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  1. @Maynard Friedman I recently sold my Triple Pleat because it became too small after washing. My M size after hot soak/hot machine wash, then subsequent cold machine washes ended up with the following measurements. I believe this was just the flat measurements, i.e., I didn't stretch out the pleats.

    Pit-to-pit: 51.25cm (20.2")
    Shoulder-to-shoulder: 45.25cm (17.8")
    Sleeve: 60.25cm (23.7")
    Back length: 54cm (21.3")

  2. 14 hours ago, andrewrose said:

    Check the third photo on the lower left corner- definitely some sort of stitching on the pocket, or so it appears...

    I'm also curious if those thread snips in the third picture were strategically placed to cover a tab...

  3. 20 hours ago, Broark said:

    @propellerbeanie both Zen and Buyee work well, I think Zen's process of asking for funds to be put into your account wallet before securing the purchase is a bit annoying.
    When bidding on Buyee you just have your PayPal or CC information linked and they only take the funds once you win the auction.

    I am a little annoyed with Zen right now since I preordered a pair of the Warehouse 25th anniversary jeans and I'd been seeing them pop up on Instagram.
    Sent them a message wondering if there had been any updates only to find out it's been at their warehouse since July 1st...maybe they're just busy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Many thanks! I'll have a look into Buyee a bit more

    Hopefully you get your Warehouse jeans before your TCBs ;)

  4. I'd be into either the hickory stripe, olive/brown canvas, or herringbone pockets. Not super keen on having indigo-stained thighs during the warmer, sweatier months. And I also forgot to says thank @volvo240thebest for helping organise this—it'll be fun to watch and/or participate!

  5. Not sure whether I want the measurements to work out so that I can join the contest, or if I want the measurements to not work out since I wasn't planning on buying jeans this year... 

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