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  1. Any of you have experience with UES’s knits, especially their hoody? I was looking at Withered Fig’s sizing recommendations for UES henleys and they say to size up 2 from your western size, 1 up from your Japanese size. Is this your experience with the hoodie as well? 

  2. One thing I’ve noticed about social media is the repetition, as mentioned, or what I call copy cat syndrome. That is to say, people like to mimic each other whether it’s IG, Tik Tok or YouTube just to get likes. My son watches a lot of YouTubers play Minecraft and one of the observations I made was how they all say, “let’s go!” It’s like clockwork. I don’t understand why this happens but it’s an annoying phenomenon. 

  3. *beats dead horse*
    please, for the love of God, stop with the flat lays on IG. There’s nothing that screams I’ve run out of ideas more than a flat lay. Also, dudes that take staged pics of themselves kneeling to adjust the cuff on their denim must be launched into a hornets nest.

    *rant over*

  4. I didn’t mean he should scale back, I meant scale as in grow. He’s one person doing everything, allegedly, which means he should hire more workers to help him catch up on all the back orders he has. The guy is either very stupid or greedy/cheap. 

  5. The odd thing for me is that he seems unable to or unwilling to scale his business. I mean, if you’re backlogged then the sensible thing to do is hire more people. Either way, sh*tty business model. Can’t believe anyone follows this Dwight Yoakam wannabe on IG

  6. On 6/7/2021 at 5:21 AM, UkeNo said:

    Don’t think we discussed this before…?

    MMR ADM - ft. Malcom Catto

    This was a mysterious project 10” vinyl release a good few years ago. Very hard to find now, but has just popped up on Spotify. 
    Easily on of my favorite records. 
    can’t quite categorize it. Funk sounding library, synth, drumming mania thing. 

    Catto is regards as one of the great living fusion/funk drummers (so I’ve read) and was sampled by all sorts of hip hop producers thinking his drumming on various 7” must be old rare groove funk - or so the myth goes. 
    he’s been the live tour drummer for Dj Shadow in the past. Lives in Bath or Bristol and has a band/ projected called Heliocentrics. 

    anyways. Give it a listen - it’s a start to end type listen. Not too long. About 16mins  

    my pick being 4our if you want to dip into it for a taste  

    lemme know what you think?


    Used to own that 10”. Sold it yrs ago. Love the Heliocentrics too

  7. Not denim related but do any of you know of any Japanese guitar shops that ship to the US? I know a few of you are musicians so might know. I’m thinking of buying an electric guitar (to learn) but wanted something made in Japan. Was looking at ESP or Jackson. I’ve seen quite a few for sale on EBay but they’re kinda spendy. Hoping I might be able to source one well under $1000...maybe $500-$750

  8. Same thing happens to my right front pocket as well, like clockwork. Usually the top starts to fray and then I get a hole in the pocket lining. From taking my keys in and out daily 

  9. 3 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Pescatarians are meat eaters … :unsure2:

    Yep. I knew a guy who always referred to himself as ‘vegetarian’ even though he ate fish. Never understood why he didn’t just refer to himself as pescatarian. Oh, and he used to work for Green Peace as well lol. Maybe he thought he was earning woke bonus points so as not to offend anyone 

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