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  1. 1 minute ago, Orientalq said:

    "How many ya’ll convinced yet that DS makes for bad tee material" 
    I replied with: no it's not a bad material but it's also not the best. I was addressing your assumption that people think it's a bad tee material.

    You can take it personally on this one. I really meant it for you and you only. Kind of balances the innumerate amount of insults, assumptions, and shit you've thrown at me, thinking they'll add weight to your argument. I try to refrain from ad hominem but when you replied with such a masterpiece I couldn't help myself.

    Lol you dropped the ad hominems first jackass. You made ‘chef’comments weeks back. My insults aren’t intended to add weight. They’re just a little seasoning;)

    (please waste your obvious dearth of free time and go back and search through all of my comments. I’m gonna drink another beer lol)

  2. @Orientalq  Lol I never asked for a comparison between tees. Follow your own advice ffs. 

    Thanks for talking shit about the service industry btw. Really adds weight to your argument. 

    Are you a shill for Airism or something btw? If so grats. Hey get that money. But do it fucking somewhere else besides a high end fashion server, in a channel devoted to one singular designer. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Orientalq said:

    You literally asked a question and I answered it. You are freaking out over a quote reply lmao get a grip

    I’m never asking you shit when I post anything in here. I might as well ask a dog how not to hump a leg ffs

    You didn’t answer shit btw. You made yet another uninformed, presumptive, attention seeking REEEEE in the dark. 

    It’s painfully obvious you don’t own any of this shit, and still persist in chiming in, basing your ‘understanding of the pieces’ on a mixture of heresay and ad copy. Wipe the chud slime off your chin and go outside ffs. 

  4. This gonna be a rare time I’ll give you space in my brain @Orientalq

    Go at fucking E about this shit on insta or Twitter whatever. You think peeps in here don’t follow him on both and don’t have an understanding of his politics at this point ffs? 

    I realize I’m giving you airspace by appeasing your obvious need for something akin to a father figure, but damn dude you don’t need to base the entirety of your online personality around a constant need to both push against whatever passes for an ever changing cultural zeitgeist in our small group of enthusiasts while simultaneously requiring affirmation of your beliefs by belaboring very obvious constants. 

  5. Another little know fact (apparently) is that DS comes in various fabric weights, for different garment applications. Seasonal temps/conditions being one application, durability being another.

    The S15-DS for instance, is much lighter weight than the DS used on the 2018 P10-DS, or the P32’s. I’ve found that the lighter weight breathes more than the heavier weight oddly enough... 

  6. 7 hours ago, eidolarr said:

    What's the appeal of the DS tees or tank? Not particularly breathable, drape is whatever, stretch is moot, presumably smells bad when you sweat?

    Pants shorts and bomber looking dope, not sure about the hoodless j1a tho, carrying a hat around clipped like that seems like a pita

    S15-DS isn’t sweaty. And it does have stretch. Maybe change your diet so you don’t smell so bad when you sweat? lol

    You don’t HAVE to clip the hat btw. There’s a big pocket on the front of the jacket. And other ones it’ll fit into;)

  7. 3 hours ago, kkuer99 said:

    I will not worry about that. After last restock I believe the demands on P30A are nearly fulfilled. I don't see any reason this new drop will sold out instantly. Also I personally feel that this new variation does not have that much hype as it's first show 2 years ago. P38-E looks more interesting than P30A this year for me. 

    It’s not the the exact same pant and it’s being released in different colors so I wouldn’t be surprised if the hot sizes sell fast. There’s almost for certain going to be more stock in general but there was also more stock of the 3a-2 sooooo...

  8. 4 hours ago, mezonik said:


    J68-PL Black in S

    J36-S RAF in S

    J29-PX in S


    J68-WS Black in XS

    J40 - CH Night in S (missing sling, but incl bag and sheet and expansion zip)

    P31 - DS Black in S (would trade for j68 PL or J36 Raf or J29-PX)

    Prices required for wts

  9. 1 hour ago, BruceLeroy said:

    Thoughts on the P38-E vs GT?

    I’m partial towards the P38-E because I can’t imagine a GT pant being comfortable in anything other than cold weather, but the contrast zipper on the E version doesn’t really appeal to me.

    Also, my assumption is the team found a way to stave off GT de-lamination, but that’s just a guess. 

    I highly doubt it’s GT 3L

  10. 3 hours ago, Endless said:


    • P17, hmu with any CW or material, size S or M
    • P35, size S? gonna wear em' like 17:s
    • J59TS-CH, size S? probably, ima skinny dude, HMU


    • LA7-DS size S, cond 9/10?, willing to trade for an LA6 or to add as trade for any of the above.

    I dont browse SF much these days so will be a bit slow to respond but I'm serious with any afformentioned deal, send DMs.

    Wts needs prices listed according to bst rules

  11. Multi reminds me a little too much of those paint by numbers Star Wars kits with the glow in the dark paints from the early 80’s crossed with Aliens(TM) aesthetic

    but not in a good way

  12. 2 hours ago, robbatussin said:

    Yeah, was kind of annoyed when I learned the J28-WS doesn't feature a two-way zipper. Thought it would've been typical by now since every other acr jacket I own has it.

    Still wish the last iteration j36 had one

    The flak pocket as partial closure is great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I want just the hem to break a little

  13. 12 hours ago, daniel said:



    Lol all this silly bullshit over some privileged peoples jumping in a lake in expensive clothes was worth it as it led to my discovery of this amazing video. Now this shit is funny

    Thank you fam

  14. 37 minutes ago, Yan90 said:

    -CH on p10-ch SS16, p10a-ch FW1617 is a bit thicker than -CH on p16a-ch, p10a-ch from FW1516. 

    Yah, my P10a’s are the 16/17 and def very sliiiightly heavier doing a side by side. My P10 pair are at work right now, but I’d swear they’re the same weight as the 16a’s... Maybe I’ve just beat the shit out of them at this point lol

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