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  1. @_Debiru oh my god, you can just punt his 236L i feel like an idiot lol

  2. @_kurako__ @n8strength @Silestrio @KnowKami you don't even need to super dash, bardock can punish all beams and most projectiles full screen

  3. @144_GT i think we just played, ggs. i feel i mostly got lucky, wasnt playing clearn. im going to bed now but if yo… https://t.co/vcaJLU5TWr

  4. @AMAZlNGNATURE they must have bought all that beauty with the gold appropriated from my ancestors

  5. @Ambassotter "maybe if I lariat him this time...."

  6. @anthonyechavar6 many of the drivers rely on the income to support themselves and their families, the notion that r… https://t.co/ZD9yVTenUe

  7. @aolpr this is good and correct

  8. @aolpr which is why dbfz is impressive.. everyone knows that under the license it's pure kusoge but it's such a hype machine.

  9. @aolpr wow persona 1 what a g

  10. @AsianAccountant @aulowry i just went to the last character of the last set against him but you mostly always body… https://t.co/sAKAfhG4Qg

  11. @buufufuru hey hmu when you get this

  12. @buufufuru link plz

  13. @CapcomFighters are you aware of the extra scaling bug on uriens vt1? is this issue being adressed?

  14. @chayse_nasiatka just fyi, when I do 236m with bardock after a sliding knockdown, it is a safe jump ; ) dm if you want to finish the set

  15. @CutForTime the name of an actual hammer from dark souls 3: https://t.co/1rylnJwwQU

  16. @d_dollars15 hey this is p3ripheral, the urien you just played ft5. im actually new to sf (less than a 6 months) an… https://t.co/K4XjJYmn8n

  17. @dckrillin hey we just played dbfz online, not bad stuff but you need to work on your pressure. your spacing and mo… https://t.co/0Ogw6yPT0m

  18. @DracoPisces why do you ki blast with vegito after skd? is it frame kill? can't figure out why, thnx 4 body me

  19. @eziokkxx thank you!

  20. @fearless_ck fearless_ck? more like run away by jumping into the corner_ck

  21. @GeorgeMooey i had to back out last minute for family stuff, here if you need someone to practice with.

  22. @GnarlyFeats hmu anytime to play, im in miami so lmk if you are down here

  23. @Go_Left_Now hey we just played and had a good connection ill play ring matches with you whenever

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