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  1. Hello! I like to buy my raws snug as well, it feels much better when it's finally broken in and molded to your body. For my Railcars I've never had to size down, but there is some stretch in the waistband and top block area depending on the fabric. Do you remember which fabric you had tried? I wash my stretch raws regularly because I do notice it starts to loosen up and drape differently, after the wash they tighten right back up in all the right areas. I only do this for stretch denim because of how elastic they are, I try to find the right routine for all my denim and this seems to work great for me. For you I would recommend our Starlet skinny or like mentioned above our Vixen X028sBased on your measurements you would be around a 27-28 for Railcars, to better fit you though, we always recommend measuring a jean that fits you best. The waist, back/front rise, widest part of hip(widest part of jean) and thighs. Let me know!  :) 


    I got the impression Vixen probably isn't for me because the place where the yoke and butt join together had a lot of convexity - and my body shape is totally flat there in the upper butt and above my butt.  Maybe that shape difference was magnified by me guessing the wrong size, but still.  I am having very good luck in brands/styles that are cut less generously in the upper butt.  I thought at first that vixen "cut with extra room in the seat" sounded perfect for me because my waist/hip ratio is pretty far out there... but it turns out mine is mostly just bone width and I don't actually have much of a butt at all.  Lol!  if I do attempt another raw denim purchase someday it would be if I lose more weight, if the samurai geishas feel too big, then I would look for the next smaller size samurai geisha's, because I love those so much and they match my shape almost like they were made for me.  But to answer your question the fabric I had tried was the X023. 


    Hello - I'm looking for a pair of jeans for my ladyfriend. I have done a bit of reading, but i'm still not sure. Her actual waist is around 30, hips around 36 and butt around 38. I'm worried something even with stretch will be too loose in the legs, while fitting the waist fine. I'll keep looking through this thread. But any suggestions for someone with not a ton of waist hip ratio would be great. She doesn't like anything with very low of a rise. I'm considering the Railcar Vixen X028 but even then, I'm not sure exactly what size to get her. Because it stretches, going a sz under might be reasonable.. but in your experience, is that actually too tight?
    edit: shit i might be wrong about those measurements.... something close tho.



    need pics when it gets here! :D  in any brand so far I am happiest with the raw denim where I sized down a lot...like on day 1 too tight in the thighs to pull it all the way up and too tight in the waist to button it without an extender.  I tried Railcar Vixen before I learned that.  and my Vixens fit great on day 1 but a week later was clearly at least two sizes too big for me. They do stretch a lot.  Downsizing service made them fit better but then they sat too high on me and the back pocket placement was odd when they sat higher so I gave them away.  Railcar Vixen also had a lot of convex shape in the tailbone/SI joint area that I couldn't fill because I am flat right above my butt.  But I'm not sure if that was just the size I tried; maybe in a much smaller size that convex area would have been on my butt instead of above it.


    edit: one fit example for you ... my body measurements are

     - natural waist 26"-29" depending on how much I just ate :D

     - body measurement where my belt sits (mid-rise) 32" if tape is just barely touching skin but not digging in at all

     - body measurement where my belt sits (mid-rise) 30" if I pull the tape as tight and squished as humanly possible

     - high hip (around my hip joints) 35"

     - low hip (at the widest part of my butt & greater trochanters) 38"

     - seated thigh measurement 21.5"


    ...and the jeans I am happiest with after they stretched out all had a waist measurement of about 30" fresh out of the box unworn, with 10.25" or 10.5" thighs measured right at the crotch... so too tight in the thighs to pull them all the way up on day 1, and too tight in the waist to button on day 1, with muffin top when I finally can button them, wondering if I sized down too much ...but a few weeks later just lovely, fitted.  :D  The 2 pairs I have that fit me the best are Samurai Geisha size 2 (16oz nonstretch) which broke in very quickly, and Momotaro 8005SP size 27 (14.7 oz nonstretch) which broke in very slowly.  I also have Baldwin Ten skinny size 25 (10oz stretch) which fits me decently but might end up being a little too large when it's done stretching.  Also tried Railcar Vixen size 29 which was definitely way too big for me after it stretched.  My favorite in that list is the Samurai Geisha because it's fading the fastest and I think it has a flattering shape in the rear.

