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  1. I think I will try a hem first and see if I like the flare after hemming...I was wearing them yesterday and that flare makes me feel like a kid in a good way so maybe it's a keeper  :D


    do the samurai geishas shrink in the length on their 2nd wash?  BIG website said they were washed once already.  I do want to break them in before hemming to see if the thighs loosen up at all (they will sit half an inch higher on me if the thighs loosen up a little bit)

  2. With great difficulty, I have squeezed myself into the samurai geisha size 3. I love them and I keeping them!   I think the back pockets look cute and that is obviously priority #1 haha.  


    denim: 16oz nonstretch, once washed

    front rise: 8.5"
    back rise: 12.5"
    waist: 31.5"
    upper thigh (measured right at the crotch like BIG measures it): 11"
    my waist measurement: 26"
    my hip/lower butt measurement: 39"
    my upper hip measurement where the belt is sitting: 32.5"
    The bottom 2 buttons were extremely difficult to button (took me about 6 tries per button... until I figured out I can wedge a metal thing in there to pry the button out of the hole... exactly like taking a tire off a bike...lol).  by the time I got to the top button I had figured that out so that top button was a lot easier.
    I have some lower back muffin top but I think that will go away after they break in.  And obviously they're going to need a hem at some point and maybe a lower leg taper too. but that is an easy fix.  I want these to fit over boots, but they don't need to be *that* huge to fit over boots. 

  3. Those really do fit you perfectly! Id just recommend a little hem.


    thanks!  I see what you mean.  I am going to wait until they break in to decide if I need it though.  last year the baldwin ten size 29 sat a tiny bit higher on me after break-in because the upper thighs loosened up.  I feel the 27's starting to do the same.

  4. one last picture of the baldwin ten size 27...it's a crappy blurry picture but it shows what I like about the back pockets.  

    they're just so... correct  :D

    I'm done with pictures now unless the samurai geishas fit enough to keep them too.   I hope we get more pictures from other women too... I am curious what other jeans look like but I don't have the budget to try them all.







  5. the muffin top is already pretty much gone after just taking 1 walk in them..that was fast  :D


    this is what they look like in the back. Compared to size 29, the size 27 pockets are better 




    I love these a lot.  :biggrin:  



  6. here are the baldwin ten size 29's that I am saving in my closet for later in case I gain enough weight to size back up again.

    8 months, 0 washes






    and here is the new baldwin ten size 27.  got a little bit of muffin top bit it's subtle.  I think the muffin top will be resolved when they stretch out... if not then time to lose 5 pounds because I really like these  :P



  7. I also bought baldwin ten skinny size 27 and got them in the mail today (same ones I already had, but 2 sizes down)... like I said I have no restraint this week, don't judge  :D


    (2 sizes down because I felt like the size 29's had stretched out too much to be a true skinny jean any more.  Or maybe I lost weight or something idk. I was going to try 28 but 27 is what they had.)


    they're so perfect and I'm glad I sized all the way down to 27...I love them  :D


    this one has a 30" waistband, and the front + back rise add up to 21.5.  So it's a little outside the range I measured earlier but it is still sitting right on that bony area that I want.  so maybe I measured myself wrong.  Or maybe stretchy makes it ok.


    And the back pocket positioning is so much better than my first pair of baldwin tens. I don't know if they changed the pocket position or if the smaller size always had better pocket positions.  but I do love it a lot.  


    Super-skinny stretchy legging-jean needs all taken care of  :biggrin:

  8. My dream low rise jeans…I hope I can find them someday :)


    33†waistband, and front rise + back rise add up to 18.5â€


    31†waistband, and front rise + back rise add up to 21â€


    that’s like the top, and the bottom, of the bony area right above my butt where my belt always wants to sit (whether it is supposed to sit there or not).


    measurements look like the samurai geisha might be very close to that range:  31†waist, and front rise + back rise add up to 21.25â€.  but only if I can fit my thighs and hips into it.  Upper thigh measurement looks like it will be a struggle.  but I hope it will work.

  9. I hope it fits; I am hoping maybe if I size it right then the geisha will avoid my fit issues by staying farther away from my waist.  with a low front rise and low back rise.  but we'll see  :)  I might need an even lower rise than that, to do what I am picturing.  I am picturing jeans where the belt could sit right on the bony SI joint area right above my butt.  all of my butt is below that bony area, but that bony area is still pretty wide too so it's not like an extreme waist/hip ratio if I find jeans that sit there.


