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  1. Another fit picture of the J44-SD in green, been wearing it almost everyday the past week, and loving it! The dual zip aesthetic when using the zip expansion reminds me of some older gt jackets.


  2. 5 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    Honestly the J33-E is f***ing great. Shame the material isn't more water resistant though, that's what keeps me from pulling the trigger right now..

    Wore J33-E today. Yes the material is certainly not quite water-resistant as compared to stotz or CH, but the light weight fabric is very enjoyable to wear, .. Tokyo is 21 degrees this evening, and wearing it felt very pleasant in the cooler almost-summer night.

  3. received J33-E in black today, hard to take pictures so I am just going to write about first impressions:

    1. Fit: I am small for all acronym shells, and this one has a very straight and comfortable fit, not tight, plenty of space for layering. 

    2. Fabric: It feels very similar to some of my marmot climbing pants, between a CH and a Stotz, it feels closer to a CH. It drapes very nicely, I think some of the pants like the P25 should be made in this fabric. Because of the nice drape, my favored configuration for this jacket is actually to use the one inner button and leave the zips/other bottons undone, similar to this:


    It really drapes very nicely, and shows a nice silhouette.

    3. Color: Cannot go wrong with black, especially Acronym. But when I first received the piece, I imagined what it would be like in the alpha green, and that image is somewhat attractive to me. I reckon that it can also be a very nice color despite how i mentioned disliking it in a previous post. I still don't think I will go through the hassle of swapping it just for the color. Black still suit me more I think.

    4. Pockets: One of the highlights for me. The bottom two pockets I will use to put my hands in. The top two, are cavernous, they are huge inside and I think that the center pocket connects to the same compartment as the top left pocket. It is one of those very delightful and functional discovery that you cannot see from the picture of the jacket.

    Overall a nice piece for cool summer nights and spring/fall. I don't think it is heavy duty enough as a outer-shell for harsh winter, but for milder conditions it should be no problem.


  4. I copped the J33-E in black. Not a fan of that alpha green color really. J67 looks great first impression, but not something very new for me. The pattern of the J33 does look beautiful and utilitarian especially if draped unbuttoned, especially with the longer length. Looking forward to the fabric, never tried it before.

  5. 7 hours ago, segue said:

    how is everyone who got the j36 feeling with their purchase. i had been waiting for a 36 for a while and got hyped to get it in stotz instead of gt cause i wanted to beat it to death but surprisingly i didn't fall immediately in love with it like i thought i would.  thinking about holding onto it in hopes of having it grow on me but feel indifferent at the moment.   I'm thinking i may just not be a fan of stotz in general and would have preferred it in a nylon non gt rendition like the p10a-e's.  imo stotz jackets stack weird in the arms

    I received the J36-S black in size S yesterday. The feeling was as positive as when I received the J56-S two winters ago. I think personally I find the stotz material more comfortable to wear than the goretex. It is certainly not waterproof, but it can withstand a light drizzle. I wouldn't stand in anything more than a light rain for more than 5 minutes. The pockets are more comfortable to use than the J56, and I quite like the high collar. In terms of fit, it felt snug but not tight. I don't have the stacking issue in the arms. I can layer the J74-PX or the J63A-FO underneath with ease. It is a keeper for me.

  6. Damn I was late and missed the J36-S in the beautiful green. I also would have liked P32-DS but S size is sold out... bummer...
    So I copped the J36-S in black instead :)

  7. On 2/17/2019 at 5:28 AM, lopiteaux said:

    What is the general feedback on the PX? How warm is the fabric, is it worth the price tag, and is it as fragile as it looks?

    Also, what shoes are P23A-S owners pairing with? I have a pair in black, love the fit, but always find myself doubting my choice of shoe when I wear them.

    I have both the J63-F0 and J74-PX in white that I've been wearing throughout winter, layering under a thick down. I find the J63 just slightly warmer than the J74. Both are equally stunning pieces personally. I find myself wearing the J63 more often because it is black, ages really well, and looks good when I wear the J65-AK over it. The J74 feels flimsy at first, but is really solid in construction and does not rip or tear at all. The FO fabric on the J63 is also flimsy and thin at first touch, but is really quite lasting.

  8. 3A-5TS + 3A-MK2 + 3A-MZ2TS + 3A-MZ1

    I chose to rig the 5TS with only X-PAC mods. The MK2 is spacious as to be expected, I chose the MZ2TS for the other side so that the bag does not become too long, it is much more compact and flat as compared to the MK2, limited in space in spite of it’s size. The MZ1 is like a long accessories holder, for cables, pens, etc.



  9. 1 hour ago, meccaNIZM said:

    Anyone else a little disappointed the P23a-s doesn’t have the ladder lock buckles? I like that they button, and that I can get buckles for like $1 on Amazon, but I don’t really get the cinches if you have to always wear a belt too :huh:


    Somehow I actually prefer buttons. My P10-S uses buttons while the P10TS-DS uses lock buckles, which is faster. But i always find buttons more sturdy... personal preference. My guess is buttons for Stotz and buckles for DS fabric.

  10. 1 hour ago, brainerd666 said:

    I really dig the design of the J63A, but just can’t get with the look of the infinium fabric. Looks too much like a trash bag from the Matrix or some shit. If it was 3XDry I’d be all over that business. 

    J48-BR is my favorite hoodie from Acronym in terms of cut and comfort and I wear it to death in the last two years. I think its pattern is similar to the J63A, which is why J63A is one FW18 item that I really am looking forward to. I agree that the shiny patina is not something I am super fond of, but I can accept. I had a light shell jacket from Japanese label Ripvanwinkle that has a similar patina, and it worked well for me. I just hope the Infinium fabric of the J63A can be as tough and water resistant as stotz or CH. I just braved a typhoon (walking ten minutes) with the J59TS-CH and it lasted one minute before I became soaked to the skin. For a non-goretex fabric, it did pretty well.