  3. They look like a great fit! Seems the smaller size is the way to go. I'm torn, because to get them big enough for my thigh measurement, the waist is half an inch bigger than I'd prefer - so I'm not sure what to do! Might just have to take a punt.



     I've said this myself....somehow I've still ended up with way too many jeans!  :D


    The thighs will stretch a lot though!  the size 3 when I first bought it was so tight in the thighs that I couldn't pull them all the way up...20 wears later I could pinch extra fabric in the thigh and butt (too much extra for my taste actually).  The waist and everything else will stretch too though so who knows.


    Momotaro 8005SP has the smallest waist/biggest thigh ratio I have ever seen so far (at least among raw denim low rise which is where I've been looking the most); I like that one too  :D


    I have officially too many jeans too now too...lol!  2 are slightly too big for me, 2 just right, 1 a very tight squeeze....so even if I gain or lose weight I should still try really really hard to not buy more....lol


    Great fit! It was a good decision to size down  :)


    thank you! I am glad I did  :D

  4. also got pictures of my larger samurai geisha size 3 fades with 1 month of wear (with lots of walking...I was getting some nice whiskering in the front). 

    I am keeping these just in case I gain weight someday or in case washing someday makes them shrink more than I expected etc.







  5. I did decide to size down in the samurai geisha; just had a "what if I regret it forever?" kind of moment because I love so much how the size 3 is fading and I love how it matches my shape, love the texture and weight too, but I liked the size less and less because they had stretched so much and felt too big :)


    so this is samurai geisha bootcut size 2 (M); on day 2 because I couldn't button them on day 1 (they did loosen up fast though - just wearing them a few hours was enough to button them the next day).  And the flare at the bottom is smaller in this size...I like that too :)




    I'm done buying jeans now, I swear!   :D

  6. I have and love the TCB Orange 606 too. I have two pairs, one is tight and the other is a little looser and more comfortable. Fit pics of both below. Sorry about the low resolution, I had to re-download from my own Instagram. 


    TCB Orange 606, size 30


    TCB Orange 606, size 32


    I have quite a few pairs of raw denim, but I don't own a single women's cut. Most men's or unisex cuts work for me since I'm tall and not very curvy, as long as the thighs are roomy (enough) I'm good. Funny you should say that about the rise, @theravensnest, because 10 inches is an absolute minimum for me, although that's based on comfort and not aesthetics. I do like the low rise look on others.


    Here are a couple of other jeans in my rotation. 


    Warehouse 1101, size 30


    Ooe-Yofukuten OA02-510, size 31



    looks fantastic! :D  

  7. Thanks! I hadn't worn them a huge amount, but during the past 4 months I've started wearing them a lot more. Just about to wash them for the first time, I've had them for about 16 months all up.


    That's interesting - I have two pair of Vixens, one in the natural indigo, one in the black. I've never had an issue with the indigo ones - other than the crotch sits below my actual crotch by a bit, and this puts a bit more stress on that area, so I've had to repair them (which I'm fine with). I had always assumed the thighs were a little tight which prevented me from pulling them up as far as they can go - they sit just on my hips, whereas in the pics I've seen they seem to sit higher on other people.

    So I bought one size up in the black ones and actually saw the picture of the ones you had on the  previous page and realised that's how the bigger ones fit me! With the kind of bunch/roll at the back. So I'm not sure they're actually the best fit for me. Having said that, I LOVE my indigo Vixens and wear them all the time and would recommend them to anyone based on the construction and materials etc. I've just forced them to fit me a certain way :D

    The Momotaros fit me better I think for the same reason as you, they're a bit lower rise - but I think also it has to do with the denim itself. The Railcar denim is very tightly woven and rigid, whereas the Momotaro denim, while a heavier weight (14oz), seems to have a bit more texture and was softer from the start, so is maybe less densely woven. So perhaps they have a bit more give and have moulded a bit better to my shape? 

