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  1. 17 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    I have my complete look book right here:



    @volvo240thebest soon, just give me a few days :D

    You need to get the white version now! B)

    In saying that, has anyone ordered any of the white ones? I'm not game enough to wear white because I will get them filthy without even trying. If I had any skills in dying things, it would be neat to try with the white ones

  2. On 12/4/2019 at 8:08 AM, tigerstrom said:

    Thanks! :)

    No, I didn't get much more shrinkage even with the dryer. The legtwist and roping became even more visible, and the inseam got 2cm shorter but that's about it @SmokeStackLightning

    If yours got ~2cm shorter for the one-wash, I should chuck my pair in for a spin before I continue wearing mine.

    I'm jealous of your bandana too. I've gotten stickers but unfortunately no bandanas!

    Update: I hot machine washed and tumble dried my pair... The inseam lost around 2cm but all other dimensions basically stayed the same. Denim is also a bit softer/easier to wear now.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Flash said:

    If I can’t get it sold in the next week or so I’m gonna bring it to a jewelers I know in town and sell it on consignment , don’t want to but ??? 

    I know that feeling =/ It's a beautiful watch but I'm not at a stage in my life where I need something like this just yet. Best of luck with the sale! =)

  4. 4 minutes ago, cmr_reed said:

    Can anyone comment about sizing for Lot 900xx (Slim) One Wash on the Warehouse website?  I reached out to them to see if the measurements that are provided are raw measurements or one wash measurements and did not get a clear response back.  I am asking because the measurements that are on their website differ from those on the Standard & Strange website by quite a bit.  My assumption is that the measurements on their site are raw measurements even though it is for a one washed product.  

    The measurements on the WH website are definitely one-wash. If you're referring to the waist and thigh measurements, S&S measure them differently from what most people are used to (i.e. waist is measured without aligning the waistband and thigh is measured 1" down from crotch). Check it out here https://standardandstrange.com/pages/how-we-measure. The conversion for other measurements seem quite similar to me.

  5. 8 hours ago, lee porter said:

    Thanks bobby Still no leg twist though  :-/

    Upon further reading/research (if I can call it that), it seems that some 710s will just never develop leg twist =/ I'm honestly not sure why this would be the case and still remains a mystery to me. Does it depend on what part of the roll is used? I can't imagine they would be sewn differently? These pictures show 710s that have clearly been worn and washed so I really don't know.

    Taken from the Piisu JP website...


    And taken from Zabou...



  6. Oh yeah, here's pics of my '76s. Haven't worn them in a long time, mostly because I need to fix the inseam around the hem as well as reinforce some of the fabric around the seat. I kinda hate the phone and wallet fade that developed, which is why I no longer sit with my phone in my pocket (to avoid the sharp corners rubbing too much) and use a "normal" bifold wallet sans concho.








  7. For those wondering, I own the 711 (32/32) and recently purchased the 710 (33/33). Here's the comparison of measurements fresh from the mailbag. They were both one-wash.

    711 OW - size 32/32

    Waist 40cm
    Front rise 27.75cm
    Back rise 37cm
    Thigh 32.75cm
    Knee 24.75cm
    Hem 22.5cm
    Inseam 76cm

    710 OW - size 33/33

    Waist 40cm
    Front rise 28cm
    Back rise 38cm
    Thigh 30.5cm
    Knee 21.5cm
    Hem 19.25cm
    Inseam 78cm

    Still busy af, so haven't taken any pictures of me wearing both. Maybe I'll have time tomorrow morning... Also, the rise of the 711 stretched a bit but don't have proper measurements on hand. I'll update y'all on the worn-in measurements soon.

    In terms of proportion, it's hard for me to say... The 711 might seem disproportionate because it's based on the kid's version of the '50s 501 which must have had different proportions compared to the adult version (I believe that's because Hayashi-san determined that the adult 501 was not suitable for Japanese body shapes whereas the kid's one was). If my 711 had thighs, knees, and hems that were around 1cm to 1.5cm smaller, then it would be similar to my LVC '66 cut. I guess the 710 looks more proportionate as a slim jean but that could be quite subjective.

    The denim is different as well. Off the top of my head, I can't say how, but can also update later.

  8. I have been wearing my 710 for a few days now. They're the one-wash version, but I reckon I might chuck them in the washing machine and dryer to soften them up. I've been busy so I'll take some pics over the weekend.

  9. Did something I didn't need (but wanted) to... Measurements for those interested:

    Waist 40cm
    Front rise 28cm
    Back rise 38cm
    Thigh 30.5cm
    Knee 21.5cm
    Hem 19.25cm
    Inseam 78cm


    I'll take some more pics and a fit pic later. Definitely my slimmest pair, but still a welcome addition

  10. Here's my 1947s... Haven't worn them in years because they're way too small (if I recall, they were quite slim/undersized from the get-go). I had the crotch repaired a while ago and will probably get the knee repaired before giving them to my sister!







  11. 2 hours ago, heyson said:

    Nice! What is your washing method? Do you throw them in the dryer?

    Yep, I machine wash (with spin cycle) and straight into the dryer afterwards. Depending on what I'm feeling at the time, it could either be a cold or hot wash! Nothing too special, really haha

  12. Here's my 1966 501s. I wear and wash these the most out of the LVC pairs that I own. Hope y'all enjoy it! 

    I've got pics of my '47s and '76s as well (I don't wear these two anymore). I'll post them later =)







  13. 6 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    Force them to do a longer inseam and you might have more people on board ;)

    But I agree, that would be something nice

    Was just about to say this. I'm pretty short myself, but Boncoura's inseams are pree damn short haha