  11. I had the J47TS-GT in the cart, but I looked at the J47R-GT that im wearing and decided otherwise... side zip, black zippers, diagonal pocket and the two extra rows of TS could not justify a new jacket. So I copped the P23A-S in raf (black was already sold out in my size). I did like what i saw in the pictures and this will be my first Acronym pants in RAF colorway. At least I got something new for a change :)

  12. I just received the J68-S white colorway size S from the mail. Posting my first impressions. The cut is very form fitting, more so than all my other acronym soft/hard shells. The Stotz fabric is smooth and silky to touch, very comfortable feeling, very comfortable to wear. The white color is milky as some have mentioned, and i definitely think it will be difficult to keep the color pristine. But i think aging the piece is part of the deal with a color like this. I just hope that the white will not turn yellow over time, which will be worst than having some dirt or use marks. The jacket can be worn in a variety of ways. Sling and acronym collar tapes come in both white and black. I am not too fond of the contrast, so i will likely have it all white. Overall i really love this piece, in terms of the pattern, its my second favorite to last winter’a J56-S which is my favorite ACR to date, in terms of functionality, comfort and looks. I don’t think as a white jacket, its wearability is compromised. It is not as attention grabbing as the volt colorway. I am very happy with the purchase.








  13. I just received the J59TS-CH in the mail today. Writing my first impressions. The oversized fit is very obvious; I wear all size S acronym both top and pants, and this one is at least one size bigger, the shoulders falling slightly off where size S usually lands. I can confidently say that even if I wear an XS it will still have a slight oversized look. The cinch cord is very important to the versality of the jacket and it enables more different ways of wearing this. Pockets are luxuriously big and utilitarian. I like how an oversized bomber look is sort of an oxymoron and contradition in itself, almost Rick Owens-esque in its design philosophy. It is not a jacket that one will fall for immediately, but given time I think the subtleties of its unique pattern will be appreciated. The CH fabric however (this is my first CH piece) is not for summer... at least wear I live. I am based in Tokyo and it is 26-32 degree celsius now. I will not wear this piece now, not until fall. But in winter, I can see how this piece can work as a softshell which can accommodate thick mid layers. The fabric is rugged and tough, feels more solid than stotz and DS. I do not have time to take nice pics at the moment, will post in a week or two.

  14. 15 hours ago, RapGameTaylorSwift said:

    Thanks for review. Surprised to hear that the hood can't be stowed. I thought with the "interior stabilization ring" it might be partially stowable. 

    Two Questions:

    1. Does the GT version have jacketsling loops on inside? 

    2. How do you like the reversed hardware snaps on the front compared with 47R?

    1. Yes it has internal jacketsling loops

    2. I think it is really important detail for the aesthetic of the piece, also makes it easy to keep the jacket open and airy in warmer days. As a hardware it is okay. 

  15. I received my J66-GT yesterday. Posting my first impressions. 

    1. It feels light and breathable, like a real summer goretex jacket. I will much prefer this to the WS fabric. It feels thinner and lighter than my J47R-GT which i purchased during SS17. Strange cause the 3L goretex pro fabric should be the same. I suspect its because of the lack of the pockets on the sleeves and on the upper body, and the hood is not stowable.

    2. It is definitely less techy than other GT jackets, less pockets, less features. Probably the most minimalist Shell jacket from acronym i own. For all its missing features, it had an amazing pocket which i loved. Its big, the zipper design holds its shape well (which actually looks nice), and can be accessed both from the top and side. I can fit my iphone7+ in the inner pocket easily, and probably can fit much more than that. 

    3. Main zippers are ykk, feels less substantial than the raccagini zippers on my J47R-GT. But still great in itself.

    4. The focus of the design is on the reverse seams which are everywhere. They came already a little frayed, and the pattern is made to accentuate these lines where the fraying takes place. Its more fashionable than it is functional (if you compare it to the older acronyms)

    5. The hood has an amazing design. I like it. But i regret that it could not be stowed.

    6. Its a keeper for me. Simply because i love the amazing pockets.


  16. 1 minute ago, eidolarr said:

    I grabbed a J1A-GTV. Really hope that unlike the PL it has internal jacketsling loops.

    Sometimes I really wish I could pull off that volt colourway, it is really cool. But just not my personality.


    4 minutes ago, Bigyen said:

    Unsure about the reverse seam allowances on the J66, especially on the volt.  It'll Interesting to see how this thing ages and frays, hopefully not too sloppy.

    I think that the possibility of fraying is what really caught me for that piece - cause it is such an antithesis of the high-technology 3L Goretex fabric.

  17. 1 minute ago, undercover73 said:

    Skywalker, whats the price on the J66-GT?

    I paid 1373.18 Euros inclusive of shipping to Japan. But I know I'm gonna get hit with a massive import tax...

  18. When I got into the main website at exactly 17:00 berlin time, there was only M size left in the J1A-GTPL, so I assume the S-sizes were all copped at the subnet... pity.

    I went for the J66-GT instead, though unsure of the huge pockets at first; but the more I look at the pictures I thought the geometry is actually what made the piece interesting - and functional. So I pulled the trigger. Will review when I receive the item :)

  19. 1 hour ago, TEKsevenZERO said:

    Glasses look like IC-Berlin or Mykita to me, could be wrong but the screwless hinges look rather familiar.

    Pretty certain that the optical glasses are Mykita judging from the hinges. I wear them.