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  1. RT @sseagalofficial: Dear Friends May I wish happiness long life & peace to all, over these blessed holidays. Many blessings Steven

  2. @AMAZlNGNATURE they must have bought all that beauty with the gold appropriated from my ancestors

  3. look at this asshole https://t.co/CJfOunRZDM

  4. idk https://t.co/rDdfDZmUGP

  5. @_kurako__ @n8strength @Silestrio @KnowKami you don't even need to super dash, bardock can punish all beams and most projectiles full screen

  6. @worstalexNA you should change your name to "theshiz(atthingsotherthandbfz)nick

  7. @worstalexNA you should change your name to "theshiz(atthingsotherthandbfz)nick

  8. @worstalexNA you should change your name to "theshiz(atthingsotherthandbfz)nick

  9. @Sonja_Drimmer that's some fine asmr work therr

  10. @TheKsack nice rage quit

  11. @GoofyHatMatt imo superdash wonk is the RNG that contributes to hype

  12. @zonknuckIe don't give yourself too much credit, if logan saw my timeline he'd collapse into an einsten-rosen bridge powered by socialism

  13. for reference https://t.co/XNtsLpSCXe

  14. #dbfz_gtk we out here eating your fuckin' lunch https://t.co/A9jZFiFrxc

  15. @KnowKami good luck this weekend