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  1. On 6/9/2019 at 11:49 PM, darkart said:

    Windstopper material for J68-WS is gore tex infinium different from J47A-WS windstopper material, more like J46U-WS. Collar is less rigid than J68-S. J68-S collar stands better and looks better. 

    Are there any clear differences between Goretex Infinium Windstopper Vs. Goretex Infinium? From sources and seeing some in person, Goretex Infinium Windstopper seems to be just a rebranding of Goretex Windstopper

  2. 3 hours ago, chopstixx said:

    Anyone know if it's possible to put a down midlayer under a Field LT? Heard the fit is fairly trim compared to previous iterations, but I've been able to fit one underneath the current Partition LT and am not sure how they compare in fits. 

    was able to fit a mionn is underneath comfortably

  3. 5 hours ago, overeasy said:

    Your comment is riddled with misinformation.

    If the GoreTex wets out, which it looks like it is, then its no longer breathable- not quite fine. Completely avoidable with proper application of DWR coating.

    Also if the GoreTex is still physically intact, then water will never penetrate. GoreTex membrane doesnt just lose waterproofness. Unless the jacket has rips or is falling apart at the seams it will stay waterproof. 

    Never mentioned that goretex membrane loses waterproofness only mentioned if the membrane starts to delaminate or contaminate from all the body oils and dirt will it start to lose much of its breathability and leaking. I've mentioned that if it's fine if the goretex wet out cause it's still effectively waterproof and it is unavoidable in heavy rain while his jacket is completely wet out due to improper washing procedure, the goretex itself is still waterproof. DWR coating is a first line of defense

  4. 2 hours ago, dreamboatjustsoul said:

    this is exactly the video I followed, I just throw the GT jacket into the dryer after a machine washing without spinning. 

    But I used 2 in 1, probably I should try the specific spray to re-waterproof it. ;)

    Why would you not spin lol. Did you let the gtx jacket fully dry in the dryer? And from the look of the pictures your jacket is fine, your jacket's face fabric is still subjected to water after awhile and will inevitably be wet. As long as the water doesn't penetrate through the gtx membrane your jacket hasn't been compromised 

  5. 15 hours ago, ztrevs said:

    Are there any reputable sites that sell rarer/older pieces?

    Regret selling my J28GT back in the day, may be in the market for another or something.

    you'll have to hunt through various marketplaces such as grailed, yjp, rakuten, sufu, and such. No actual sites sell it unless it's a consignment. 

  6. 14 hours ago, blitzing said:

    Longtime Acronym admirer here! Recently started lurking on this forum to do some research before finally purchasing my first Acronym pieces.

    First piece was P27-DS, with the super convenient sliding buckles for the webbing.  Second piece was P22-S, which I assumed had the same buckle system.  Instead, they have the same free drawcord webbing as P23A-S, and they were falling off me in public since I tried going beltless... :blush:  Had to tie the drawcords together -- this worked well, but sacrifices the dangling drawcord aesthetic and left wrinkles in the webbing.

    My first solution -- went on Amazon and bought some YKK cam lock lever plastic buckles.  Worked perfectly and, IMO, suited the technical aesthetic of the pants.  I also bought some tri-glide buckle fasteners, very similar to the ones used by Acronym themselves in their beltless drawcord pieces, but these were useless without an extra piece of connecting webbing between the two fasteners to maintain tension and lock the sliders.  



    Lately, I've been using a belt with my P22-S and the P23A-S from the recent drop.  I don't use the YKK buckles anymore, but they're low profile enough that you could use them in combination with your belt to keep the pants cinched up even when your belt is unbuckled.  I might move to this setup myself for some piece of mind against untimely pants dropping when I'm standing at a urinal, or any other situation where I need to undo my belt without dropping my pants... :rolleyes:

    any chance we could see some p27 fit pics?

  7. 2 hours ago, msoldano said:

    Have you tried pulling them really tight and then running the drawstrings through the buckle a second time? that helps for me on my DS variant 

    There's no buckle on the S variant of p23a

  8. 23 minutes ago, kraak said:

    The J74-PX looks great. I wish I had any use for another insulator.

    Does anyone know if the P30A-DS is actually part of this drop?

    Doesn't seem like it no web store has shown any indications of selling the p30a-ds or the new collar j1a-gt. 2nd drop maybe?

  9. 2 hours ago, lopiteaux said:

    Forgot to add - great shout on the J40-CH. Let the hunt begin...

    join the club the j40-ch is like an urban myth now, i have never seen one pop up for the past year and every time i think abt one i get a lil pop up in my stotz pants

  10. that would be a fleece lining similar to polartec microgrid fleece but still surprising the seams are covered rather than taped probably because it's an experimental piece? Then again this whole brand is an experiment 

  11. 12 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    Who produced the fabric for the non-schoeller ones? I only read back to about 2014 before I joined up but I probably missed it regardless. 

    Still schoeller except the fabric composition changed drastically I believe - significantly higher cotton content in the composition.

  12. 41 minutes ago, sailor saturn said:

    I don't think I'm gonna use that one hoarder on grailed who managed to sell a purple for 2k as a standard. Anyone who pays more than 1700 for one of these is going to be extremely dissapointed.

    lets be honest anyone who pays more than retail for a j28-k is going to be dissapointed

  13. 1 hour ago, Sureal said:

    Not a cyclist, but i think the ds piling is exaggerated. Can say I've been wearing the p15-ch (SS-14/ now would be - "ds") since they were released, excessively, and have no piling.  However, i wear these casually, non-athletically, if that makes a difference. 

     However my experience of DS (outlier and Acronym) DS pills heavily in the inside. it's when the softer yarn/material in the composition that attributes to moisture wicking and softer next to skin feel starts to degrade from abrasion. It pills quite heavily but that's about it, I haven't had any holes develop because of the pilling.

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