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    So, I’ve been wearing the latest drop of P10-DS hard. Like really hard. Almost daily since I bought them at the end of last summer. Looking at a close to six months of daily. I’ve worn them in a busy professional kitchen environment. I’ve worn them in the rain and snow and in-between. I’ve hiked in them, and drunkenly explored urban confines in them. I’ve crawled around in weird places in them. I’ve sat in my couch for hours in them playing the vid games. I’m pretty convinced that this iteration of DS is one of the best materials out there for a pair of pants. They are light and move with you/stretch, are ultra comfy and luxe feeling -but at the same time don’t feel flimsy, inconsequential or cheap/synthetic like some 4 way stretch material. I’ve been highly surprised by the durability- not found a single instance of fraying, abrasion or pilling. My S15-DS has minor pilling where my arms naturally brush against my trunk area. None of that on these. There’s been times when I’ve had an oh fuck moment where I thought they snagged in something or some shit but turned out to be nothing. Whereas it would’ve been an issue with other shit I’ve worn(presumably). The stain resistance, wind resistance and water beading is great. My only minor gripe is that they do tend to hold odors a bit more than the S or CH versions I own. I may notice that more so based on wearing them in a kitchen environment where some food smells are highly exaggerated both due to strength and frequency(I’ve worn the S and CH versions in the same environment without this issue or at least not to the same degree). If they ever release an iteration of the SS-J25 in this material I’ll happily wade through a sea of razor blade brimmed MAGA snap back wearing aerosolized Ebola spewing yeezy clad mumble rappers festooned in Siberian razor wire coated with Supreme replicating nanites just to get that shit. And I’m not just saying all of this because they costed many of the dollaroos. Shit is güd fam.
  2. brainerd666

    Techwear sale-steals

    Hah! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought these were a fucking ridiculous pair of trousers. Unless you’re into BDSM, then I can see the appeal...
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    I lucked out when I bought my first pair of P10-S offa grailed, (this was back in 2016 before everyone was trying to retire off their used gear). Dude was very patient with my fit questions and asked straight up what kind of build I have to save me any aggravation(Dude was jealous of my calves). Gave me the confidence to buy my first stupidly expensive pair of pants. I really like the different drapes/profiles you get across the spectrum of materials for the P10’s.
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    2016 3ts w/Raccagni zip over here. Worn practically daily for close to 3 years and have used it in all kinds of wet weather from downpours to freezing rain and haven’t noticed any leakage going on.
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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    That ‘unwelcoming’ community has helped multiple new members over the last couple weeks identify potential fake ACR pieces, not to mention field questions on gear use and fits. If your ego wasn’t shoved so far up your orifice of choice you’d realize that @TEKsevenZERO‘s comment wasn’t directed at you but at the flippers trying to cash in old gear at new prices.
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    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Yeah, I dunno. The last few things that have had his name on them that weren’t mothersite oriented, seemed to be more about color and material more than form and function. I feel like E and crew had been up til about 14/15 getting the Shapes down pat and now there is playing with how to make surface Patterns do more Weird Shit on top of the Shapes. It would be cool to get a better look at their creative process and understand more how the flow works.
  7. brainerd666

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    SISP to me feels like E is designing shit he wished he had in his teenage raver years. (Spoken from the vantage point of someone who went to raves in the mid/late 90’s, no shade)