.7f70291d2f016421bfe0da99a6a1d5a6.jpg

  15. Just got this in today. Am I correct this is a Japanese LVC repro from the 90s? Anyone know what denim is used? weight? which mill it came from (Cone or Japanese)?

    Construction, sewing, and denim are really awesome. Denim feels "dry" and irregular and is a lighter shade of blue. Leather patch. Buttons and hardware feels more substantial than my LVC 1947 jeans. Has a copper cinch-back buckle. Overall really nice jacket and in mint condition too for its age. It fits me great in terms of shoulder and chest width. A little short in body and sleeve length, so I'll have to pair it with jeans of a proper rise.


  16. @mlwdp I found that History Preservation's measurements are pretty accurate and consistent with how we measure stuff here. My experience with Rakuten measurements is that they sometimes mix measurements for different sizes up or different shops employ different measuring standards.

  17. BR N1 Deck Jacket XL

    Selling my N1 Deck Jacket in size XL.

    Wore it for one season. Very little wear, no rips or tears. Alpaca lining in perfect shape

    Ships from Austria, Europe. Parcel is tracked and insured

    Price: 275 EUR international or 265 within EU

    Any questions? feel free to ask

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  18. yeah, not a bad thing at all. It's not like the brands collide. Different esthetics and brand philosophy. And prices would be a lot higher too if he was only producing in small batches.

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