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  1. bought some blackmeans through sutocorp, they were very quick and very easy to work with. even if there's a slight delay in any their purchasing/shipping, customer service will always reply as soon as they can. my package ended up arriving mad late but due to the fault of USPS's terrible service.


    already placed another order with sutocorp, 10/10 would recommend

  2. *SOLD*



    + Item: Undercover "She Brings the Rain" Jacket from SS12 "openstrings"


    + Size: JP 2, US Small, EU 44-46


    + Condition: 9/10 (marginal wear around shoulder)


    + Measurements: 

    - shoulder to shoulder: 44cm (can fit slightly wider shoulders like mine)

    - pit to pit: 50cm

    - length (from back, excluding hood): 57cm

    - sleeve: 62cm



    + Asking Price: $1000


    feel free to offer within a marginal range. please, no lowballs.


    purchased earlier in the year, a lovely jacket really (i hate to let it go), but it's just not working out for my wardrobe style. also has remained in my closet because summer.


    i am the same seller on grailed, under the handle: "ichi" (will confirm if needed)


    + Shipping Prices: (all priority mail, with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation):

    - US: $20

    - Canada: $30

    - EU: $45

    - Asia: $45


    + Pictures:




  3. hap you sound awfully sore over something that doesn't even concern you, i know you have a vested interest in this site hence trying to downplay the way it's been abandoned, but showing up solely to play the little big guy on the internet isn't really the best look for you right now.


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