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  1. 3 hours ago, Double 0 Soul said:
    I was listening to some podcast last year... They were discussing the population boom in SF (800 peeps in 1849 to 20,000 in 1850) making food the most expensive commodity (a decent breakfast for 2 was the equivalent of $1200 today) by the 1860's enterprising folks were trying what'evs to source enough eggs to feed the hungry gold-rushing-loons, 'eggers' would go out to the Farallon Islands wearing specially made 'egging-shirts' with massive egg pockets for collecting the eggs of sea birds.
    Has ever such a shirt turned up? it would make an insane repro.

    That sounds eggsellent 


  2. Which PBJ cut is similar to Iron Heart’s 777’s? I’ve always wanted to try PBJ jeans but seems like every pair I come across is an extreme slim taper with a narrow 7” to 7.25” hem. I’m looking for something with a 7.75” to 8” hem with some room in the thighs and knees. Maybe the XX-011?

  3. @kiya

    I have a question regarding sizing on the PBJ SLB-013 denim on your site: https://www.selfedge.com/pure-blue-japan?product_id=2703

    I reckon i'd be a size 36 based on the measurements but is the hem measurement correct for this size? The hem is listed as 7.75" but size 38 is also listed at 7.75". Is this a typo? Is the hem actually supposed to be 7.25" or is the listed 7.75" measurement correct? Thx

  4. I got my masks from thetiebar.com yesterday and like them a lot. I bought the men’s xl 5 pack for $30 and they fit my face perfectly. They’re 2 ply with a filter pocket and thin enough where I feel like I can breathe. They also have adjusters on the elastic which is a must have feature since elastic stretches out over time.  

  5. 6 hours ago, elmcitizen said:

    Thanks for the info on the Outdoor Research mask. I had been considering it and the positive review pushed me to give it a try. I'll let you know what I think once it's here.

    That said, I have two Railcar masks and both work well but the elastic of these does get stretched out. I've been wearing them a bunch, so I really wouldn't say its a quality issue, simply the reality of small elastic bands. Using a comfort band to pull them tight along the back of my head seems to do the trick in keeping them useful.


    I had the same issue with the elastic bands stretching on my RC masks. Nicely made but they’re no longer snug on my face

  6. I'll probably buy a 5-pk from thetiebar.com next. I have a couple of type I masks from RCFG and while they are nicely made, the elastic has stretched out to the point where the mask doesn't sit flush against my face. Guess my head is too bulbous.

  7. On 9/11/2020 at 3:44 AM, Ar_thor said:

    Might be a good alternative to IH being €60 cheaper, with better color combinations and design (the IH mob will now strike down hard on me, I know). :ph34r2:


    As with all things, that's subjective and purely a matter of taste. I quite like IH color combo's and design, but not all of them. Likewise, I like UES's color combo's as well but not all of them. UES did some patterns a few years back that I thought I thought were really cool though.

  8. ^^

    I like both colors but I’m not digging the pockets for the bottom one. Much prefer the acorn pockets. I wonder why UES doesn’t use acorn pockets for the ultra heavy flannel?

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