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  1. 18 hours ago, ColonelAngus said:

    Did you have your jeans taken in by a denim specialist or a tailor?

    a denim specialist ... I guess we have step 1 figured out because they are sending me a return shipping label so they can take a look and figure out what happened.  I don't know what to do if it's not fixable though.

    in case anyone is curious here are pictures ... if I line up the center back seam with one of the lines on my floor, then the problem is visible... the right side of the waistband covers 3 full floor boards, but the left side does not


    to rule out the possibility of "what if the jeans were folded in a weird place for that picture of the back," I turned them over with the waistband folds in the same place and took a picture from the front


    so the front looks totally normal to me.  but the back has the center back seam too far to the wearer's left (about 0.8" too far)

    likewise when I'm wearing them, the front looks symmetrical, but the back looks like the back seam and both back pockets are sitting about 1 inch too far to the left (because they are stretchy the difference is a little more).  I sent a picture of that to the denim specialist who did the alteration.



  2. Has anyone ever sent your jeans to a downsizing service and the jeans were basically ruined?  How to deal with that?  I am trying to figure out what would be a fair resolution in that scenario.  It just happened to me and did not expect it at all because the place that I sent them to gets good reviews.

    The "center" back seam is now an "off-center" back seam.  Measurements confirm it is actually off-center and not just in my head.  The right half of the rear waistband is 0.8" bigger than the left half of the rear waistband - and on a relatively small person that difference is painfully obvious.  The center back seam is nowhere near the center of my butt, and the back pockets are off center too.  Can't even cover the problem with a long shirt because the back pockets are so off center too.  One half of the upper block is just overall smaller than the other.  Completely unwearable now.


  3. I am bummed because I got the waist taken in on my Baldwin Ten size 25 (the ones whose legs fit just right but the waist was too big) - the end result feels much more comfortable but so visually wrong :(  The "center" back seam is now an "off-center" back seam.  Measurements confirm it is actually off-center and not just in my head.  Sigh. That's 0 for 2 now, trying to improve jeans by getting the waist taken in; both times I felt like the alteration made the jeans even worse than they were before.

    I guess I shouldn't worry though because it gives me more reasons to wear my Flat Head balder jeans daily without fail (those are starting to break in very nicely and I can now button them while standing; also walking in them no longer feels like a resistance exercise for my TFLs)

  4. Frye madeline short boots with Flat Head Balder ... does this combination work? and does it look like the right hem length?  Not too short?

    I feel like this hem length would definitely work with flats or a low heel but it would be nice if it works with a higher heel too.  I tried them with high heel pumps last night, but felt like that was a big "nope" because the jeans weren't breaking at all over my foot. But the boots are thicker, so the jeans do break a little bit at least, maybe it works?


  5. 3 hours ago, blaewen_blue said:

    They look great - it's such great denim, I'm glad they worked out for you! Do they have a selvedge outseam? I've had two pairs and one did and one didn't. I couldn't figure out why - one came from Self Edge originally (no selvedge) and the other I think came from Japan (via Rakuten I think). So I assumed they're just different 'versions'. 

    I have a size 28 that have shrunk quite a bit, so no good for me in the thighs, but it looks like you definitely don't need them! Like you, on paper the measurements looked good - but in reality they weren't anywhere big enough in the legs! They got really slim really quick in the thighs. Never mind!

    To contribute - my favourite denim at the moment, Momotaro GL-005s. Nice high rise, fairly tapered and amazing blue green denim. Nice denim, crappy pic :( I got these after my other pair of low rise ones got too small and I was after a higher rise. I think they're my most favourite denim ever.




    Yours look great! :) 

    Mine do have the selvedge but I will probably never see it; I think they have been hemmed by the previous owner and a cuff might make mine feel too short.

    These size 27 balders are such a struggle to button every time... I am hoping they will continue to stretch just a *little* bit more over the next few weeks... if they do then they will be so perfect, if not then I might come back to you wanting that size 28. :)  I can't button mine when I'm standing yet, only when I'm lying flat...and today I needed to wear them with the waistband extender for an hour before I could button them without it.  But if they stretch just a little more, then they will be just right.

  6. Flat Head Balder size 27 stretched enough that I could pull them all the way up and button and zip them without the waistband extender ;) they just needed a little nap.

    ugh I love these so much.  I can't imagine a more perfect fit for me.  there's a tiny bit of muffin top but I think it will go away when they are totally finished stretching.  

