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  1. I know the type 3 isn’t the most popular jacket from TCB, but figured I’d throw this up just for fun. When I bought it, back in 2017, I decided to get hand warmer pockets installed. I like having somewhere to put my hands when I walk, but also like using the inside pockets to carry books around. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick the best fabric and holes developed pretty quickly, which led to the current patch job. When I bought this jacket, it was kind of oversized on me, but now it’s getting pretty tight, so I’ve been debating about ripping these pockets out and just wearing it as a denim shirt.







  2. I own both the 710s and the 76s, both in size 32, and although the Resolutes fit perfect at first, with pandemic weight gain and subsequent shrinking, they feel like total slim fits now. Meanwhile, the 76s fit perfectly. On the Resolutes, the biggest areas of discomfort are the thighs and crotch and I feel like I can't ever pull them up all the way. So I either have to lose weight or get size 33s. But since buying the 710s, I've also really fallen in love with TCB 50s and I think when it comes time for my next pair of Resolutes, I'm going to try the 711s.  

  3. I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on the 1984s that are on sale right now. 120 euro for a pair of LVCs seems like a good deal, but what keeps holding me back is thinking of throwing that money towards a pair of Resolutes or TCBs or some pair that seems to have real character to it. What do you guys think? Can you really go wrong with LVC? 

  4. 10 hours ago, DavidThoreau said:

    I'm asking because I saw a webshop selling both the 1954 cone fabric and the new 1954 japanese fabric (V2), both rigids, and the cone one is specified "shrink to fit" in the description, while the V2 isn't.


    Which webshop was this? 

  5. Hey guys. I've got a pair of half-worn 900s, size 31x32, that I'm looking to sell in Europe. By half-worn, I mean, they have some fades, but they're less than half-way thru their lifespan. If someone wants to try out a pair without spending too much money, please DM me. I'm looking to get like 70 euro or so. If interested, write me and I'll send you some pictures. Jeans are located in Berlin. 


  6. What's the difference between the 66 and the 66xx? I saw they had different denim weights, but couldn't really tell the difference beyond that. 


  7. TCB 50s, one wash, size 31

    For sale is a pair of TCB Jeans famous 50s cut. Size 31 and hemmed fo 80cm by Second Sunrise of Sweden. Tried on once but they are too small for me. 

    I realize the price is a little expensive, but if you're located in Europe, the price is comparable from European retailers. That said, I am open to offers, so just tell me what you feel comfortable paying. 

    Waist: 38.5cm

    Rise: 30cm

    Thigh: 31cm

    Inseam: 80cm

    Hem: 22cm


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  8. Just bought a pair of TCB 50s from Second Sunrise in Sweden, but unfortunately they are too small for me. 

    Size 31 hemmed to 80cm. Looking to sell them to someone in Europe for a good price. 

    Dm if interested. Thank you!

  9. Hi guys,

    Can someone who owns a pair of both Resolute 710s and TCB 50s tell me what their size is in each? I just ordered a pair of 50s and am freaking out that I might've gone too small. 

    Thanks for the help. 

  10. Hey guys... I've asked this before, but no one got back to me... And trust me, I've looked around and tried to do the research, but I can't find a simple answer anywhere?

    What's the difference between the 1000, the 1001, the 1100, and the 1101? And which is the 60s cut? 

    For the life of me, I can't wrap my mind around Warehouse lot numbers. 

  11. Hey. I'll be visiting NY in a couple of weeks and was wondering if any stores in Brooklyn carry Yofukuten? Alternately, how about anywhere in Europe? Would really love to try these on in person. 


  12. I've tried to search through the thread, but I can't figure this out, so maybe someone can tell me...

    What's the difference between the Warehouse 1100 and 1101? They're both 60s cuts, right? But beyond that, I can't figure out how they differ. 

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