    Funnily enough I just bought a new pair of TCB Orange Tab super slims - they have a *really* high rise (approx 10") and I was a bit uh hopeful with the sizing (haha) and got a smaller size. But the denim is soft and hairy and despite being 13oz has really softened up quickly where I need it to - so while they're still tight, they fit really well. And they're guys jeans so not curvy at all. 

    So I think what I've learned through trial and error is that the actual denim, rather than the cut will contribute a lot to the eventual fit - which I guess is pretty obvious but it's one of those things you have to learn yourself I guess! 


    I would love to see your TCB jeans too, if you have a picture! :D  I have to live vicariously through other people since I already spent too much on jeans lately....lol


    I think you would like the samurai geisha denim a lot ... it is heavy (16oz) but feels like a looser weave ...and it's also "soft and hairy" ... I love the texture of it.    :D

  8. Can do! I had them on today actually, so good timing. These are I think my favourites.


    They are the Momotaro copper label 'vintage indigo' GL007-MZ. More info here. I love the details on them, the yoke and pocket fabric is really different/interesting and I love the peach arcs!


    I have the Railcar Vixens too - what do you think of them? I love mine, but made the mistake of having them taken up too much! I'm going to wait and see if they bring back the higher waisted Donna's soon - but I'd love to get the Vixen's made in a heavier weight.


    I *really* want those Geisha's now!! 


    ooh those are gorgeous!   love  :D


    my size 29 railcar vixens unfortunately didn't work out for my shape...they were very nice quality but I ended up gifting them because of shape differences...I think part of the problem is I guessed my size wrong from afar (too big) but also they had too high of a back rise for my shape and too much convexity in the upper butt.  I think my shape needs a low back rise and a totally flat shape around the yoke - I'm very wide-boned in the hips but not enough butt volume to fill a higher back rise or a convex yoke area.  we did an alteration to take in the waist and lower the back rise and it definitely helped get everything closer to my body shape but taking out that much fabric changed where they sat on me and the back pockets looked too high afterwards...oh well, it was a learning mistake on my part.  I noticed those also stretched a lot very quickly so if I ever try them again I will try to err on the side of picking a size too small. 

  9. Taylor - those are just lovely!  :D


    ravensnest - glad it helped; I love my geishas soooo much, they fade so fast and it's lovely to watch. I personally wouldn't be afraid of the low rise because they stretch so much.  on mine the thighs stretched out so much that they can sit pretty much as high as I want them to. and the rise stretched too.  everything stretched horizontally and also vertically.  I would love to try the next size down because I think they stretched a little too much for my taste but damn $295 is a lot so I'm ok with the looser fit for now, whatever! lol


    I absolutely love my momo 8005sp too...they are starting to feel like second skin :) breaking those in was grueling (for a while my hip flexors were fatigued when I walked a lot in them; just a lot of resistance on every step because I sized down) but I love that waist/thigh ratio.  they are the only pair of jeans I own that is still fitted in the waist and upper butt after break-in; the only jeans I own that don't tempt me to take in the waist someday :)


    PS. I would love you see pictures of your momos! :D

  10. thank you for the input!  I don't know anything about women's fashion but maybe you are both right about not hiding heels :P  

    (as for what i was aiming for...a "going out to eat and wanting to look kind-of-sort-of dressed up, but not so dressed up that I am actually wearing a dress" kind of outfit...needs a different shirt though. maybe a nice sweater or nice blouse. just not a hoodie... lol)

  11. well I imagine it would be a lot more unpleasant for a guy to size down!  :P  for me pretty painless though. and I will really like it a lot if they still feel somewhat fitted after they are fully broken in.


    ignoring the hoodie (because maybe I need a fancier shirt for this to work)... do you think the momo's work with my 4" heels?  It's nice that they are already the perfect length for it. 







  12. oh yeah...in my case I think my thighs are always the holdup if it can't button at the waist... lol.  If the thighs are too tight then I can't pull the waistband high enough, to the part of my body that's small enough for it to button.  but once I get them up my thighs then it's fine.