    PBJ do you have a specific model in mind?  Every picture I see of those so far looks so straight up and down from waist to hip to thigh. so I admit they scare me a little.   :ph34r:  but if they are returnable then I might like to try them too.

  10. Don't judge; I have no restraint this week :D  I was googling low rise raw denim for women last night and ended up ordering this: http://blueingreensoho.com/products/samurai-ladies-jeans-geisha-ga0512lxx-boot-cut


    I am not familiar with Japanese sizes but based on the measurements I picked "3" which I hope will be "just barely able to squeeze into it with difficulty" kinda tight, and then over time break in to a point where it's form-fitting. They are once-washed and I read they stretch out a lot during break-in so hopefully super-tight on day 1 is a good goal for these (...is it? I guess I should figure that out before they get here)


    If all goes well then I will 3 pairs of jeans I like that are all slightly different fit (railcar vixen, samurai geisha, & baldwin ten).    :D

  11. Fit looks spot on and hope you enjoy your pair! I'm not sure what you did to break them in with your 5 wears, but maybe they need more time to break in.  


    We need more women rocking raw denim.  I wish I could get a pair for my gf, but her hips and bootay are too big (lucky me  ;)).  


    I have faith in the alterations...we are going to flatten this tailbone area where the jeans are curved, but I am flat. 


    curved tailbone area

    and slightly lower the rise + reduce the waist to match.
    I added 1 more picture to my previous album ... I found a safety pin spot that takes out the extra tailbone volume, without taking out so much volume that the jeans want to sit higher on me.  (I don't want them to sit higher on me because I like where the back pockets are currently ...I want the pockets to stay at the same height.)

    planning alteration with safety pins


    I only tried 3 raw brands so far (3sixteen, baldwin, & railcar) but of those I like Railcar the best. for symmetry and flattering back pocket placement   :D  I think they are going to be my favorite jeans after the alteration    :)

  12. Hi! I think you need a jean with a lower rear rise. But we can do for you. Do one of our Downsize services. I can downsize the waist just a little bit and lower the rear rise .75 inch to take up that slack. Use code rfgservice25 when you check out. We give 25% discount on all of our service for Railcar jeans regardless of where you bought them. Also if you need to get them hemmed to your length I can do that for free for you too while its over here.


    Email me so I can set it up. [email protected]


    that sounds fantastic  :D  I emailed you!

  13. Seeking opinions after 5 wears of the Railcar Vixens.  because now that they are broken in, I see there's a space that I can't fill, right below the waistband in the back.  The jeans are curved outward in that tailbone area, but my body is totally flat there.  The back rise is also cut pretty high but my body shape is resisting that; my body shape seems to push the waistband down in the back until it's level with the front, creating that fold.



    Be honest; does it look bad enough that I should take action on it (either alterations, or ebay + looking for a different pair)?  Or should I just roll with it and appreciate the minor quirks like I did with my Baldwin Tens (which I still have and still love)


    I'm not bootylicious enough for the Vixens   B)   Lol!  


    I do have a very wide pelvis though, so no trouble filling the space farther down, and I can definitely appreciate the waist/hip ratio of these jeans because I have trouble finding jeans that have a small enough waist in the size that fits my wide pelvis. 

  14. They look great on you! Im glad you got the X023s because we just ran out of that fabric, i dont think we will be getting it back for a while, so you scored! Keep us posted the fades on this fabric are really unique.

    Thanks! I'm so glad there was enough left to make mine. I love them ðŸ˜

    I am going to try to wear them daily through fall and winter and spring ...fade pics later

    I already want the black/black ones too but I have to pace myself so I can fade these first 😄

  15. I got brand-new Railcar Vixen X023 in the mail today  :D  I like them a lot!  

    Now I know what to wear all winter and I don't need to wash my pants for the foreseeable future, yay.  :D


  16. I think I see some subtle fades on my Baldwin Tens after 8 months / 0 washes.  I was wearing them daily in the winter and early spring and then maybe once a week in the summer.  