    I think I will be wearing these daily all summer ...and in the fall/winter too if I can find some good ankle boots for them.

    flat head balder size 27.png

  7. 1 hour ago, Foxy2 said:

    Good luck - seems like you got your work cut out for you...

    (I guess we all have been there, or close to it.)

    I think I lucked out...these seem to be stretching already.  I think I still need a nap in them but it looks like it will definitely work. :D

    Just wearing them around the house this afternoon (nothing strenuous)...now they are sitting a little higher already...I still need them to sit about 1" higher but after I nap in them I think they will :) I used a waistband extender that I got from amazon so the waist can start stretching too while I stretch the thighs.  Can't zip them just yet but I think I will be able to in a few days.  i am excited about these :)  


  8. Here is the Flat Head Balder that I got from ebay in size 27 


    The ebay ad said they were worn and soaked, but not washed.  They don't have body creases so I'm guessing what happened is the previous owner shrank them and then thought they shrank too much.

    Measurements look like they really *should* be perfect for me in theory...

    • front size: 8"
    • back rise: 12"
    • thigh measured BIG style right at the crotch: 11"
    • waistband: 30.5"

    and the upper butt flatness makes me feel very hopeful:)  these are flat like a tabletop from the upper butt to rear waistband.

    I also don't have this leg shape yet which is like a slim straight leg (I have a wider straight leg but the wider leg hides high heels and this wouldn't)

    Back pockets look like they would be very flattering for me (vertical back pockets that are closer to the back seam than the side seam)

    So that all sounds great for me in theory ..... in practice they are sitting about 2" too low on me.  The jeans thigh starts to get narrower pretty fast as I move the measuring tape farther away from the crotch.  My own thigh shape is still wide for another couple of inches before it starts to narrow down. And I am not sure but it feels like the roughness/stiffness of the fabric is also preventing me from pulling them up all the way.  The waist is nowhere close to buttoning since they sit too low and my body shape goes very quickly from narrow to wide near the place where a belt would sit.


    I feel hopeful about these so I am going to keep them and just see how much they stretch. I'll take a nap in them or something and see how far I get.  If it doesn't work, worst case scenario is I could sell them on ebay and then find a size 28 to try.  Or maybe a brand-new size 27 that I could soak and shrink while I'm wearing it.


    On 6/18/2017 at 0:15 AM, blaewen_blue said:

    Let me know how you go - I have a pair of Balders that don't fit me, and I'd be happy to pass them on! I really wanted them to work for me, but the thighs were just too small and I can't find a bigger size atm. Tbh I also don't really need new jeans so I'll just keep my eye out. I have too many pairs as well! But mainly its due to searching for a better fit, and you learn something every time you try a new pair I think. 

    One day I'll find the *perfect pair*.

    ...or I'll just die one day under a massive collapsed pile of denim :D

    Oh! What size are they?  The one I'm getting in the mail today is a size 27... I'll see how that goes first.  It is supposed to come in the mail later today.  I also need bigger than average thighs compared to the waist, uh oh... I hope it works :)   If it's tight in the thighs and also tight in the waistband then I'll still keep it and try to stretch it out. 


    On 6/18/2017 at 10:30 AM, elmcitizen said:

    My GF has a pair of FH Balders that she doesn't wear. They are a size 31 that have been cold soaked and worn maybe twice.

    If anyone is interested in them I'm sure she would let them go at a cheap price.

    I can get measurements if interested, just PM me.

    I think 31 is probably too big for me but I hope you find someone!

  10. I have these that fit me:

    • Samurai Geisha size 2 (boot cut)
    • Momotaro 8005SP size 27 (straight leg)
    • Baldwin Ten size 27 (like a slouchy skinny)
    • Japan Blue 1169 size 26 (skinny)

    I have these that don't fit me very well:

    • Baldwin Ten size 25 (fits in the legs; too much room in the upper butt and waist; back rise too high)
    • Baldwin Ten size 29 (too big)
    • Samurai Geisha size 3 (too big)

    And this one is coming in the mail next week from ebay

    • Flathead Balder size 27

  11. 14 hours ago, blaewen_blue said:

    That's interesting - I hadn't checked that before, I assumed it was just the rear rise length which was the issue! I can see what you mean now though with a few of my pairs. I have the Vixens but they were honestly always a bit too small, so the rise wasn't high enough for me to have the 'bunching' problem. 

