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  1. RT @contrarianpicks: @elonmusk @FCalciu @derekGUMB @Scobleizer @Tesla @SEC_Enforcement I am long TSLA (https://t.co/LmaInIdEpX) but you are…

  2. RT @QTRResearch: Tesla’s Elon Musk just invited a big lawsuit https://t.co/lTFaqKYxdB $TSLA

  3. RT @Apple: Summertime savings with Apple Pay. Use #ApplePay to get an exclusive offer on Seamless from August 1 - 12.

  4. RT @MoviePass: Heard AMC Theaters jumped on board the movie subscription train. Twice the price for 1/4 the theater network and 60% fewer…

  5. @J_Peterson1315 It affects how the purse is distributed, he cheated and USGA let him get away with it. Golfers care… https://t.co/1Po3bGVNLL

  6. @mitch__lowe @TODAYshow For the love of Christ would you release a statement your stock is going to zero at this very moment

  7. RT @wsduckk: Stocks never forgets gaps is $aapl an exception, we will see. Massive dump is probably on the horizon $spx $spy $twtr $sq

  8. RT @BecketAdams: Your daily reminder that Eichenwald is clearly unwell, and you ought to refrain from dunking on him/messing with him. He o…

  9. @MarketWatch This is hilarious my god are you serious

  10. RT @Jayb_1411: Don't be surprised if y'all hear Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg being investigated by the SEC. that shit def looks…

  11. RT @Rowsie67: @TyrrellHatton @PGATOUR Tiger is the best thing to happen in golf since , well Tiger ! #goatsbackwithabang

  12. Sad to hear of Stephen Hawkings death yesterday, what a great mind and inspirational person.

  13. RT @PoemHunter: There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. By halves, it is not my nature. https://t.co/NVpSyCuo…

  14. RT @RealDJnews: $wabi first set of tags. Man this project is on fire nonstop. Fill those bags thank me later. #Crytpto #bitcoin #cryptocu…

  15. $adx good long term hold https://t.co/nUtby7Kknb

  16. RT @AlwaysLayUp: Tiger hasn’t lost any length. Just hit 3W from 270 20 yards over the green. ???????????? #HeroWorldChallenge

  17. RT @politico: Analysis -> Why there are no Nazi statues in Germany: What the South can learn from post-war Europe https://t.co/dXYlozOunE h…