    8 months 0 washes


  17. Hey everyone! I wanted to show you guys a fit pic from a customer I helped out a few days ago, she's wearing the new Railcar Vixen X028 raw 12 ounce Japanese 2% stretch selvedge denim. Size 29. 






    that makes me need my 2nd pair of raw denim   :D

    her shape is really similar to mine and it looks great. 

  18. Thanks...well, the reason I brought up the estimate is because I hoped someone who knows a lot about denim alterations might have an opinion on the number... like "yep, $160ish is a pretty normal price for moving back pockets" or "whoa, that is ridiculous, someone with the right equipment could do that a lot easier/cheaper." To me it seemed high but I don't have any sewing knowledge. If it truly is a $160 effort then that makes me love and accept all my pockets just the way they are! Except when I'm looking for the next pair of jeans. :)

    For this pair I agree perfect shouldn't be the enemy of good. I am enjoying my jeans. I love them actually :)

    Perfect pocket placement could inspire me to love a 2nd pair of jeans too though, so I'm going to hopefully-not-creepily watch this thread in hopes for seeing more real-life fit pictures from women with a similar size as me. :)

  19. ^ Thanks for belt recommendation! :)

    I got an estimate from a local tailor...4 hours and $40/hour to move jeans back pockets closer together. If it really is that much work then I'll just leave them alone. :) They really only look too far apart from a direct back view... normal from other angles.

  20. Having the back pockets so far apart and wide would annoy me so much. Anyways, really nice fit and it would be nice to see your fades down the line.  If you're looking for thick belts, check out Don't Mourn Organize.  They do custom belts that are very affordable and thick as hell, great bang for your  buck.  Highly recommended.  


    Thanks!  Do you know if they have a store online?  I searched but could only find a blog. 


    I hope to come back with some nice fade pictures in a year or so :)


    I think if I ever need to get the baldwin ten jeans waist taken in (if the waist stretches too much) then I might have the pockets moved at the same time.  They are a little farther apart than where I would like them to be, but not far enough to make me feel like I absolutely must fix it before I can wear them.  They are centered on the pocket zone, but I think my shape wants pockets to be closer to the back seam than the side seam, otherwise they don't look centered when I'm wearing it.  I'm mostly relieved that they are not as far apart as the 77bsp pockets.  On the 77bsp's the pockets were closer to the side seam than the back seam and that looked cringeworthy on me :)

  21. Thanks!  I see what you mean... I like the little bit of contrast in the pocket, but I would have been happy with them either way.  I feel like finding something that fits thighs/hips/waist all at the same time is the main holdup for me, so I'm happy :)  The only thing I would change is for my shape I think I'd like the back pockets to be just a wee bit closer together... but it doesn't scream "whoa, pockets too far apart!" like the other one did, so I'm not going to worry about that.  I might someday need to get the waist taken in if the waist stretches out a lot... or a belt might be enough by itself.  I want to find a wider belt because they have huge belt loops and I love wide belts ...I think I could fit a 2.25" wide belt in there.

  22. I believe the pocket sizing did change just over a year ago on the women's jeans. My GF has two pairs of the 99BSP and the differences between the pocket size / placement is easily seen.


    That makes sense.  Maybe I can give the 3sixteens another shot someday then. I hope the one with the straight belt loops & wider pockets is the newer one because I think that one looks so much better :)


    Hey everyone,


    I have a pair of 3sixteen+ 77BSP in size 30 that I need to get rid of because they ended up being too tight for my girlfriend :(


















    Size 30
    Waist 33"  
    Front rise: 8.75"  
    Back rise: 13.75"  
    Thigh: 10.8"  
    Knee: 7.2"  
    Leg opening: 6.5"  
    Inseam: 29.5  



    I wonder why the 77bsp size 30 pockets look so much better than the size 29? Did they change their pocket style?

  24. Railcar sent me this picture of Railcar Vixen back pockets in size 29.  I think these back pockets look good too... symmetrical and proportional.  and they have been really helpful to figure out which size will work before I order it.




    This one is next on my list to try if I don't like the Baldwin Tens.  


    Edit: or I will wait to try those...they were very helpful with sizing and they helped me notice that my thighs might not fit into these in size 29 or 30.  31 would definitely fit my thighs but looks like it would be too big in the hips.  I might try still try a 30 someday but not just yet.