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  1. I ordered Baldwin The Ten Skinny next... I found photographic evidence that the back pockets look good in a size 28 and I like the style of the back pockets. Back pockets are so important. :)


    ^ That's not my size and not the one I bought, but it's close enough to my size that I can tell they adjusted pocket size fot different jeans sizes. I got size 29 from Brooklyn Denim Co again.

    I am hopeful about this one...I think it will work! :)

  2. M-L, email or call Samantha at AB-Fits. It's [email protected] She knows this stuff cold when it come to women's jeans, fits, denim, sizing etc. And, they have a lot of stuff for women. She helped me get a surprise pair for my girlfriend and it was dead-on perfect what she wanted.


    Thanks for the tip! I did not know about this store yet  :)

    It looks like she has a few skinny fit choices which is great, that's what I was hoping to find...something I can tuck into boots

  3. theres always apc and tellason bird, sucks that you cant try them on though 


    Yeah it sucks not being able to try them on.  I thought the only issue I could possibly need to deal with if I buy them online would be guessing the wrong size and/or taking in the waist.  but that pocket size/symmetry thing has me feeling really bummed about what else I could run into.  


    In a $200+ price range, how is weird pocket placement and an off-center back seam even possible?  :blink:  


    I might just stick to my $20 consignment store jeans that don't have "sick fades" but do at least fit me and they got the back pockets right.

  4. Has anyone tried Baldwin Ten Skinny in a size 29 or larger?  I'm curious if it has problems with back pocket size/placement and back seam symmetry like the 3sixteen jeans did.




    Meh... I might just stop looking though since I am not close enough to NYC or CA to swing by and try things on in person.  I seem to have better luck buying clothes if I can try them on in person first.

  5. Return them and just buy my w27 PBJ's. ;)


    Haha, I don't think I could squeeze my 41" hips into a size 27 anything.  But thanks :)


    i think it would be pretty weird if you got them resized with different denim in my opinion.


    I agree....



    Well, I decided I must return them instead of getting the pockets fixed.  In my first picture of the back view, it looked like one pocket was farther away from the center back seam than the other.  I thought that might just be my camera angle, so I put them on one more time and took more pictures from different angles...it wasn't the camera angle.  I took them off and measured the back in a few different places...one of the butt cheeks is actually cut larger than the other.  It's a small amount, less than half an inch... but if I'm going to wear the same pair of jeans every day for a year or more then stuff like that would bug me.  An off-center back seam seems like it would be hard to fix than pocket size.


    More pics added to the album so you can see what I mean with the off center back seam.


    Sigh, I wish I lived somewhere where I could try on a few different brands before I buy any of them.

  6. I think I'd need to get the pocket size fixed too though if I try to keep them and do alterations to make it work... If a tailor completely replaces the pockets with bigger pockets, would that make things weird over time with different fabrics?  (For example what if the pockets shrink more than the jeans or vice versa?)


    and just in case anyone lands here with google and wants more specific measurements: the 3sixteen 77bsp back pockets in size 29 are 4.5" wide at the top of the pocket (the widest part).  On me that looks like a teeny tiny pocket near the side of a huge sea of butt...lol not the look I was going for.  I also measured two pairs of jeans whose back pockets look more proportional and more centered on me - those have 6" wide and 6.5" wide back pockets.



  7. Trying to find my first raw denim but this might be a project since I don't live near NYC or SF to try stuff on in person.


    The first thing I tried is 3sixteen 77bsp because Brooklyn Denim Co allows returns, and I loved the well-aged pictures on 3sixteen's website.  I loved the quality...I tried them on and amazingly I think I guessed right on the size (size 29 - I have 27" waist and 41" hips). They were very tight but not uncomfortably tight...so I was very hopeful up to that point. 


    Then I took pictures of the back view... and my heart sank because the back pockets look so strange :(   The pockets are way too far apart, and I think the back pockets are also too small for me.  I wish the pockets were slightly larger, with less space between them.


    Can I post links?



    It's a bummer because I really loved the pictures of 77bsp back pockets on selfedge.com and brooklyndenimco.com ... maybe 3sixteen didn't adjust the pocket sizing/placement for larger sizes.


    I have a 14-day window to return them, but everything seemed perfect except for the pocket placement and pocket size.  Unless someone knows of a way to fix the pocket size ... I am guessing a tailor could fix the pocket placement easily but not the pocket size.