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  1. On 7/14/2020 at 11:20 PM, brainerd666 said:

    WTT/WTS: P23-S black sz Small 8+/10 for sz Medium in the same

    Will sell for $800 + ship

    Pants have minor patina that is barely visible.  No fades, stains, etc. Color is still deep rich BLACK throughout


    Also interested in other pants in sz Medium


  2. SOLD

    WTT/WTS: P23-S black sz Small 8+/10 for sz Medium in the same

    Will sell for $800 + ship

    Pants have minor patina that is barely visible.  No fades, stains, etc. Color is still deep rich BLACK throughout


    Also interested in other pants in sz Medium

  3. First I’m hearing of them myself. Gear looks very smart and considered. Much like Arcteryx tho, it’s a shame they have to logo/brand so blatantly. 

    @Flipflop214 I’m guessing the lengthy pants is to afford the ankle height on boots and negate any chance of the pant hem rising too much above the cuff of the boot and exposing the inner of the boot to debris and potential moisture, as well as just getting bunched up on top of the boot to much. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, Dakota said:

    I did highlight my extensive use of them I think they held up well, thanks for watching the vids. Was just selling for the cost I got em. The loose pocket issue is the only prob and am aware this vid is out. Prices are totally negotiable. I get the criticism tho. 


    Then why false advertise and call them 9/10? Not a good look dude. 

  5. SOLD

    P10-S Medium Night

    These are nicely roasted but not quite toasted. Lots of patina and marks but no holes, frays, lack of structural integrity etc. 

    Asking $300 shipped US

    Will post pics tomorrow a.m.

  6. 24 minutes ago, SlackJackflack said:

    Fully open for some recommendations, I have plenty of other clothing which does fit better including plenty of made to order pieces which is quite euphoric. Finding the balance of highest quality production and fit though is hard. Wearing acronym I sacrifice a perfect fit for construction and design while with other brands I would find better fit but lacking in those other departments. I'm fully open to criticisms and always wanting to improve so my apologies if I came off in a different way. I don't want to just shit up these threads arguing as I do genuinely enjoy fashion as a hobby.

    Kapital, Engineered Garments 

  7. I’ve been thoroughly shamed by this master specimen to never wear my “$2000 outfit” in public ever again for fear of others finding out how much it cost and laughing at me. I’ve since sold all of my garmz and am only wearing Kmart brand goods.

    I finally feel like one of the others.

    I finally feel acceptance.

    Thank you for showing me the true light @Rough Sleeper

  8. Just now, BRICK DOM said:

    Bruh how you gonna do him like that when you’re one of the ONLY people whose opinion he respects on this site lmao. The rest of us are too dumb and on errolson’s nuts to be respected by the big shot lambo designer lol. Imagine wishing death upon a stranger’s dad over a witty one liner on the internet...

    At least this was all good for a chuckle

    No gods no masters

    Dude dug his own grave by revealing his inner lack of swagger. 

    Quality roast material tho, so there’s that at least:laugh2:

    Props to @Flipflop214 for the killing strike. That shit was fucking comedy gold

  9. 50 minutes ago, Orientalq said:

    Is this the equivalent of "Amazon is a perfectly great company. You aren't Jeff Bezos (aka you don't know how it really works), so shut up" or what? Is speculation so terrible nowadays that we shouldn't question the pricing practices (that we ultimately pay)?

    What a shit take lol

    comparing one of the richest people(Putin would like to have a word), to a small company that makes luxury clothing for a VERY FUCKING NARROW market is complete smooth brain bullshit

  10. Yeah, I don’t trust them enough. If there was a wider magnet for ease of placement and to account for the potential of them slipping I’d be more likely to use them. 

  11. I wouldn’t go anywhere near so far as to say ‘non-functioning clothing’. The patterning by and large is very conducive to high speed/low drag non restrictive movement (when sized appropriately, very important point here imo). Pocket placement is typically well considered and mechanically efficient, and tends to evolve across iterations. Fabric use is typically well considered and appropriate for the design.

    That being said...

    Gravity pockets are essentially useless for their intended purpose

    Interops is HIGHLY situational IMO

    Forcelock is not very practical (if at all) in the day and age of wireless earbuds

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