    With my first few pairs I was trying to get the same skinny fit I had with the stretch jeans I previously owned - just with raw denim.  I wear both of my current pairs - Momotaro GL005s and Tellasons -  looser than I wore previous pairs, so I don't notice the bunching issue anymore. The Tellasons are a bit roomier around the waist but I always wear a belt so it's not a problem. 

    Have you tried the Flathead Balders at all? Quite a low rise and really nice denim.

    And I have to say thank you for this - it inspired me to try on a pair of Flathead I've had for a while but stupidly shrank though washing (stupid rookie mistake!). I jammed them on this morning and by the end of today they're doable, hopefully after tomorrow they'll be pretty good. My thumbs might never be the same though ;)

    it's so funny you ask about flat head balder because I was just literally on ebay buying a used pair of those that I saw in my size!  and then I came here to confess for buying too many pairs of jeans...lol...and I read you suggesting that one. I remember ruling that one out when I was first looking because I thought the rise would be too low for me - but the more I look the more I realize that low rise is really great for my shape and the one I found is probably my size or close to it so I wanted to try it.  next week I'll see if it fits ☺  I should really wear more and collect less but it's so hard to resist!!

    Glad my sizing tip helped too :) If it's really stubborn to stretch out then taking a nap in them seems to work for me.

  12. On 6/7/2017 at 3:45 AM, blaewen_blue said:

    Both combos looks great! When you say you have trouble with them being to convex - do you get bunching at the back, above your tailbone? I get this but just assumed the back rise was too high. I'll have to measure a couple of pairs now and see how different they are.

    I find sizing stretch pairs tricky actually - I recently ordered a pair of Naked and Famous Indigo x Natural Indigo Slub Stretch Selvedge and they started out perfect (that should have been a  warning sign!) and now they fit looser all over than I would like. I'm going to hot soak them and see if that helps. If not, I'll have a comfy 'round the house' pair!

    sizing has been tricky for me too ... after some trial and error, my rule of thumb is on day 1 I should be genuinely worried that maybe I bought a size too small.  Not just super-tight on day 1 ... I should be completely unable to button or zip it.  And unable to pull it all the way up my thighs (maybe an inch too low).  And the waist should be several inches away from buttoning since it's sitting too low.  I should be worried if it could possibly stretch that much. Then later it's fine.

    The upper butt convexity issue does look like bunching on me...a horizontal fold of extra fabric across the upper butt.  I need both the lower back rise and the flatness to fix it. I basically need the exact kind of jeans that other people's upper butt would fall out of if they sat :) 

    If I read something like "the rear waistband is curved in the back to avoid a gap when sitting" then have to run in the other direction because I know it will be too curvy for my upper butt to match it :)  

    I have to avoid this curved upper butt shape:


    I have to look for this instead:


    flat triangular folded shape + low front rise + low back rise + smaller than average waistband + wider than average thigh = very likely to fit me.

    Samurai Geisha and Momotaro 8005SP are two jeans that fit me very well from thigh to waist without any problem.  Baldwin Ten is pretty close but a tiny bit too curved in the upper butt.  Railcar Vixen had the most convex upper butt of all the jeans i tried so that one definitely wasn't for me.  

  13. Baldwin Ten size 27 fit a little loose but not too bad.  Like most jeans they have a little too much convexity for me in the tailbone/SI joint area where my body shape is wide and flat - but not as bad as some other jeans I've tried, and if my shirt is long enough to cover that part, then it doesn't bother me. Baldwin ten sizing is weird. I have the 25 and 27.....27 feels just a little too big everywhere. 25 is perfect in the legs but too loose in the upper butt and waist, and that feels like an awkward combination.  25 is also more convex in the tailbone area.  So I've been wearing the 27 a lot more.

    I get compliments from random strangers if I wear them with strappy high heel wedges ...oddly not as many compliments in the colder months when I wore them tucked into Frye knee high boots although I love that combination too. Maybe people are just less talkative in cold weather.

