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    Would anyone be able to shed some light on the actual process behind the ‘new rinse’ models of the LVC jeans? I realise this topic has been covered in some detail but I couldn’t find an exact explanation from a quick search and a description I saw on the following page has thrown me off a little: https://www.americanclassicslondon.com/products/levis-501xx-1966-rinse “This is 501 is versatile fit, these jeans have been through a one wash process which has removed the shrinkage from the jeans. These are labelled true to size so no need to size up if you are a 32 waist and 32 leg, buy accordingly or for a true 60’s slim Jim cut try one size down.” From the above, it sounds as though these jeans are manufactured exactly as a raw pair would be, but given a soak just before they leave the factory? I would assume there is more to it or perhaps a different story altogether? Most importantly, I would assume that these jeans will not shrink in future but I would also be interested to know if I could expect the same fades from a pair like this as I would from a raw pair that I pre-soak at home myself? Thanks a lot!