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  1. 23 minutes ago, Flipflop214 said:

    How does it react to abrasions? 

     Better or equal to the 2018 and forward DS imo

    which is to say- fucking great

  2. 2 minutes ago, Flipflop214 said:

    I’ve only had this P36–E for a day but I can already tell that it’ll be more machine washable than the unblended cotton ver.  There’s no fade as well, at least I can’t tell.  Unlike epic and ventile where you can see an immediate change (fade) to the fabric after a wash (even hand washing it). 
    I only spot clean regular cotton epic and ventile. I only wash em if I really have to.  

    I followed tag directions on my P10a-E’s. Washed em 2-3 times with heavy wear in between and saw no real noticeable difference in the fit and finish overall

  3. 40 minutes ago, Orientalq said:

    Last I read I was the only one talking specifically about ACR pricing model AND giving possible solutions. If you think this thread is all roses go to the first page of the thread and you'll find complaints about exclusivity and pricing. This is a systemic problem and it won't go away because you're tired of hearing about it. Sorry you don't get your monopoly on this thread.

    And yet somehow this so called problem has led to 25 years of successful r/d, product releases, and collaboration with industry heavyweights smh

  4. 0D1BE98E-E990-4C82-B382-D2C272DE0C57.jpeg.095c1c5617c36cdc24769fd2d3ccf75c.jpeg

    4 minutes ago, Orientalq said:

    The same reason any company lowers prices. It sells out because (hint hint) the stock is super low (someone who knows personally umites told me this). E isn't lowering either because 1) he's saving face from when he tried justifying price hikes using half-lies or 2) he's trying to generate hype the same way Supreme does (I hate this so much).  Raise stock => less cost => lower prices => more stock sold and thus more total profit. Unless you're telling me ACR is dying so badly he needs to hike prices to gouge enthusiasts to save the brand. I doubt this given that he drives a McLaren.

    As I said earlier, I have enough for whatever jacket he's making. He just needs to prove to me it's worth the price tag (either by quality, materials, design, or all of the above). I bought the CP4 because it was a unique design that did not have a competitive alternative. I'll be happy to do the same for a shell. That or if he lowered prices, which you said is unlikely. 

    I like ACR for its design, gimmicks, and details. Not so much for exclusivity and branding (worst parts about fashion today IMO). 

    BTW @AvantSol my friend has a J1A 2.2, which is why I'm familiar with the quality. It's def a grail jacket but not worth the 2k price tag IMO. 


  5. 9 hours ago, Appleseed said:

    Has anyone actually had an ACR jacket repaired for GTX delam.? Only way to do this is to have the entire fabric panel replaced and a new one sewn in, and given the complexity of most ACR patterns/detailing...

    @GNTGLDNRNGS wanna chime in here? Or are you afraid to show your drunken shame to the group lol

  6. 35 minutes ago, markdjr said:

    I just got a pair of P24-S, anyone remove the pocket flaps?  Seems like they will come off easy and I'm not seeing much utility to them.  

    What size are they?

  7. 10 hours ago, BruceLeroy said:

    I’m considering a pair of P36-E, but never owned any of the Encapsulated Nylon pieces. How do they compare with DS? I love the stretch of DS (bike racer legs) but hope it’s not wooshy like 90s warm up pants.

    It’s not exactly ‘loud and swishy’ but there is some noise and feel to them. The E is very lightweight but has nice structure to it. Mild water resistance and good wind resistance. Wouldn’t really put them in the same category as DS, very different hand-feel and drape. It’s a pretty great fabric in the right cut tho IMO. 

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