    Today wore them with Barneys Fania platform wedges which I love so much ...so comfortable even though the heel is high. Rolled up a little more than usual trying not to stain my shoes blue :)


  14. That coat looks fabulous Mojique :)

    RE: Baldwin Ten washing, I was ready to keep wearing them for the rest of the summer without washing yet.... they're a little looser than I want but it's not too bad.... and then I was wearing them just now and something BIT me on my leg inside the jeans!  I think it was a mosquito.  But anyway I am back to wanting to wash them now unless anyone has a better idea.  Ugh.  If I wait I will have mental images of bugs every time I put them on.

  15. some Baldwin Ten fades ...I rotated jeans a little bit but wore this pair most of the winter. I got them in September and wore them about 80% of the time...no washes yet but I wonder if it's time. 




  16. On 10/03/2017 at 9:06 PM, blaewen_blue said:

    These look great, nice fit. I like the look of Japan Blue's but haven't tried them yet so thanks for posting. 

    I noticed that Denimio has a new listing for Samurai Geishas....so tempted if I can get the sizing sorted! How are your Geishas going?




    sorry I just saw this question but yes I still love my samurai geishas :)  they fade fast. They also stretch a lot during breakin.  I am most comfortable in a size that was impossible to button on day 1 (because they stretched so much - not just the width but also the rise and the thighs).   I wore mine with a 2" waistband extender at first and then after a few weeks it felt almost too loose on me.  I am usually a denim size 27 and the geisha size 2 is perfect for me.  my body shape is mostly just wide hip bones compared to everything else and the geisha matches that shape very well. 


  17. Now they can zip and button (Japan Blue 1169).  They were stubborn... felt like they weren't stretching at all for a few days.  I wondered if I should have gotten size 27.  I slept in them once - then they could button the next morning.  Rise/thighs/waistband all stretched a little bit, and it was just barely enough.  And I like the snug fit so I'm glad I got the 26 instead of the 27 :) 

    I like these a lot; good match on my shape.  The little knotwood bug tag is cute too :) 





  18. These are Japan Blue 1169 Skinny Stitch from Denimio.com and they do not yet button.  It's fine though lol ...I'm sure they will button soon enough.

    They are cute...I like them :)  Only $77.  Not selvedge.  but I like them a lot.  I got them because the waist/thigh/rise measurements looked right up my alley; low rise in front and back, and a smaller waist compared to the thighs.  I think I like these marginally better than my Baldwin Ten skinnies.  because the slightly angled back pockets are cute and also because the upper butt is cut less generously and more flat.  Baldwin Ten size 25 has a little bit of convexity in the upper butt that I don't need, and a higher back rise than I need; it's not bad but I think these will match my shape better (after I get them to button!)





  19. Hopefully this isn't a dumb question ... will these fade over time? JAPAN BLUE JBL1169S(ID) SKINNY (STITCH) 9.5OZ LEFT HAND STRETCH DENIM (ID)

    Here are the links describing these jeans...

    Denimio : https://www.denimio.com/japan-blue-jbl1169s-id-skinny-stitch-9-5oz-left-hand-stretch-denim-id.html

    Japan Blue: https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/index.cgi?c=zoom&pk=165&col=77

    I assume "ID" means indigo dyed but I don't see any of the usual wording that I see for raw denim like "one wash" "no wash" etc... so I feel like I should check and make sure...I want some fading over time... subtle fading is OK

    Thanks in advance :D

  20. You definitely know what fits work for you! Yeah the Vixen fit isnt for everyone. X023 is leaning towards the heavier side of fabrics so maybe it was a little harsh. A lighter fabric would have draped and sat differently on the hip. We did have a Viper fit, it is designed for girls who have more of a straight body, lower rise as well. We pushed it to the side to see how this Vixen fit would do and girls seem to like it a lot, although we do get a lot of old time customers requesting this slimmer fit. We are going to relaunch that fit soon it might be the fit for you. I will post about it more when it is all set and done. Hope I at least helped shed some info about our fits! :)


    I don't think it was the weight...I mean my favorite samurai geishas are very heavy too (16oz) but they match my shape. I think I learned how to avoid this problem next time by looking at the measurements especially the back rise ... and a picture of the jeans folded with a back pocket visible so I can see if the tailbone area is curved or flat   :)  The jeans that fit me the best are all low rise in the front, low rise in the back, very flat where the yoke meets the butt, with a smaller than average waist compared to the thighs.