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  1. 7 hours ago, Sympathy-For-The-Denim said:

    nice pair JoFo, thanks for sharing.

    since i got some 1947s too and refused to wash em, i would like to know how much your pair shrunk


    I bought the one wash version and have washed them multiple times, but didn't really notice any shrink length wise, maybe a few centimeters if anything.

  2. So here is my midnight Appaloosa. I'm not sure how many wears or washes but it wasn't worn much until about two months ago when I said fuck it and started to wear it to my construction job. Because of this I actually saw some honeycombs pop out (they're still kinda hard to see). But ya thought it would be worth sharing. IMG_1929.thumb.JPG.c8f168fc1a6baf705adc13005c951b5b.JPGIMG_1924.thumb.JPG.20e0f7b384ea03fef2fc36ec0a6932c9.JPGIMG_1925.thumb.JPG.c8434398e37a807bc97f1b65b6758f41.JPGIMG_1928.thumb.JPG.0afe548d1b50bbcb9e987cfaccb0a38f.JPGIMG_1935.thumb.JPG.b82db8c99062dd801921e319fc544d49.JPGIMG_1927.thumb.JPG.4a20c593faefaee4a74cdd6e59aca6ab.JPG

  3. That bums me out. I can deal with the slim chest, slim waist and length; but the small pit and arms were what made me sell the 50s jacket. And I don't even have big arms. It was hard to even wear the jacket with just a t shirt.

  4. 16 hours ago, SuperJackle said:

    Perfect fit here IMO. How'd you size on the 800's if you don't mind me asking?

    Thanks. I bought size 33 one wash, which I believe measured closer to 32. I am 5'9" and was 180lbs when I got them, looking back on it they were way too tight in the thighs and waist. Now I'm down to 165 and they fit way more comfortably. Kinda want to hem them even more for a very small cuff or no cuff. 

  5. 20 minutes ago, d-rew12 said:

    ^What kind of jacket is that? Is it TCB?

    Ya TCB seamans jacket size 40. It's kinda baggy without anything under it but fits a normal enjoi skateboards hoodie under it well. I have their 50s jacket as well in size 40 and can't fit anything under it comfortably. 

  6. the 2009 denim always looks amazing faded..have they ever made this into a 1947 cut?

    I am almost certain this is the same fabric as the 1947 cut.

    But ya these are my friend's jeans and they look even better in person. She tried on a bunch of jeans and was wanting the 3sixteen women's jeans, but these fit the best and in my opinion are a much nicer fabric. It's funny because these look like she has washed them a bunch but she really has only washed them a couple times through out the less than two years she's owned them. She just wore them a lot...

  7. Hopefully this is a good thread to post these to. I found these Levi's 501s at a thrift shop this past week and believe they are from the 70s. They have a number 6 (or 9) on the inside top button, but that is about the only indicator I can go by. Do any of you know any more info about them? The photo doesn't show it, but they are red line selvedge. They fit me perfectly so I will probably keep them if they are not worth any money. They are really nice looking jeans.









  8. You made the right decision in sizing up on that jacket. I am always for getting the shrink completely out of the way in case you need to throw it back in the machine. Plus you have enough room to wear layers underneath.

  9. Hey guys, hope this isn't annoying. I am looking into buying the type II jacket and need help sizing. I am 5'9" 170 lbs and had the sugar cane type II in size 40 that fit well. I want to be able to wear a thin hoodie under it. Should I go with a size 40? I am not too concerned with the body length, unless you guys think that it will be outrageously long.

    Thanks for any help.

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