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  1. Hey. Quick question... I own a pair Indigo Selvedge Twill Chinos and am wondering how much shrink I should expect in the wash? Should I just do a cold soak or is it cool to throw them in the washing machine and the dryer afterward?


  2. Also, it's worth mentioning that the watch community has a great online discussion presence, just like us denimheads. Two good boards to start with are WatchUSeek and Broadarrow.net. And over time, I've bought and sold a handful of watches from members on there. Check out WatchRecon.com - it's a search engine that aggregates all the watch message boards. A Hamilton Kahki Field can usually be found on there for around $200. 

  3. So I own both the SKX 173 above and the Hamilton Khaki Field mechanical. I've also previously owned the Khaki automatic, but prefer the mechanical b/c it isn't polished and its dial is even less busy. I think both are really great. The mechanical I enjoy winding every day and wear when I wanna change it up from my vintage Patek (which really, came down to me as a true accident and the benefit of my mother's wise thinking 20 years ago). And yeah, I think it's way better than a Seiko 5. I've also owned the S5 fleiger in the past and while the lume on that is awesome, it's still a little clunky on the wrist. As for the SKX 173... Can't say enough nice things about it. I put it on and don't worry--ride my bike, sit in the sauna, take it to the beach, and all the while it keeps decent time. If it ever shits the bed, I just hope that a replacement is still affordable. 


  4. Hey, by chance, does anyone have a pair of 78s (not 76), tagged 30 or 31 in the waist, that they wouldn't mind getting rid of? Been looking around on ebay/grailed, but they never come up. I remember most people didn't like them, but I think the cut would be perfect for me. 


  5. Volvo... I'd say just go ahead and shell out for a Stowa, b/c if you're anything like me (or the rest of us), you're gonna get it, love it, do more research, and then wish you went with Stowa or Sinn or something like that in the first place. Also, I'd recommend buying a new and not a vintage one. With vintage, you really have to get serious about the maintenance, which involves looking for a good watch maker, shelling out extra cash fairly regularly, and always being worried about your watch when you wash your hands. While I posted my Patek earlier, most of the time I wear my Seiko SKX 173 and don't think twice about water, dirt, ocean, bike riding, or anything else I get up to in the course of a day. Take it from me... Women tend to look quite unenthused when you have to pause the proceedings to safely take off your watch. 

  6. TCB 60s size 34

    Bought these about a month ago, but they just don't work for me. They were one wash, so all the shrinkage should be out. Had them hemmed to a 32" inseam at Self Edge in NYC. Worn 6-7 times in total. 
    Let me know if you have any questions. 
    WAIST (BIG): 17
    FRONT RISE: 10.75
    THIGH: 12.5
    INSEAM: 32
    HEM: 9

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  7. Hey guys... So I've decided to let my TCB 60s go. Recently got a pair of the LVC 76 and I like the fit of those much better. For me, it came down to the hem opening. My TCBs are have a waist of 34 and after getting them hemmed, the leg opening is 9" exactly. All my other pants are 8" and I just can't make the leap.

    Anyway, let me know if you're interested. They're one wash, worn less than 10 times, hemmed to 32" at Self Edge. Willing to trade too.


  8. Oh boy. No matter how much I read on here, I can't get a handle on which Warehouse denim is which. I'll say this though. Even though these are much more worn than my 660s, the denim is undeniably different. It feels lighter and cooler to the touch, whereas the 660 denim feels warm. Also, this denim is not slubby at all. However, they are too work for me to tell whether they're 13.5oz or 14.5.

    Anyone else have w pair of these?

  9. I had another buyee purchase arrive today. Typically, I'm a dude who buys raw and wears them threadbare, but I really wanted to get a handle on the different denims & cuts Warehouse offers. I dunno, I just got bit by the bug... Anyway, so I guess this is what banner denim looks like when it's all broken in. Gotta say, it feels amazing. 







  10. Yea @volvo240thebest! These things look crazy. Up close, the denim looks almost 3D. I love it. 

    Also, on the back, the middle belt loop is offset... I'm curious to hear whether this is the banner denim or the 14.5oz, like on the 800s. 


  11. So I just bought these Dubbleworks off Buyee. Can anyone tell me more about them? Specifically, what model/cut is it and what is the denim used?






  12. Thanks @setterman! My LVC's are the 66s and they're 32x34 and they're definitely roomy. So judging by what you say, I think I'll try out the 800 32s. 

  13. Awesome. Thanks for all that @Fooleo

    I know I was asking about the 1001s a lot, but I ordered the 800, and that's what I'm having sizing trouble with. I went with the 800 b/c I have a pair of 660s that I just love the denim on, but they're way too tight in the top block. They're tagged 31, but the waist is stretched out to 17". That's sort of why I'm at a loss with what to do about the 800. a 32 in the 660s would probably be great, but the 800 has a higher rise. @Maynard Friedman, do you still think I should go with a 32? 

    Also, anyone out there looking to pick up a pair of 660s 31x34 cheap? 

  14. Hey guys... I've spent days trying to wrap my mind around the different Warehouse cuts and fabrics and I'm still confused. 

    Like, looking at Frisbee's shop on Rakuten, he's got three different types of 1001SXX --two of them are 13.5, the other 14.5

    Also, what's the difference between the 1001 and the DD1001? 

    Last question... I just placed an order for a pair of 800 from Frisbee, but they suggested I double check my size. One of my comfortable pair of LVCs measures 17" at the waist, BiG style, so should I go with the 800 in size 32 b/c Warehouse tends to stretch? Or should I go with a 34 and not worry about it stretching too much? 


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