    I wasn't sure if it was going to work because I read momo's don't stretch much...plan B if it didn't work was to gift this pair to my sister who's a size or two smaller than me :)  I still want to give her a present though, maybe she'll get size 26 :D

  13. well....a big new contracting project made it impossible for me to resist the momo's that I was lusting after  :rolleyes:  the measurements on these looked so perfect for my shape in theory (a low rise in front and back, but also a small waist compared to the thigh)


    I keep feeling like my jeans stretch out too much and then feel too big, so this one is like a test of how small a size I can start with. On day 1 the thighs were so tight that they sat 2 inches too low on me and could not be buttoned or zipped at all, not even if my life depended on it.  I slept in them twice, I know it's kind of odd, but it worked; now the thighs are loose enough that I can pull them all the way up and I can button them and zip them.  so this picture is day 3; I think they will be just right in the end 


    momotaro 8005SP size 27



  14. yes they were once washed when I got them. I think just a belt is enough for now though ... I don't want to wash them yet but it will be nice to have them snug again when I do finally wash them 😊

  15. I agree, wear whatever you like :D


    samurai geisha stretched out soooo much everywhere ...lol.  it's even doing a tiny bit of the same horizontal upper butt fold that the railcar vixens had, so I find myself wishing I had tried the size 2 instead of the 3, but I'm leaving it alone.  I love them anyway.  on the bright side, zero muffin top now since they are so loose.  I just feel like next time I order raw denim I really need to test the limits of how small a size I can squeeze into on day 1, if I want it to still be somewhat fitted later  :D


    how much samurai geisha stretched:

     - the flat thigh measurement is 0.75" bigger than it used to be (thigh circumference 1.5" bigger)

     - front and back rise are each 1" longer now

     - the waist circumference is 2" bigger. 


    that's a lot!

  16. samurai geisha baby fades; only 20 wears  :)

    when I'm walking, the bottom tip of the back pocket pokes the back of the upper thigh, so that's where the small white dot is coming from. I like it  :)



  17. Are your Baldwins made from Cone Mills Denim? I think it's interesting that Cone denim fades so fast, whereas, other denim is not.


    that was a picture of the geishas (with 20 wears and no washes yet); not sure about Baldwin Ten but I looked it up and it says those are japanese denim too.  very different weight though (16oz geishas vs. 10oz baldwin ten) so maybe it's a weight thing; being more active in the geishas because I feel like they are heavy enough to take it :)  

  18. thx :) I found some pictures of skull linda and it does look like potentially a good match for my shape but I need to do less buying and more wearing!  I'm already trying hard to talk myself out of buying the momo's and it's very difficult.  those stripes  :blink:   


    I like the flare too!  I decided not to hem them yet either. I just sewed the cuff very loosely into place, at a good height for hiking boots and sneakers.  and if I want to wear them with 4.5" heels someday when they stop bleeding indigo then I can take the cuff down.


    samurai geisha fades already just barely visible after 9 days... it seems so fast!   but the weight makes me want to be a lot more active in them than I was in my baldwin tens last year so that might be why they are fading faster. 






  19. here is an interesting low rise choice for wide hips & narrow waist; momotaro 8005sp



    compared to my samurai geisha, it looks like the waist is a little bit smaller and the thighs are a little bit bigger.  rise is similar though. 


    It's not for me because I need to do less buying and more wearing... for, I don't now, a year at least?   :D  but I thought I would share anyway.  I had to dig a bit to find it...I don't usually see momotaro listed in any summary of "raw jeans for women" ...I'm really not sure why.  They look nice.  I like the stripes. 

  20. samurai geisha loosened up so nicely after a few wears and they feel great.  I keep reaching for these instead of rotating like I was planning to. So I apologize in advance if I only have samurai geisha fade pictures in the spring instead of a rotation...I just love them so much!  they make me feel like exploring everything and climbing on all the rocks and trees  :D  the weight and texture is so good.