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  1. 33 minutes ago, silenz said:

    cant really plan ahead for everything ahah but yeah as I said that was probably just the wrong pant to do so in if anything but still, if I had a choice between P10s in DS or S I know what I'd feel more confident doing anything as such in, I've seen those rugged P10-DS someone just sold here couple months ago in the sales thread and trust me that's how mine would end up too, or atleast I would think

    but anyway back to the original response I had to thatslapz, DS just even visually doesn't seem the right fabric to me when it comes to cargos (would say 31s are an exception as I wouldn't even consider them cargos foremost), not to mention they honestly stack kinda awful imo

    Those were pre-2018 DS pants before they changed up the material. Not an equivalent comparison. The abrasion resistance and overall durability is far improved. The S15-DS I own feels like an entirely different fabric from the much more recent S24-DS. Along with all of the various DS items I’ve picked up over the years. 

    DS stretches and deals with stress overall more efficiently than Stotz. I loooove Stotz don’t get me wrong. Shit is way nicer than any other cotton weave in terms of durability (short of ripstop), comfort, and fast drying. But DS holds up to abuse far better. Stotz does stack much nicer than DS though when it comes to the P10’s.

    I’ve owned every fabric the P10’s have been released in (short of the epic cotton variant). Epic nylon has best stacks imo followed by Stotz, CH, and then DS.

    Epic is too loud and grabs lint and ‘dirt’ too easily imo, but holds up well in the rain, is super light and is great for warm weather. Stotz in the P10 cut feels like you’re wearing jeans almost(in a good way), doesn’t feel clammy and heavy when it wets out, but no stretch/limited mobility. CH is super comfy and luxe but frays too quick, and is hot wearing imo. DS is comfy, stretches, breathes, doesn’t feel clammy when wet, has amazing abrasion resistance and dries super fast. If you’re concerned about long term abuse, the DS is a much better choice. But looks way better in pants that center on drape. So you might want to think about P10-E variants.


    Or just say fuck it to all of this and buy some Crye G3 combat pants in ripstop instead lol. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, silenz said:

    not so much signs of wear rather than literal damage / fear of ripping, could also be the fact that P31s, although not severe still got a noticeable drop crotch that almost fucked me over climbing over a large spiked fence, and anything obstructive like that etc, I know this is rather severe example but that's why stotz is the only thing I want in pants that I actually want to use daily, I got absolutely zero fear damaging or second guessing the fabric

    DS to me seems just more a lounging fabric in comparison


    Nope. But you def shouldn’t be climbing over chain link in a drop crotch no matter what the fabric is. That’s just dumb my dude. Stotz is more rigid and would have punctured or ripped in the same style of pant/situation. Next time think first and hike up the damn pants to your tits beforehand. 

  3. I dunno @silenz, I beat the shit out of my 2018 P10-DS. Pulled 10 hour shifts in a busy kitchen, hiked in them, got drunk and did dumb stuff in them. Basically wore them almost daily for like 6 months. And they only got some slight pilling around the hems. Granted I’m not positive which weight DS the P10’s were compared to the 31, but by comparison every Stotz item I’ve owned has worn out/shown signs of wear wayyyyy faster than whatever weight DS. And I’ve owned many different iterations of both. 

  4. Quick impressions after wearing SP29’s for a bit: Material feels like a cross of the lighter weight Stotz and Epic nylon. Waist cinch is, well… a cinch lolololol. I sized down from my standard medium wearing just below my true waist as per usual. Still feel nice and roomy. The grey color is fantastic. Very similiar to the J1W-GTPL. Somewhere between the early alpha and the S24 alpha. Pockets are pretty obvious at this point.

     Is very good short pant indeed. 

    I’m In the midst of moving out/into new living space. They were fresh out the bag and still a little stiff. Pic is shit. Fit is shit. Mirror has since been packed. (Suffering emoji)



  5. 27 minutes ago, LowLevelViolence said:

    I took this to heart and actually glued down the lasercut bits on my black blazers.

    Here’s your next arts and crafts project


  6. On 1/11/2022 at 7:17 PM, brainerd666 said:

    WTS: Thirsty Bandits sz 10. No box. Worn maybe 5 times to run to the corner store or whatever. Only defect is minor thread popping near the tongue. Doesn’t really effect fit and a quick cheap fix from a cobbler. 

    $150 F/F shipped in the US. International or invoiced add extra


    Bump and price drop to $100 shipped

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342