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  1. Suto Corp charges a 8% fees on the sum of whatever you have purchased with them. Which is extremely high as compare to From Japan they charge absolutely no fees at all and has a well integrated system to purchase any items from Japan. Suto Corp have a complicated system that is outdated which means low efficiency on the consistency to remind you the product arrival and package consolidation was completed. They can not give you an answer right away on email but instead have to transfer your request to their so called "purchase division” or “billing division”. You must keep sending email to ask them the current status of your order and mostly they appears to don't understand what you are saying. This is my two years of experience with Suto Corp, unless you are buying medicine from Japan that From Japan can't order for you but Suto Corp can. These are the facts from my experience of using Suto Corp's services and I hope this might help any of you in your future purchases from Japan.