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  1. On 1/27/2020 at 5:47 PM, ray. said:


    I understand there's some contention in this thread with people who upsize when their size is sold out.

    My question might've suggested that, hence my downvote and your upvotes.

    I can't tell if you're being sanctimonious so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and explain myself:

    I sized by my shoulder width which the jacket fits. Unfortunately I have short limbs and this is a problem I have with jackets, shirts, and pants—they're almost always too long and require altering. Also why I like the P30 and am wary of the P10.

    And @brainerd666 you made an absolutely useless contribution with your downvote. Good luck with your life.

    Hah! This from the herb that has to take the time to call me out on a niche Internet forum. LOLOLOLOL. Take your upvote and go back to clown town. 

  2. On 1/21/2020 at 9:05 PM, Konzentriert said:

    Anyone has an idea about how to shrink the J65-KM back to its og size?

    Mine goes to 75cm from 70cm in length and it is unwearable now as an insulator.

    I have tried soaking with hot water and steam ironing but none of both works. 

    How exactly is it ‘unwearable’? If it peeks past the bottom hem of the 47 just hike it up a bit and cinch the damn hem shock cord already.

    That’s what I’ve done with my 72-Ak when paired with the new school J36 when the temps drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit 

  3. you can also pay extra for signature confirmation with some services. It’s not always available international, but worth looking into. That being said- if the buyer is a scumbag they can try to claim they received an empty box.

    Also- If it’s a private sale I’d ask them for references from other buying sites if available. If they’re a member on here ask for refs from other members they’ve bought/sold to. 

  4. 15 hours ago, nathan_ said:

    Second this, it makes sense to maybe lightly rinse the inside to wash sweat/dirt, but I've only ever washed it thoroughly via the outside to get rid of dirt or scuffs etc.

    The inside is where degradation/lack of performance emanates from in terms of soiling. The oils from your skin cause the membranes to separate if not removed frequently. It’s less of an issue if wearing a liner/neck gaiter/gloves but will still need to be cleansed more frequently than the exterior for the most part. 

  5. On 9/9/2019 at 8:22 PM, brainerd666 said:

    Adding WTS:

    P10A-E Alpha Size medium with all useless paraphernalia 

    9+/10 Condition

    Love the new E material, but I’m just not a P10A kinda person apparently. These are in excellent condition. Worn and washed once. Zero flaws. The E material and color are great IMO. Def gonna cop when the P10’s drop in this material

    Asking 1050 shipped PayPal F/F blah blah blah

    Sold for 850

  6. On 9/9/2019 at 8:22 PM, brainerd666 said:

    Adding WTS: 

    P10A-E Alpha Size medium with all useless paraphernalia 

    9+/10 Condition

    Love the new E material, but I’m just not a P10A kinda person apparently. These are in excellent condition. Washed once. Zero flaws. The E material and color are great IMO. Def gonna cop when the P10’s drop in this material

    Asking 1050 shipped PayPal F/F blah blah blah

    Price drop to 900

  7. So beyond the whole reseller bot thing @segue there’s also the repro market. If leaks get out early, the fast fashion fucks can start pumping shitty reps out into the wild sooner than later which can make authentication that much harder before more of the genuine pieces are in hand to set the metric so to speak. 


  8. 1 hour ago, segue said:

    that would have been nice to know lol. thought it was after their email this morning

    It doesn’t matter either way. Your snitch post is bullshit regardless. 

  9. You’re missing my point. It’s not snitching to give a retailer a heads up that the info may have been leaked. This was before it was confirmed by Hotoveli that they were allowed to disseminate pics and before they sent out the emails this morning. 

  10. 23 minutes ago, segue said:

    Lol who tried to snitch

    You mean who tried to help keep shit on the DL where it belongs? Leaks just feed resellers and prime bot farming which fucks over the rest of us. 

    Also- the retailers are trusted to not leak, and can lose their selling privileges if they are found to have done so. I’m sure Hotoveli would prefer to know if their was a leak coming from their team due to said potential loss. 

  11. 14 minutes ago, Souji said:

    Is the Epic (E) a lighter weight fabric compared to Stotz?

    The new E is a completely different fabric/weight than stotz, and yeah it’s quite a bit lighter as well. 

  12. 1 hour ago, miiikejohn said:

    really when it comes down to it, people who are paying $1400 fat ones on a nylon jacket that is desirable because of cut, fit, and materials want to know how it will fit and have as much info as possible before purchasing.  if you are down to drop over a G on a coat that you can put on (but does not fit not how you want it to) thats on you. 

    you seem to act like you are extremely knowledgeable about this,  yet your answer is that the sizing doesn't change "that much".  That's your depth of knowledge after buying ACR for years? That doesn't tell anyone jack shit.  Is "that much" a quantifiable value that you can measure?

    lmao please let us know how one can measure "that much" ,  good sir , all of us are patiently waiting 


    Head size isn’t akin to literally any other body measurement in terms of sizing up on a garment. Yeah it may affect some minor shit in terms of other measurements on said garment. We’re not talking boutique derby’s. I repeat- how is this that difficult guys. I’m not getting bougie or entitled it’s just simple shit. I’m surprised how low this place has dipped lately in terms of straight up common sense. There’s a reason it’s approaching grave yard status around here and most of the old heads have peaced the fuck out/barely comment. 

  13. 3 hours ago, solo1 said:

    Hood sizes will definitely get larger by size as you stated :)

    How do i know? I have produced and created patterns for countless hooded garments and parkas.


    easiest way to think about it -- if you move up from a medium to say, a large, generally speaking all the panels will be slightly expanded (some parts of the garment will increase in size more than other parts of the garment forsure, ie. the chest measurement will increase much more than the length of the jacket) , but without getting into it too deeply, this means that the actual opening to the hood will absolutely be larger because of the fact that the corresponding panels are larger (which means the neckline and collar area circumference or arc length will be different and need a larger hood to accommodate

    In simpler terms -- the actual "shape" of the hood may stay the same but it will sure fit you differently. 


    Those who think someone who wears a size small J32 could buy a size or 2 up and still have the hood fit the same, are

    not using much common sense..

    This whole thing got thrown way out of context. Nobody said or implied that the hood wouldn’t change drastically between S-L or whatever. However- It won’t change that much between a small and medium by and large in Acronym products. Which is what we’re discussing. Not other products. Somebody just felt the need to throw out random hood sizes based on various items in the Acronym catalog. Not the size differences in those actual items. I don’t get why this is so hard peoples. 

  14. 55 minutes ago, DavidMN said:

    Are you sure? I've noticed differences between L and M hoods. My J32-GT barely got over my head (M) and my J44L-GT (L) fit perfectly. Though, the J32-GT has the more integrated fast hood, so that could be the root reasoning. Will confirm when I get my new piece in. It's not really something to care too much about though unless it makes articulation completely hindered. 

    Why are you comparing different sizes in different jackets? This post you reference is only referring to sizing up in a specified jacket...

    6 minutes ago, brainerd666 said: